Black Friday

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In the US, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Shops open very early and close late. In this period, as in the world, South Africa is experiencing an intense discount shopping spree. They sell their products unexpectedly on this special day. It is not a public holiday. In the last seven years, the profits of the companies making discounts on this day have increased continuously.

This shopping day was first mentioned in history in 1961 as Black Friday in the newspapers. That day, in Philadelphia, it was named because of the heavy traffic and difficulties caused by shopping. In recent years, these days have been welcomed positively for both people and stores. Many famous shops open their doors to their customers earlier every year, and the workers are working more intensively. The stores opened at 06:00 am on this special day until the 2000s. After 2011, some stores decided to serve 24 hours.

When is Black Friday 2020?

The annual discount event, which is usually held once a year, attracts great interest both in e-commerce sites and in stores. Firms want to melt their stocks and citizens want to meet their needs in an appropriate way.

In the US, the first Friday after Thanksgiving is this special day. Companies make extraordinary discounts and campaigns during this period. If you want to check the best specials in South Africa, you can reach from here easily!

This is the first Friday in the United States to come after Thanksgiving. The day is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season since 1932. This year it will be on November 27, 2020.

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