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Cashbuild Catalogue is one of the most popular places where you can reach building materials, which have many brands and varieties in South Africa. They have nearly 256 stores in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, and Zambia. A lot of materials for your home can be found here.

View Cashbuild Catalogue 29 Apr – 19 May 2024 this week!

Your home is where you spend the longest time in your life and Cashbuild Specials wants to be with you to create the home of your dreams! So the renovation or decoration of your home you need related to home decoration products or building materials offers you the most affordable price. Cashbuild online catalogue offers a lot of quality and outstanding products to your liking regularly!

You will no longer need to walk around the construction markets to change the decor of your home. Cashbuild catalogue 2020 decoration and virtual building market to you at the most affordable price, product opportunities, and campaigns, furniture, home decoration, lighting, wall decoration, floor coverings, such as offering many products under a single roof.

This catalog is where you can find building materials at the best prices! So it will help you change the decor of your home or workplace. They have a variety of products for home decoration. It will help you to create a better living space with opportunities and campaigns in home decor products.

Therefore, for all of these, you should visit this page regularly and enjoy shopping with Cashbuild! Also, you should follow us on Facebook! Here you go!

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Cashbuild Catalogue 29 Apr – 19 May 2024

AMA Deals has begun at Cashbuild Catalogue 29 Apr – 19 May 2024! Browse high-quality building materials, tools, paint and much more with competitive discounts this week!

cashbuild catalogue 29 apr 19 may 2024 2023

Cashbuild Catalogue 25 Mar – 21 Apr 2024

Cashbuild Catalogue 25 Mar – 21 Apr 2024 promises the lowest prices on quality building materials, tools, paint, and much more products for home! You should take a look at these prices and products!

cashbuild catalogue 25 mar 21 apr 2024 2023

Cashbuild Catalogue 19 Nov 2023 – 21 Jan 2024

Celebrate the Festive season with amazing products of Cashbuild Catalogue 19 Nov 2023 – 21 Jan 2024! Many useful and quality building materials, tools, paint and hardware are on sale now!

cashbuild catalogue 19 nov 2023 21 jan 2024 2023

Cashbuild Festive Season Sales 2023

Cashbuild offers you an opportunity to renew and beautify your home during these festivals. With Cashbuild’s festive catalog, you can purchase products ranging from flooring, paint, faucets, ceramics, roofing and many other building materials at discounted prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare your home for the new year.

Start Your New Year Cleaning and Decoration with Cashbuild!

Time to refresh and breathe new life into your home. Cashbuild inspires homeowners with a wide range of products during these festivals. From textured wood floors, colorful paint, stylish faucets, dazzling ceramics, and durable roofing products, Cashbuild has everything you need for a comprehensive home renovation.

Created especially for the festival, Cashbuild’s catalog is packed with great discounts. When planning your New Year’s shopping, you can count on quality products without straining your budget. Discounts on flooring, paint, faucets, and other building products make completing your home project more affordable.

Quality Products at Competitive Prices!

Cashbuild specializes in providing our customers with quality building materials at competitive prices. Products from the Festive catalog attract attention due to their durability and elegance, as well as their affordable prices. Please take this opportunity to build the home of your dreams.

Realize Your Home Projects with Cashbuild!

Cashbuild makes your home project easy, with customer satisfaction first. With a team of experts and a wide range of products, Cashbuild can help you choose what’s best for you. Shop for the New Year with the festive Cashbuild catalog and design your home just the way you want it. Cashbuild’s Holiday Catalog is your must-have guide when renovating and decorating your home.

With deep discounts, competitive prices, and quality products, Cashbuild can help you prepare your home for the new year. Get a great start to the new year and experience the transformation of your home with Cashbuild’s festive catalogue.

Cashbuild Specials This Week

  • Stainless Steel Round Sink, R679.95
  • May Sink Mixer, R639.95
  • Meteor Bone, R112.95
  • Medal Walls & Ceilings Acrylic PVA, R247.95
  • Medal Universal Tinter, R24.95
  • Teak Wood, R124.95
  • Meteor Ivory, R109.95
  • Champion Acrylic Roof Paint, R274.95
  • Champion Extra Thick Acrylic PVA, R359.95
  • Duram Enamel & Trim Waterbased Gloss Enamel, R149.95
  • Duram Matt Acrylic PVA, R259.95
  • Medal Acryloseal, R1059.95
  • Medal High Gloss Enamel, R169.95
  • Bergermaster Plaster Primer, R999.95
  • Alcolin Contractor Silicone Sealant, R77.95
  • Cub Paint Brush, R14.95
  • Champion Paint Brush Set, R72.95
  • Decor Cornice Adhesive, R41.95
  • Square Striped Shower Door, R2329.95
  • Cam Africa Kitchen Single Sink Drop In, R854.95
  • Pisces Loop Concealed Bath / Shower Mixer, R464.95
  • Electra Toilet Paper Holder, R167.95
  • Astra Feature, R152.95
  • Vera Bone Eco, R99.95
  • Ezel Tile Porcelain Tile Adhesive, R102.95
  • Falcon Tile Spacers Cross 3mm, R27.95
  • Concrete Roof Tapered Ridge, R47.95
  • Lasher Poly Pick handle, R189.95
  • Eco Half Round Gutter, R122.95
  • Eco Half Round Gutter Bracket, R9.95
  • Eco Downpipe Offset, R32.95
  • Mayford Seed Packets, R25.95
  • Water Tank Tap & Reducer, R96.95

Cashbuild Catalogue 23 Oct – 19 Nov 2023

Cashbuild Catalogue 23 Oct – 19 Nov 2023 is where you will find lighting, cement, tiles, doors, electrical and much more home building products at reasonable prices this month! Let’s take a look at these specials!

cashbuild catalogue 23 oct 19 nov 2023

Home Building Products at Low Prices

For homeowners, beautifying and renovating their home is a constant passion. To make this passion even easier and help you bring your projects to life while controlling your budget, Cashbuild Catalog is here for you! As one of South Africa’s leading hardware stores, Cashbuild stands out with its competitive prices and friendly promotions. Here’s what you need to know about home lighting products, building materials and garden products with the Cashbuild Catalogue!

Innovative Home Lighting Products

Home lighting is an essential factor that determines the atmosphere in our homes. Cashbuild helps you transform your home by providing a variety of modern and stylish lighting options. You can choose from different types of ceiling lights, wall lights, chandeliers and spotlights. They offer a wide range of products to meet your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

Complete Your Projects with Building Products

Construction materials needed for housing projects are available at Cashbuild at affordable prices. Bricks, cement, structural steel and other construction materials help you complete construction projects within your tight budget. Cashbuild provides you with quality products at competitive prices, helping you save money.

One-Stop Destination to Beautify Your Garden

If you want to beautify your garden, Cashbuild is a great resource for you. Garden products include lawn mowers, garden furniture, plant-growing tools, and more. It is a place where you can find everything you need for both garden landscaping and maintenance.

Save with Cashbuild Catalogue

Cashbuild not only offers competitive prices but also regularly provides various promotions and discounts. When you browse the Cashbuild Catalogue, you can enjoy discounted products, special offers, and savings opportunities. This helps you complete your projects while keeping your wallet intact.

Cashbuild Specials This Week

  • Protea Ceiling Light, R172.95
  • LED Globe, R28.95
  • Clear Ready Light, R74.95
  • LED Globe Stick, R36.95
  • LED Watertight Light Fitting, R59.95
  • Duram Enamel & Trim Waterbased Gloss Enamel, R149.95
  • Duram Armaguard, R349.95
  • Medal Walls & Ceilings Acrylic PVA, R247.95
  • Duram Roofkote, R395.95
  • Medal Roof Coat Sheen Acrylic, R297.95
  • Champion Extra Thick Acrylic PVA, R359
  • Ezee Tile Constractors Tile Adhesive, R43.95
  • Nitto Insulation Tape, R27.95
  • Tudor Moulded 6 Panel Door, R449.95
  • Pine Batten Full Framed Door, R679.95
  • Mixed Timber 8 Panel Door, R1199
  • Emergency LED Light, R99.95
  • Solar LED Light with Remote Control, R399.95
  • Solar Wall LED Light with Motion Sensor, R129.95
  • Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove, R449.95

With Cashbuild Catalogue, transforming every room in your home is now easier and more economical. With competitive prices, high quality and a wide range of products, Cashbuild gives you the opportunity to build your home with love. Visit the Cashbuild category page to learn more, discover the latest promotions and enjoy transforming your home!

To renovate your home and carry out your projects, Cashbuild Directory provides you with everything you need in South Africa. Remember that the Cashbuild catalog is your key and check it regularly for the best deals!

Cashbuild Catalogue 21 August – 17 September 2023

AMA DEALS have been announced by Cashbuild Catalogue 21 Aug – 17 Sep 2023! Many essentials for your home can be browsable here. View these quality building materials, tools, paint and much more!

cashbuild catalogue 21 august 17 september 2023

AMA Deals at Cashbuild Catalogue

Are you looking for a place to find the highest quality building materials at affordable prices for residential and renovation projects? Your search is over! It’s time to finish your mission. Cashbuild, one of South Africa’s leading hardware stores, is here to add color to your creativity with great promotions on construction products like paint, silicone and flooring. With this catalog you can discover the attractive offers offered by Cashbuild and realize your house projects at a more favorable price.

Breakthrough offer on paint products

When you want to breathe new life into your walls or furniture, you don’t have to look for affordable, quality paint products. Cashbuild guides you through a variety of colors and paints to suit any decor. Also, it saves you money with regular campaigns. By taking advantage of these promotions, you can enjoy the process of adding a splash of color to your home.

Great results with silicone and adhesives

When undertaking home improvement or repair projects, you need high-quality adhesives and silicone products. Cashbuild offers the best glue and silicone products from reputable brands at reasonable prices. These products, which include features ranging from waterproofing to durability, help you achieve lasting results. With Cashbuild promotions, you can get these products more affordable and complete your projects seamlessly.

Enjoy savings on flooring and flooring materials

Flooring choices have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your home. Cashbuild simplifies the renewal process of your living space by providing quality flooring at an affordable price. You can choose from different options like wood, laminate or vinyl to suit your taste. With outstanding aesthetics and durability, you can experience the benefits of buying these products at great prices through Cashbuild deals.

Cashbuild offers great promotions on construction products, allowing you to complete your home projects more economically. With a wide range of products including paint, silicone and flooring, plus curated campaigns, you can both save money and unleash your creativity. Renovating or remodeling your home has never been so pleasant and economical. Are you ready to take your project to the next level with the attractive offers of Cashbuild? Remember that Cashbuild promotions are updated regularly, so be sure to visit their website to stay up to date with the latest offers. Whether it’s adding impetus to your creativity or making amazing changes to your home, Cashbuild is by your side!

Cashbuild Specials This Week

  • Duram Enamel & Trim Waterbed Gloss Enamel, R149.95
  • Duram Armaguard Various Colors 5 Liters, R349.95
  • Champion Extra Thick Acrylic PVA, R359.99
  • Medal Walls & Ceilings Acrylic PVA, R247.95
  • Champion Paint Brush Set, R72.95
  • Alcolin Filla Foam 500ml, R184.95
  • Emergency LED Light, R99.95
  • Solar LED Light with Remote Control, R399.95
  • Globe 7w Solar Powered, R189.95
  • Emergency LED Light, R239.95
  • Solar Wall Light Motion Sensor, R129.95
  • Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove, R469.95