Avon Brochure August 2019 with Brightening Concealer

It is time to check the best-loved and phenomenal concealer of Avon Brochure August 2019. The product name is Avon True Color Brightening Concealer. What makes the Avon True Color Brightening Concealer so special? Answer: Usage. Because you can use this concealer in many ways. Now let’s take a look at what these forms of use are. If you want to see this product, you can browse on page 80 of Avon Brochure August 2019.

As a Concealer;Avon Brochure August 2019

-It can be applied as a concealer to both the eye area and the face.
-It illuminates the eye area very well, closes darkness, conceals skin imperfections and reduces the symptoms of fatigue. You can use it locally on your face.
-Relieves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles so it helps the skin tone more evenly.
-Avon True Color Brightening Concealer is a creamy, adjustable concealer. So it has a strong concealer from the middle to high.
-If you use BB cream or colored moisturizer instead of a concealer foundation, you can use Avon True Color Brightening Concealer to cover spots, acne scars, and redness that they cannot cover. It blends well with the skin and covers all traces without forming a layer. Due to its moisturizing properties, it does not dry skin.
-Even if applied in layers, it does not fill and solidify to the lines.

As an Illuminator;

You can apply this product with its own applicator on your skin where you want to make your face clear and fresh; Cheekbones, mid-forehead, nasal bone and above the lip line. And Avon True Color Brightening Concealer makes the skin moist and healthy. See this product on page 80 of Avon Catalog August 2019.

To make a contour;

-You can also shade your face with the dark colors of this concealer. Create natural contours and depth with 2-tone dark color of your skin.
-Apply and distribute the concealer along the hollow portion of your cheekbone to reveal the natural bone structure.

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