Build It Catalogue

If you are interested in tools, Build It Catalogue is the best place that you can view high-quality tools. Its catalogues are released every week!.

Build It Specials have been supplying building materials for more than 32 years! Its catalogue publishes many products of exclusive brands regularly. Therefore, you should take a look at the catalogue that is relevant to your region! They always bring the best quality products. Also, these advantages make Build It a great place to get your hardware specials!

View Build It Catalogue 26 Mar – 8 Apr 2024 this week!

As you know, Build It is part of SPAR group. They employ thousands of people in their stores. This special store can be found Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Lesotho. When you are looking for DIY products, you should always check out the current Build It Specials. This page is the best address to reach Build It 2020 Catalogue regularly! So let’s check this page regularly and find your needs at the lowest prices!

If you are going to build a new home or redecorate your home, be sure to check out their latest offers. So browse the best quality products from a wide range of products and buy with great deals!

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Build It Catalogue 26 Mar – 8 Apr 2024

Useful and high-quality tools, building materials and much more products are featured on Build It Catalogue 26 Mar – 8 Apr 2024 ! You should check it out to save more!

build it catalogue 26 mar 8 apr 2024

Build It Catalogue 23 Nov – 23 Dec 2023

Check out high-quality and useful building materials at low prices with Build It Catalogue 23 Nov – 23 Dec 2023! Many selected products are on discount now. View it to save more with these Black Friday Deals!

build it catalogue 23 nov 23 dec 2023

Build It Black Friday Sale 2023

At Build It, you can complete your construction project for less with this year’s special Black Friday discounts. The Build It Black Friday catalog offers deep discounts and competitive prices on doors, windows, paint, and many other building products.

Redefine the Entrance of Your Home

Redefine the entrance to your home with the door options available in the Build It Black Friday catalog. From wooden doors to safe steel doors, we offer a wide range of durable and stylishly designed doors. With up to 30% off on interior and exterior doors, it’s more affordable than ever to refresh your home’s entryway.

Harmonize with Nature

Windows not only bring natural light into your home, but also maintain a connection with the outside world. Windows in the Build It Black Friday catalog meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics. With up to 25% off on a wide range of windows from modern to traditional styles, it’s the perfect time to change the look of your home.

Build It Specials This Week

  • Duram Roofkote, R929.99
  • Corrugated Iron Zinc Roof Sheeting per sheet, R169.99
  • 8 Panel Engineered Full or Stable Door each, R899
  • Viva Interior & Exterior PVA each, R299.99
  • Ibr Zinc Roof Sheeting per sheet, R369.99
  • Ptt 1212 Aluminium Window each, R999.99
  • Aluminium Full Entrance Door in Frame each, R3699
  • P4TT1815 Aluminium Window each, R1999
  • Hardwood Door Frame each, R279.99
  • Hardwood Engineered Frame and Ledge Full or Stable Door, R799
  • Built It Chrome Plated Lockset with Hinge each, R99.99
  • Build it Acrylic PVA Walls & Ceilings 20lt each, R599.90
  • Basit Gloss Enamel 5lt each, R299.99
  • Built It Texture Coat each, R899.99
  • Plascon Polvin 20lt, R1099.99
  • Duram Enamel & Trim 5lt each, R499.99
  • Multi-Flor Vinyl Rolls each, R139.99
  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds per length, R129.99
  • Black & Decker Angle Grinder each, R399.99
  • INGCO Angle Grinder & Drill Combo, R1199

Let the Colorful Change Begin

Painting, one of the most effective ways to add color and personalize your home, is now even more accessible with Build It Black Friday discounts. Our specially selected color palettes and high-quality indoor and outdoor paint brands are ready to help you add color to your projects. Make your paint purchases more economical with special Black Friday discounts.

Complete Your Projects

The Build It Black Friday Catalog includes doors, windows, and paints, as well as many other building materials. Wood materials, construction equipment, electrical supplies and more are waiting for you with Black Friday discounts. Everything you need to complete your project is available at Build It Stores.

The Build It Black Friday catalog makes construction shopping more affordable and fun. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, visit your local Build It Store and start transforming your projects. Please note that Black Friday discounts are limited. Hurry up so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Build It Catalogue 21 Sep – 8 Oct 2023

Build It Catalogue 21 Sep – 8 Oct 2023 promises the lowest prices of the week on hundreds of building materials. You should check it out and find high-quality and useful products.

build it catalogue 21 sep 8 oct 2023

Competitive Prices and Promotions on Building Materials

When it comes to owning a home or renovating your existing property, you’ll need high-quality building materials and tools. This is where Build It stores in South Africa can assist you. Build It not only offers customers top-quality building materials but also stands out with competitive prices and various promotions.

Build It Catalogue is a regularly updated catalog offered by Build It stores. This catalog provides customers with current product options and their prices. It also includes special promotions and discounts. This makes it easy to find everything you need for your project, whether it’s home building, renovation or gardening work.

Competitive Prices

Build It takes into account customers’ budgets by offering competitive prices for construction materials. As a store where you can find high-quality products at affordable prices, Build It offers budget-friendly options. If you want to get quality materials without exceeding your budget for your project, Build It is the right place.

Special Promotions

Build It helps customers save money by offering special promotions. Discounts, exclusive offers and promotions presented in their catalog allow customers to save more. These promotions cover a variety of product categories and offer suitable opportunities for all types of projects.

Wide Range of Products

Build It catalog offers a wide range of products, including building materials, power tools, garden equipment, paints and coatings. This allows you to find all the products you need for different projects in one place. Additionally, they offer products from reputable brands, eliminating reliability issues.

Build It Catalog is a resource that helps you control your budget while successfully completing projects when purchasing building materials. Competitive prices, special promotions and a diverse product suite set Build It apart from other building materials suppliers. If you want access to quality building materials at affordable prices, visit your nearest Build It store or browse their online catalog. Build It is here to make your projects easier!

Build It Catalogue 24 August – 6 September 2023

Renovate your home with their reliable quality with Build It Catalogue 24 Aug – 6 Sep 2023! Many quality and useful building materials are on sale now! Let’s check it out to save more!

build it catalogue 24 august 6 september 2023

Reliable Quality Building Materials at Build It

One of our biggest allies when it comes to starting home improvement projects is high-quality building products and materials. Build It brings customers high-quality products. Also they attracts attention with attractive promotions. In this catalogue, you’ll view about the exciting opportunities. And you will come across a wide range of products here!

Do you want to modernize your home? Build It helps you with promotions in the faucets and lighting fixtures category. You can find faucets equipped with modern designs that save water at affordable prices. Also, it offers additional discounts on purchases over a certain amount.

Want to refurbish or color your interior? Build It is waiting for you with different colors and paints. From interior paint to exterior coating, you can find products to meet all your needs. In addition, there are campaigns that include providing additional paints or materials for specific branded paints.

Doors and Windows

Thinking of changing the doors or windows in your home? Build It features stylish, durable doors and energy-efficient windows. Whether you are looking for security doors or interior doors, you can find products in a variety of styles and prices. By tracking campaigns targeting specific door or window brands, you can make significant savings. Also, Build It offers a wide selection of roofing materials. You can find everything from roofing materials to sealants. Especially for those looking to cut costs on large-scale projects, we recommend taking advantage of the campaigns they run.

Build It store is committed to meeting the needs of customers with a wide range of construction products and attractive promotions. Keep in mind that promotions can change during specific time frames, so be sure to check the official Build It category page or visit your local store for current opportunities. . Don’t miss the opportunity to make your home improvement projects more profitable with Build It!

Build It Specials This Week

  • Basix Mandla Single Lever Under Spout Sink Mixer each, R329.99
  • Basit Mandla Single Lever Basin Mixer each, R349.99
  • Welded mesh Lite per roll, R399.99
  • Duram Armatex Fine Textured 20lt each, R799.99
  • Build It Acrylic PVA Walls & Ceilings 20lt each, R649.99
  • Build It PVC Knit Cuff Gloves each, R24.99
  • Safety Boots size 6-12 each, R399
  • Build It Metal ETCH Primer 5lt each, R579.99
  • Porcelain Floor Tiles per m2, R124.99
  • The Standard Roller Tray Set each, R29.99
  • Multi-Flor Vinyl Tiles per pack of 7, R69.99
  • Build It D59 Flame and Acid Retardant Conti Suit per set. R579
  • Build It Fencing Pliers 250mm each, R229.99