Anew Platinium Instant Eye Smoother From Avon October 2019 Brochure

In this article, you will see reviews of Avon Anew Platinium Instant Eye Smoother from Avon October 2019 Brochure and some information about eye care. The earliest signs of aging appear on our face, around the eyes. Of course, we all know why: around the eyes is sensitive and fine. We have examined this important topic for you!

The physiology of the skin around the eyes is different from other parts of our face. Normally our skin (eye-face) has a barrier function that ensures self-protection. While this function works at the highest level until the age of 20s, it is damaged in every way as it gets exposed to environmental factors, as stress increases, and it cannot perform its function. This triggers signs of aging. Here, the specific structure of the eye contour causes the barrier function to be easily damaged. The skin around the eye is approximately 0.6 mm, ie 1/3 thinner than the face skin. Thinner than an egg membrane! Moreover, there are fewer oil and sweat glands around the eyes than the face, so it is suitable for drying.

There are many reasons that premature eye contour. The eye area moves more than other areas of the face, weakened muscle tissues cause wrinkling and sagging. In addition, the use of digital products can cause fatigue and dryness of the eyes, cleaning of the eye makeup with poor products and the way it is applied, and intensive working conditions negatively affect the eye area. All of these causes wrinkles around the eyes more.

What should be the ideal eye care?

You should use a special product to use the right care cream and correct makeup remover for your eye environment, weekly eye mask support according to the condition of the eye area, as well as strengthening the immunity of the eye area.

How old should you care for your eye?

After the age of 20, you can start eye care with light moisturizers. As of 25, you can use products that can prevent premature aging. Of course, the product you use should be suitable for your skin needs and age. You can find many eye care products for any age on Avon October 2019 Brochure.

Avon Anew Platinium Instant Eye Smoother is an eye cream that fights against time. When you use the cream regularly, the tired image around the eyes is restored. It repairs the eye area, visibly reduces wrinkles and removes under-eye bruises. Avon Anew Platinium Instant Eye Smoother has been formulated to increase the production of hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient to achieve tight eye contour. For more details, you can browse page 157 of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Avon Lift & Firm Eye System can be used by everyone and regardless of age and skin type. It is a versatile refreshing cream that works to increase the resistance of the eye contour. Eliminates all signs of fatigue and premature aging. The versatile eye cream is produced from plant and vitamin extracts to revitalize the skin around the eyes and prevent complaints. It is quickly absorbed by the skin to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It targets the dark circles and brightens this area and gives it a clear appearance. Check out page 160 of Avon October 2019 Catalogue.

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