Correct Makeup With Help Of Avon Brochure January 2020

In this article, you will see correct makeup with help of Avon Brochure January 2020. you will see which mistakes you do in the makeup and the correctness of these mistakes. In short, you are getting rid of the mistakes in makeup now! Let’s see what you’re doing. Assuming you won’t make these make-up mistakes, you’re sure to have perfect make-up styles!Correct Makeup With Help Of Avon Brochure January 2020

1. Mistake: Foundation selection

Choosing a suitable foundation for skin tone is very important. You shouldn’t just try your face when choosing a foundation. Apply it to your neck and get precise results! You should try Power Stay 24 Hour Foundation from page 63 of Avon January 2020 Brochure pdf. It provides full coverage that won’t cake or block pores. Browse it!

2. Mistake: Concealer selection and application

When choosing Concealers, we usually choose very light tones rather than skin color. But the important thing is to choose the exact concealer in your skin. When applying, you should apply it in the form of an inverted triangle, not a round shape.

3. Mistake: Eyeliner application

When applying eyeliner, you should apply the tail with your eyes open. When you try to apply your eyes closed and with your hand, you will not get results.

4. Mistake: Eyebrow makeup

Instead of over-straining your entire eyebrows, you can get a more natural look by combing with an eyebrow mascara, such as Avon Eyebrow Stencil Set from page 75 of Avon Catalogue January 2020.

5. Mistake: Blush application

One of the most common mistakes is to apply the blush to the part where you make the contour, that is, to your cheek cavity. However, the point of application of the blush is the top of the cheeks, which becomes apparent when you smile. If you are looking for a good blush, you should focus on page 58 of Avon January 2020 Catalogue pdf. Avon Blush is on sale with savings up to R55!

6. Mistake: Lip makeup

Instead of applying the lip pencil too much, you should try applying your lipstick to the size of your lip. Then you can apply the lip pencil to the edges of your lip to get more distinctive lips.

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