Baby City Specials

Baby City Specials set out to provide all the information and services they need to the conscious families who are thinking of having a baby, expecting a baby and raising their baby, and then providing the products needed in baby care in fast, practical and appropriate conditions.

Therefore it is one of the best addresses in South Africa for baby products shopping. See Check out the Baby City Specials 16 May Р9 Jun 2024 this week! this month!

Baby City Specials is an organization that tries to think everything down to the finest detail for the happiness of babies and families with the awareness that the families who have a baby are not the only needs of the baby. The philosophy is “babyology”. Babyology is the science of understanding and telling the baby. Therefore, they do not see their employees as salespeople and do not call them sales consultants or customer representatives. He sees them as babyologists who share their expertise and interests.

What Are They Selling?

Their catalogues contain baby foods, products for mom, health and care, car seats, balibazoo, clothing, feeding & accessories. Also, you can find  Gifting & entertainment, toys, and many products! If you want to check their products regularly, you can visit this page regularly and view current Baby City Catalogue!

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Baby City Specials 16 May – 9 Jun 2024

Super Cool Savings are waiting for you to be discovered on Baby City Specials 16 May – 9 Jun 2024! Many quality brands’ products are on discount now. Let’s check it out and find your favorites at low prices!

baby city specials 16 may 9 jun 2024

Baby City Specials 11 Jan – 11 Feb 2024

Baby City Specials 11 Jan – 11 Feb 2024 is where you can check out BIG SAVINGS on baby essentials this month! Let’s check the best products and competitive offers!

baby city specials 11 jan 11 feb 2024

Baby City Specials 16 Nov 2023 – 7 Jan 2024

Summer Savings have begun at Baby City Specials 16 Nov 2023 – 7 Jan 2023! Many baby essentials are on discount now. You should take a look at these discounted products and pay less for the best!

baby city specials 16 nov 7 jan 2023

Baby City Special Offers

This glorious summer season when the South African sun shines is the perfect time to spoil your baby. Baby City is right on the doorstep for families with a collection of baby products packed with special summer offers. Take a look at the amazing deals Baby City has to offer this summer to ensure you get the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Baby Sunscreens

Babies’ sensitive skin requires special protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Baby City offers baby sunscreen from trusted brands at special summer discounts. By protecting your baby’s skin from the effects of the sun, you can give him the opportunity to feel comfortable outdoors.

Portable Baby High Chairs

Summer is the season for family picnics and beautiful moments outdoors. Baby City sells portable baby high chairs at special prices, targeting families who want to enjoy summer. With its lightweight and foldable design, these chairs ensure your baby’s comfort anytime, anywhere.

Baby Pools and Umbrellas

To keep your baby cool on hot summer days, Baby City offers colorful baby pools and umbrellas at discounted prices. Don’t miss out on these great products to have fun and stay cool in the garden with your baby.

Baby Clothes and Hats

Baby City welcomes parents with a summer collection that will highlight your baby’s cuteness. Find summer discounts on baby clothes and hats with adorable patterns and comfortable designs. Find exclusive and affordable options that are perfect for your baby’s summer style.

Travel Cribs and Strollers

To make your summer vacation planning even more fun, Baby City is offering special offers on travel cots and strollers. Make your vacation more comfortable with its lightweight design and easy-to-use features. Make sure you and your baby are comfortable.

Baby City offers great baby products and discounted prices during the summer season to add color to beautiful moments for the whole family. Remember: Enjoying summer with Baby City Specials has never been more affordable! Don’t miss out on these special offers by visiting our store today or shopping conveniently online! Please enjoy.

Baby City Specials This Week

  • Bio Stratch Bare Necessities Syrup 100ml, 2 for R199.95
  • Scott’s Emuision 200ml, R99
  • Benylin Wet Cough Macus Relief, R89.95
  • Baby Things Safe T Lock Long, R40.49
  • Safe-T Internal Drawer & Cupboard Lock, R26.99
  • Duch Shaped Bath Theremometer, R24.95
  • GiliGums Sensory Mushroom Silicone Teether, R183.99
  • Nuby Dr. Talbot’s Soothing Gel with Natural Ingredients, R134.99
  • Snuggletime Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 500ml, R59.99
  • Tommee Tippee Made for Me Nipple Shields 2-pack, R99.99
  • Snookums Electric Breast Pump, R1099
  • Pigeon Manual Breast Pump, R599
  • Carriwell New Mum Lace Feeding Bra, R189.99
  • Purity Stretch Mark Cream 200ml, R109.99
  • Medela Hands-Free Pumpkin Buster per pack, R1149
  • Baby Things Navaho Travel System, R3299
  • Graco Myavo Stroller Clover, R3599
  • Chelino Maverick Stroller, R5999
  • Maxi Cosi Coral Baby Car Seat, R5999

Baby City Specials 19 Oct – 12 Nov 2023

Baby City Specials 19 Oct – 12 Nov 2023 is consist of many baby essentials such as nutritional supplements, baby clothes, diapers, napes and much more! Let’s check it out and enjoy shopping at Baby City!

baby city specials 19 oct 12 nov 2023

Summer Sale at Baby City

Baby City has great deals to suit your baby’s needs. We understand the importance of keeping your children happy and healthy while keeping your family budget in mind. Here are the details on Baby City’s special offers on baby food, diapers, baby clothes and more!

Baby Food Specials at Baby City

A healthy diet is definitely important for your baby’s development. Baby City offers popular brands and products in the baby food category at discounted prices. You can find the perfect foods to meet your baby’s needs and protect your family budget.

Special Offers on Baby Diapers

Diaper changes are a fundamental part of baby care. Baby City also has discounts on baby diapers. Coming to Baby City is a smart choice to find diaper options that are both quality and economical.

Unforgettable Discounts on Baby Clothing

Baby’s clothing needs are constantly growing. Baby City continuously updates special offers in the children’s clothing industry. You can pamper your baby with adorable clothes while still controlling your family budget.

More Advantages with Baby City Specials

Baby City special offers are not limited to baby products. They are also valuable for decorating children’s rooms, strollers, toys and more. You can stay updated with the latest discounts and promotions at Baby City stores by visiting their branches or choosing the online shopping option.

Remember that Baby City specials are updated regularly, so you should check them often. Choose Baby City to get the best products at affordable prices while still ensuring safety for your baby and your family budget.

Baby City Specials This Week

  • Squish 100% Puree Pouches, 6 for R60
  • Character Hats & Shoes each, R69
  • Baby Things Emerald Cot, R1119
  • Pampers Jumbo Pack Pants per pack, R259.99
  • Baby Things Nappy Pants per pack, R179.99
  • Huggies Jumbo Pack Gold Nappies per pack, R259.99
  • Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Baby Wash 500ml each, R84.99
  • Bepanthen Baby Nappy Care Ointment, R179.99
  • Panado Paedlatric Syrup and Pediatric Syrup Sachets, R69.95
  • Collapsible Bath Tub, R564.95
  • Purity Baby Cornstarch Powder, R44.99
  • Portia Petroleum Jelly each, R39.99
  • Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Lotion, R43.99
  • Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel each, R244.99
  • Oh-Lief Natural Olive Baby Shampoo & Wash, R143.99
  • Pure Baby Bum Cream each, R129.95
  • Munchkin Swimming Penguin, R115.99

Baby City is here to provide the best baby care and help families save more. Make shopping for your baby products more fun with Baby City Special Offers!

At Baby City, Baby City offers special offers on baby food, diapers, baby clothes and many other products to help you ensure the best care for your baby while saving your family budget. You can get good deals by visiting Baby City stores or shopping online. Now it’s more affordable and accessible to bring out the best in your child and your family. Don’t miss out on Baby City specials!