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Decofurn Specials, the industry’s most admired furniture shopping destination in South Africa. They regularly offer you thousands of specially designed furniture models by Decofurn Catalogue. They aim to provide the best quality and most beautiful furniture to their customers with an affordable sales policy.

See Decofurn Specials 14 – 26 June 2022 this week! With Decofurn Specials, where all the furniture you need in interior decoration with sixty different categories is gathered under one roof. Therefore, you can discover new collections at the most affordable prices.

Decofurn Catalogue 2020 offers a fast and pleasant shopping experience. You can find the latest bedrooms, stylish dining rooms, comfortable living room sets and many more. Colorful corner sets and thousands of other furniture models with the best price guarantee in their specials. So you can buy classic furniture models, country furniture designs with natural looks and new fashion wooden furniture models. Also, one of the most preferred products in the bedroom category, which offers easy use of the main lines of comfortable and ergonomic bed models with the most modern designs that make room for long-term and enjoyable use.

Decofurn Black Friday

In the dining room sets category, you can entertain your loved ones with pleasure, with the salon offering concept or eclectic approaches, open to modular sale with many different types of usage and innovative atmosphere are waiting for you.

In the sofa set category, you can find many models with both classic fixed sets and functional use with beds and chests. For visitors who want to create a new home, you can have many products in one package at discounted prices.

Especially, you should follow their deals on special days like Black Friday, Christmas and Easter. Decofurn black friday sale is always great! So If you want to view their all specials, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Decofurn Specials 14 – 26 June 2022

Celebrate the Birthday Sale including up to 40% savings with Decofurn Specials 14 June 2022! Stylish, quality, and trendy furniture can be browsable on this Decofurn Catalogue. Let's take a look at these specials and make your living area great! Here u go! decofurn specials 14 26 june 2022

Decofurn Specials 14 June 2022;

Modern living requires furniture. However, if you are moving to a new city and have to buy new furniture, this's an experience that can be less than pleasant. There are so many things you should consider when buying home furniture. Because buying furniture is a complicated process. First of all, you should visit the right place. The hardest part of furniture shopping is finding the right store, deciding which type of furniture you need and having confidence the furniture will be delivered to your home. Decofurn is the one of the best places for the best furniture shopping! If you're like most people, your budget is one of the most important factors that comes into play when furniture shopping. Furniture shopping can be an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful. It is hard to know where to start or how to figure out what you want. If you do not have the best furniture for your home, you will find it harder to have a comfortable place to live in. Having good furniture makes the experience much better. This Decofurn Catalogue will give you good deals on how to buy the furniture that you need for your home. If you're looking for furniture, you've probably noticed there are a lot of choices in their store!

Decofurn Specials This Week;

  • Wall Shelf Black Retro Lines, R179 (40% OFF!)
  • Benny Dining Chair, R299 (34% OFF!)
  • Cas 60cm Round Mirror, R369 (26% OFF!)
  • Nova Kitchen Stool, R599 (25% OFF!)
  • Emma Wooden Leg Armchair, R599 (25% OFF!)
  • Eden Deluxe Velvet Barstool, R659 (40% OFF!)
  • Lima TV / Plasma Unit, R999 (31% OFF!)
  • Rex Fabric Dining Chair, R799 (33% OFF!)
  • Lala 110 x 60 cm Glass Coffee Table, R979 (30% OFF!)
  • Nino Velvet 3 Seater, R5999 (25% OFF!)
  • Bonnie Fabric Corner Chaise, R5999 (31% OFF!)
  • Gigi Velvet Touch Double Headboard, R659 (40% OFF!)
  • Kim Leather Touch Double Bed, R1899 (20% OFF!)
  • Sutton Velvet Touch Double Bed, R3699 (21% OFF!)
  • Lancelot Double Mattress, R3649 (38% OFF!)
  • Sandhurst Shangri-La Queen STD Mattress, R5149 (37% OFF!)
  • Belfast Velvet Touch Double Bed, R4999 (21% OFF!)
  • Neptune Velvet Ottoman, R319 (20% OFF!)
  • Lamp Table Black Metal Base Grey Fabric Shade, R439 (20% OFF!)
  • Pisa Drawer Petestal, R759 (20% OFF!)
  • Alpha 1 Drawer Pedestal, R319 (25% OFF!)
  • Coco Velvet Touch Queen Headboard, R1199 (40% OFF!)
  • Ola Velvet Gold Leg Armchair, R1429 (20% OFF!)
  • Kelly Velvet Tub Armchair, R1699 (22% OFF!)
  • Hanging Light Mini Metal Pendant, R199 (33% OFF!)
  • Hanging Light Single Concrete Pendant, R519 (20% OFF!)
  • Pandora 41cm Round Metal Glass Top Side Table, R529 (22% OFF!)
  • Roma 2 Door 2 Drawer TV / Plasma Unit, R2399 (20% OFF!)
  • Ceto Fabric Corner Chaise, R11.999 (25% OFF!)
  • Erica Genuine Leather 3 Seater Couch, R13.499 (20% OFF!)
  • Ava Velvet Dining Chair, R429 (25% OFF!)

Decofurn Specials 11 Apr – 2 May 2022

Get ready to check out the latest specialbuys with Decofurn Specials 11 April 2022! If it is time to renew your home, you should start from your furniture! Their products are pretty stylish and comfortable! View their discounted products on Decofurn catalogue and visit the store! decofurn specials 11 apr 2 may 2022

Decofurn Specials 11 April 2022;

Decofurn Store is one of the leading brands in the furniture and home textile industries. They offer a variety of products in line with customer expectations. Since the first day of its establishment, Istikbal offers many products needed in home decoration to its consumers. It offers various product groups that a house needs such as bedroom set, dining room set, living room set, sitting set, carpet, garden furniture, kitchen sitting set, home and sleeping linen products, accessories, under the assurance of the Decofurn brand. Decofurn creates decorative home concepts with its products and designs.

Sleep Comfort With Decofurn

It is stated by almost everyone that the most important key to waking up happy is a quality sleep. According to experts, an individual who has enough and quality sleep starts the day happily and more easily, adapts to his work faster, and his work efficiency is high. In this context, a healthy and deep sleep in a comfortable area is as important as the time spent in sleep. A few hours of sleep in an ergonomic bed suitable for the body structure can be sufficient and restful. In other words, the environment and physical conditions of the person should support sleep in the best way. The comfort of the bed and pillow, the heat-preserving feature of the duvet used on cold days, products that do not sweat on hot days, the structure of the duvet cover suitable for body health, mean the indispensable conditions for a quality sleep.

Decofurn Specials This Week;

  • Verona 120 x 60cm Coffee Table, R1299
  • Sky Modular Shelf, R1699
  • Emma Fabric 3 Seater - Dark Grey, R5899
  • Livorna 80cm Round Coffee Table, R1099
  • Maddie Velvet Barstool, R1299
  • Dash 60cm Round Podium, R1199
  • Lamp Floor - Wooden Tripod Metal Spot Shade 135cm, R1499
  • Art G3 Flowers Grey 50 x 150, R699
  • Hertex Haus Azrou Rug in Summer 160 x 230cm, R2199
  • Hertex Haus Chevy Rug in Dolphin 160 x 230cm, R2099
  • Shell Velvet Chair, R1699
  • Sandhurst Retreat Mattress, R2799
So here is the latest Decofurn Catalogue this week! You can discover more specials and discounts on the home page. We shared the latest specials and some product reviews on that page. Not only Decofurn but also many popular South African stores' catalogues are waiting for you here. You can follow us on our social media accounts and subscrieb to us with your email!

Decofurn Specials 8 March 2021

Explore the best furniture with Decofurn Specials 8 March 2021! You can find many home needs such as mirrors, chairs, tables, pendants, chandelier, and more on this Decofurn Catalogue! Let's browse these products and buy the best for your home! decofurn specials 8 march 2021

High Quality & Good-Looking Selections from Decofurn!

Furniture is the building blocks that show the style of your home. The most important thing that reflects the layout and taste of your home is your furniture. You can view beautiful and affordable furniture from Decofurn Catalogue. In the past, design was not given much importance in furniture, nowadays furniture design is given great importance just like clothes. If you decide to buy a new piece of furniture for your home, we recommend that you take into account that you have to make radical decisions. Many different factors are taken into consideration when determining the prices of furniture. Therefore, there can be serious price differences between two same furniture. The biggest reason for this may be material differences. Apart from the material, labor, warranty and service, paint costs are also factors that determine price differences. The changes in all these costs are among the attributes that explain the price differences.

Decofurn Specials 8 March 2021

Furniture is a product that has been used for a long time. Therefore, in order not to regret it in a short time, you should buy the product considering all the suggestions. Decofurn aims to offer the best quality products at the most affordable prices. In Decofurn stores besides furniture; You can find products such as sofa set, cupboard, TV unit, kitchen table, teen room. You will also find many items from wardrobe to seating group easily. And you will be able to shop easily with prices that appeal to your budget. Here are the latest Decofurn Specials! For more products and deals, you can visit its store. Also, you can see more products on other category pages. You should browse these and enjoy exploring the best deals in South Africa! Here you go!

Decofurn Specials 11 January 2021

Browse the Decofurn Specials 11 January 2021! Hundreds of furniture, special accessories, stylish decors are available on this Decofurn Catalogue. You should check out all the pages and redesign your home with great products. Chandeliers in particular attract the most attention in this catalog. Let's take a look at them! decofurn specials 11 january 2021

Decofurn Specials 11 January 2021;

Chandeliers provide lighting and decoration in homes, workplaces or similar places. With chandeliers, your environments are both illuminated and your decoration becomes more beautiful thanks to colorful chandeliers. They are generally used by connecting to the ceiling, while sconces are used on the wall. Today, chandeliers are produced and presented with different options and models with technological developments. When you want to buy chandeliers, an evaluation should be made about the chandelier models. And the bulbs used in them, as well as research on affordable chandeliers. Among the dozens of chandelier options offered by the brands, you should choose the most suitable and compatible ones. The best address for this is Decofurn. There are a few points to consider when choosing a chandelier. First of all, you should determine how much area is intended to be illuminated with the chandelier. Its lamps vary by these numbers and features. You can prefer by the types of lamps. Chandeliers have different lamp options such as led and bulb.

Specials Ideas!

Decoration preferences also determine the choice of chandelier options. Porcelain chandeliers are the most ideal products for those who want to choose stylish and flashy chandeliers. These products are ideal especially for halls and similar areas. For those looking for a more affordable and economical chandelier, plastic chandeliers can be good. Here are the latest Decofurn Specials! You can find many good furniture here. Therefore, you must browse all the pages. Also, you should follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to us with your email!