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You will have the best lifestyle with Checkers Specials and Checkers Hyper Specials in South Africa! They are constantly doing their best to show you how.

Backed by the biggest food retail group in Africa, they are able to introduce you to deals on all your much-needed grocery items. They also bring you a wide range of special meals, fresh fruit, and drinks.

View Checkers Specials 13 – 26 December 2021 this week!

Their commitment to quality includes its product selection that not only looks good but works brilliantly. Their product selections are always awesome. They bring the freshest and high-quality products for you and all of them are regularly published its Catalogue. They always offer the best options you deserve. Thus, you have the best products and you don’t exceed your budget.

Which Products Its Specials Contains?

Seafood, meat products, deli & cheese, wines, beers, dairy products, frozen, snacks, soft drinks, basic kitchen foods, canned products, cosmetics, pharmacy, personal care products, kitchen appliances, kitchenwares, detergent and many can be browsable on its catalog. So if you are looking for these products at a low price, you should check their latest catalogue.

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Checkers Specials 3 – 23 Jan 2022

Shop the freshest and popular selections with Checkers Specials 3 Jan 2022! Make 2022 for for you with Checkers! With over R20 Million in daily savings! It is full of discounted products. So let's take a look at all the pages and enjoy shopping! checkers specials 3 23 jan 2022

Checkers Specials 3 - 23 Jan 2022;

If it is time to grocery shopping, you must view the latest specials of Checkers! Give a chance to Checkers and enjoy discovering the best products! Their prices are extremely low now! They bring you the lowest prices of the new year this week. Benefit from these pretty reasonable prices and find your daily essentials! If you want to catch up these prices, you should hurry up! These prices are valid between 3 January 2022 to 23 January 2022! Let's take a look at them! If you have a Checkers Xtra Savings card, you can save on these selected products easily! Prices of them have been dropped now! Find the best selections and get them at pretty low prices! Also, when you buy some selected products multiple, you will save more! For example; buy 2 of Danone Ultra Mel Custard all variants, pay only R40! And SAVE R20! You can reach many of them like that!

Checkers Specials This Week;

  • 4 x 1.5l Fanta / Sprite / Stoney Ginger Beer Cold Drink, R48
  • Bokomo Corn Flakes Original Cereal, R44.99 (SAVE 22%)
  • Jacobs Krönung Gold Instant Coffe Jar each, R89.99 (SAVE R50)
  • 2 x 12 per pack Baby Soft Supreme Quits Toilet Rolls, R110
  • 2 x 1l Danone Ultra Mel Custard All Variants, 2 for R40
  • First Choice Salted Butter 500g, 2 for R100
  • Parmalat Yoghurt all variants 1kg, 2 for R50
  • Housebound Long Life Milk all variants, R72.99
  • Huggies Jumbo Pack Pants, 2 for R340
  • Future Farm Plant-Based Burger, R59.99 (SAVE 15%)
  • Bulk Karoo Wors per kg, R79.99
  • Simple Truth Fresh Whole Free-Range Chicken per kg, R57.99
  • Steakhouse Classic Rib-Eye on the Bone per 300g, R32.99
  • Farmer Brown / Grain Field Chickens per kg, R38.99
  • Grain Field Chickens Fresh 16-Chicken Braai Pack per kg, R47.99
  • Simple Truth Free-Range Fresh Chicken Thighs per kg, R74.99
  • Grain Field Chickens Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R139
  • Cape Point Argentinian Head-on Pink Prawns 2kg, R369.99
  • Cape Point Cooked Whole Mussels 450g, R39.99
  • Freshly Baked Austrian 100% Rye Bread, R16.99
  • President Cheddar / Gouda Cheese 300g, R49.99
  • Natures Garden Chips all variants 1kg, 2 for R58
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Vienna's All variants 500g, 2 for R80
  • Dr.Oetker Ital Pizza Familia Pizza All Variants, 2 for R90
  • Sasko Premium Slices Brown Bread 700g, R11.99
  • Crystal Valley Fresh Milk all variants, R22.99
  • Lola Brown Ice Cream All Variants each, R69.99
  • Stork Country Spread 40% Fat Spread 500g, 2 for R40
  • Crispy Cute Chicken Steaklets all variants, R39.99
  • Sea Harvest Fish Fingers 600g, R43.99
  • I & J Out O' The Oven Crumbed Hake Portions, 2 for R99
  • Clover Tropika Flavoured Dairy Fruit Mix all variants, R24.99

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So here is the latest Checkers Catalogue this week! There are more deals and catalogues on the home page. You should check them and start saving your money! Also, you should subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest catalogues in South Africa regularly! Here u go!

Checkers Specials Tech X 3 – 23 Jan 2022

Checkers Specials Tech X 2022 is where you will find top tech brands at low prices this month! When you check this Checkers Catalogue, you will encounter savings up to R1000! All products on this catalogue are on sale with amazing deals! checkers specials tech x 3 23 jan 2022

Checkers Specials Tech X 3 - 23 Jan 2022;

Your destination for top tech brands can be a Checkers this week! Laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, TVs, monitors, gaming equipments, headphones, speakers, home entertainment, printers, and good services are available on this Checkers Catalogue! You should take a look at these products and get your needs at low prices! It is possible to reach savings up to R1000 on selected products! There are more ways to reduce to cost of shopping in Checkers Store! Enjoy shopping with awesome offers of Checkers! These prices are valid from 3 January 2022 until 23 January 2022! Hurry up before stocks last!

Checkers Specials This Week;

  • HP Notebook Bundle, R5999 (SAVE R500)
  • Mobicel Legend Max Smartphone 4G LTE, R1499 (SAVE R300)
  • Xbox Series S Console 512GB, R6699 (SAVE R300)
  • Xceed Studio Gaming Wheel Combo Black, R2499 (SAVE R500)
  • AIWA 32" LED HD Tv, R2499 (SAVE R500)
  • AIWA 40" Full HD LED TV, R3599 (SAVE R400)
  • Proline Intel Celeron Notebook Combo Pack 14" Screen, R4499 (SAVE R500)
  • Dell Monitor 27", R3899 (SAVE R100)
  • Havit Gamenote RGB Gaming Range, R19.99
  • Xceed Pulse Multimedia Speaker System 2.1 Channel 20w, R599 (SAVE R200)
  • Xceed Portable Bluetooth Mini Tube Speaker 10w, R299 (SAVE R100)
  • Polaraid True Wireless Earbuds, R299 (SAVE R50)
  • Xceed Pulse Fashion Earphones, R99.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Xceed Foldable Red & Black Stereo Headphones, R129.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Skullcandy JIB Earphones with Microphone, R169.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Polaraid Active Kids Watch, R649.99 (SAVE R150)
  • Skullcandy JIB Earphones, R89.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Skullcandy Riff Headphones Black, R499 (SAVE R50)
  • Hisense Full HD LED TV 40", R4699 (SAVE R300)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android TV Box, R1199 (SAVE R100)
  • Mediabox Maverick 4K TV Box, R1399 (SAVE R200)
  • AIWA Bluetooth Speaker 2 x 5w, R599 (SAVE R100)
  • AIWA Soundbar & Subwoofer 2.1 Channel, R1599 (SAVE R200)
  • Volkano Alloy Earphones Black & Silver & Blue, R69 (SAVE R10)
  • Pantum Printer & Western Digital Hard Drive 1.5tb, R1199 (SAVE R300)
  • Sandisk Glide 3.0 USB Drive 32GB, R99.99 (SAVE R30)
  • Sandisk Ultra Micro SD 80MB Card 32GB, R79.99 (SAVE R30)
  • Western Digital External Hard Drive, R699 (SAVE R200)
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard Combo, R399.99 (SAVE R100)
  • Bubblegum Junior Educational Plus 10" Tablet, R1999 (SAVE R300)
So here is the latest Checkers Catalogue this week! If you want to discover more discounts, products, and catalogues, you can browse the home page. Also, you can subscribe to your favourite stores and follow us on our social media accounts to view the latest catalogues in South Africa!

Checkers Specials Back to School 3 – 30 Jan 2022

Get ready to discover the best savings with Checkers Specials Back to School 2022! A wide product range, unbeatable prices, and many quality products are available on this Checkers Catalogue! Many reasonable prices and useful selections are waiting for you! Let's check it out! checkers specials back to school 3 30 2022

Checkers Specials Back to School 2022;

A variety of school supplies that enable students to meet all their needs are offered to your liking in wide product range of Checkers. You can make students in need of school supplies happy with great opportunities, and you can make students feel better with various stationery products. Checkers caters to all needs of students with its pens, notebooks, pencil holders, crayons and bags. Bags and pencil holders are among the things that students need most when carrying a variety of school supplies. In addition to the large and stylish bag models in Checkers' wide product range, you can also buy quality pencil holders where a learner can easily fit all the pencils they will use. See Checkers Catalogue to get the best at low prices! These products have a very important place in the education and training life of students. They draw attention with their high quality and functionality. Drawing and painting, which is one of the most important keys to learning while having fun, becomes much more fun with the crayons you can buy from Checkers Store. Again, colored pencils that you can use while doing your homework are also ideal to make important points more prominent and to make your work easier when repeating.

Checkers Specials This Week;

  • Types A4 Photostat Paper 500 Sheets, R55.99
  • Fullmarks Reflective Backpack, R129.99
  • Pritt Jumbo Glue Stick 43g, R32.99
  • A4 Exercise Book FM 72 Pages, R3.99
  • A4 Hardcover Counter Book 192 pages, R11.99
  • Flip File A4 Display File 20-Pocket, R18.99
  • A4 Examination Pad 100 Pages, R9.99
  • Staedtler Long Colouring Pencils 12pack, R22.99
  • A4 Hardcover Counter Book 192 pages, R11.99
  • Jiffy AR Heavy-Duty Plastic Adjustable Slip-on Book Covers, R19.99
  • Fantasia Book Wrap 5m x 50cm, R29.99
  • Jiffy Medium-Duty Plastic Roll, R3.49
  • Magic Cover A4 Pre-Cut Self-Adhesive Book Covers, R25.99
  • Butterfly A4 Clear Plastic Slip-on Book Covers, R29.99
  • A4 Nature Study Book 72-Pages, R11.99
  • Oxford South African School Dictionary, R154.99
  • Sappi 1plus A4 Photostat Paper 5 Reams, R269.99
  • Donau A4 Lever Arch File Various Colours, R29.99
  • Types A4 Photostat Paper, R279.99
  • Staedtler Long Colouring Pencils 24-pack, R49.99
  • BIC kids Tropicolor Colouring Pencils 12-pack, R18.99
  • Colleen Colouring Pencils 12-Pack, R94.99
  • Bic Retractable Wax Crayons 12-pack, R29.99
  • School Short Wax Crayons 24-pack, R9.99
You saw the latest Checkers Catalogue this week! There are many special prices inside! Check out all the pages and get your favourites with amazing Checkers Deals! Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest catalogues in South Africa regularly! Here u go!

Checkers Specials Christmas Feast 19 Dec 2021 – 2 Jan 2022

Checkers Specials 19 Dec 2021 brings the best to your feasting table! Many delicious, quality, and popular Christmas specials are available on this Checkers Catalogue! If you want to get the best at low prices, you should give a chance to Checkers this week! checkers specials christmas feast 19 dec 2021 2 jan 2022

Checkers Specials 19 Dec 2021 - 2 Jan 2022;

While some people like to celebrate Christmas outside, for others, the best Christmas is celebrated at home. All your loved ones are together, delicious food, gifts, games are one of the best ways to welcome Christmas. Enter this Christmas with delicious appetizers and make sure it's a good year all year! With practical Christmas appetizer recipes, you will prepare delicious meals and shorten your time in the kitchen. Let's take a closer look at Checkers Christmas specials! At Christmas, we care much more for everything. Beautifully decorated trees, red and green decorations, elegant dining tables... The flavors prepared for the Christmas table, of course, have an important place on this special day. If you want delicious food to accompany your pleasant conversations while welcoming your loved ones to Christmas, you can try the products in this Checkers Catalogue. It's time to browse delicious, practical and easy Christmas products. You can easily buy all these products thanks to Checkers! While preparing your Christmas table, you can meet all your needs without leaving your home!

Checkers Specials This Week;

  • Beef Rolled Rib-Eye per kg, R139.99
  • Forage & Feat Festive Gammon, R199.99
  • Forage & Feast Fig & Almond Fruit, R249.99
  • Steakhouse Classic Picanha Roast, R149.99
  • Championship Thick Boerewors per kg, R89.99
  • Cape Point Braai Snoek 700g, R69.99
  • Ready to Braai Plant-Based Grillers / Patties, Buy 2 Save 15%!
  • Forage & Feast Festive Gammon, R199.99
  • Cape Point Queen Prawns 700g, R189.99
  • Forage & Feast Salmon Wellington Pie, R149.99
  • Cape Point Half Shell Mussels 400g, R69.99
  • Forage & Feast Milk Tart / Fruit Mince Pie Macarons, R59.99
  • Forage & Feast Sticky Toffee Steamed Pudding, R99.99
So here is the Checkers Specials 19 Dec 2021! If you want to discover more products, deals, and catalogues, visit the home page! Also, you can view other category pages and discover more specials in South Africa. Moreover, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest catalogues and deals in South Africa regularly!

Checkers Specials Christmas Savings 13 – 26 December 2021

Get the best deals with Checkers Specials Christmas Savings 13 Dec 2021! Appliances, braai, toys, and much more can be browsable on this Checkers Catalogue! Especially, you should focus on the last page. You will see the best Christmas specials here!

Checkers Specials Christmas Savings 13 Dec 2021;

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable and busy times to give and receive gifts. Those who want to make a happy and pleasant start to the new year, make their loved ones happy with small gifts and share their happiness. With its unique gifts and cute Santa Claus icon, many products appear in different forms as souvenirs, especially on Christmas Eve. If you are looking for a beautiful and interesting gift, you can browse this catalog without spending too much time. You can find different product options from Santa Claus gift sack to Santa Claus socks designed for putting gifts in this Checkers Weekly Catalogue. Here you can find a rich variety of decorations for your Christmas tree decorations. However, if you are looking for a special gift for your child, you should definitely check out Checkers' range of toys. You can find so many great options here at reasonable prices! These prices and deals are valid from 13 December 2021 until 26 December 2021! You should hurry up and enjoy shopping!

Checkers Specials This Week;

  • Forage & Feast Crystal Glass Range, R199.99
  • Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine, R899
  • Philips Essential Rapid Airfryer, R1499.99
  • NutriBullet Blender 600w, R1699.99
  • Platinum Pressure Cooker 6l, R899.99
  • Platinum Mirror Finish Microwave Oven 20l, R999.99
  • Addis Cool Cat Cooler Box 26l, R159.99
  • Bush Baby Captain's Chair Various Colour, R179.99
  • Bush Baby Kettle Braai, R449.99
  • Fast & Furious Model Cars, R99.99
  • Radiocom Brunek Radio-Controlled Buggie, R199.99
  • X-Shot Dino Attack Blaster Dino Striker, R199.99
  • Hot Wheels Energy Track Set, R199.99
  • Match Box Die-Cast Vecihle Set 9-piece, R199.99
  • Goo Jit Zu Mini Heroes Figure, R99.99
  • Olympus Marvel Figurine, R149.99
  • Robo Alive Dino Wars Raptor, R199.99
  • Robo Alive Dino Wars Rampaging Raptor, R199.99
  • Bestway Rectangular Inflatable Pool, R399.99
  • Baby Cutie Drink & Wet Baby Doll, R199.99
  • Sparkle Girlz Winter Fairy Doll 28cm, R149.99
  • Disney Princess Fashion Doll All Variants, R149.99
  • Star Model Kids' Make up Set, R149.99
  • Oosh Slime Surprise Potions, R149.99
  • Harley Ride-On Low Rider, R199.99
  • Plush Bear All Variants, R199.99
  • Christmas Wreath with Berries 40cm, R199.99
  • 3 of Sequined Christmas Santa hat, SAVE 15%!
  • Foil Christmas Crackers 6-pack, R129.99
  • Kraft Christmas Crackers 32cm, R99.99
  • Traditions Christmas Gift Wrap, R22.99
  • Bottle with LED Lights 31cm, R99.99
So here is the latest Checkers Catalogue this week! You can check out the home page or other top brands' category pages to see more specials in South Africa. Moreover, you can subscribe to the most popular brands with your email and follow us on our social media accounts to view the best deals! Here u go!