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Decofurn Specials, the industry’s most admired furniture shopping destination in South Africa. They regularly offer you thousands of specially designed furniture models by Decofurn Catalogue. They aim to provide the best quality and most beautiful furniture to their customers with an affordable sales policy.

See Decofurn Specials 19 – 30 March 2024 this week! With Decofurn Specials, where all the furniture you need in interior decoration with sixty different categories is gathered under one roof. Therefore, you can discover new collections at the most affordable prices.

Decofurn Catalogue 2020 offers a fast and pleasant shopping experience. You can find the latest bedrooms, stylish dining rooms, comfortable living room sets and many more. Colorful corner sets and thousands of other furniture models with the best price guarantee in their specials. So you can buy classic furniture models, country furniture designs with natural looks and new fashion wooden furniture models. Also, one of the most preferred products in the bedroom category, which offers easy use of the main lines of comfortable and ergonomic bed models with the most modern designs that make room for long-term and enjoyable use.

Decofurn Black Friday

In the dining room sets category, you can entertain your loved ones with pleasure, with the salon offering concept or eclectic approaches, open to modular sale with many different types of usage and innovative atmosphere are waiting for you.

In the sofa set category, you can find many models with both classic fixed sets and functional use with beds and chests. For visitors who want to create a new home, you can have many products in one package at discounted prices.

Especially, you should follow their deals on special days like Black Friday, Christmas and Easter. Decofurn black friday sale is always great! So If you want to view their all specials, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Decofurn Specials 10 – 30 June 2023

Time to browse Decofurn Specials 10 – 30 June 2023. Renovating a home or moving to a new home can be a very enjoyable experience. However, it is often difficult to find quality and stylish furniture. Luckily, Decofurn, one of South Africa’s leading furniture retailers, solves this problem.

decofurn specials 10 30 june 2023

With discounts of up to 35%, it offers an unmissable opportunity to own furniture that reflects your style without breaking the bank. Here’s what you need to know about discounts on stylish, high-quality Decofurn furniture.

Decofurn offers a wide range of products for every taste and style. You can find different options for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, workspace, garden, and more. Whether you prefer modern or classic styles, you’ll find furniture to suit your needs at the Decofurn store.

Decofurn strives to provide our customers with high-quality furniture. Each product is made from durable materials and is built to last. Functionality and durability are the most important factors in ensuring that furniture is used comfortably for a long time. Trust Decofurn’s quality standards and buy furniture that will last a lifetime. Style and aesthetics are important in interior design. That’s why Decofurn offers furniture with chic designs.

Find your style

Choose from modern, minimalist, retro, and classic furnishings to suit your taste. At Decofurn you can find furniture that fits perfectly in any room of the house and adds elegance to it.

Decofurn is a pioneer in providing quality furniture at affordable prices. Plus, with discounts of up to 35% currently going on, you can buy the furniture you want even cheaper. Don’t miss this discount opportunity and get more affordable furniture that enhances the beauty of your home.

Decofurn uses environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. We use sustainable materials to produce eco-friendly furniture. This allows you to make choices that add value to both nature and your home. Renovating your home or moving to a new home is an exciting process. Decofurn makes the process even more enjoyable by offering stylish, high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

Decofurn is one of South Africa’s trendiest furniture stores, featuring a wide range of products, quality and durability, stylish design, and eco-friendly production. Don’t miss current discounts of up to 35%. Get more affordable furniture that adds elegance to your home. Visit Decofurn and rediscover the beauty of your home!

Decofurn Specials 19 – 31 May 2023

Savings up to 35% on good-looking and high-quality furniture have been announced by Decofurn Specials 19 – 31 May 2023! Browse these stylish products and create your dream home with special offers! Check it out!

decofurn specials 19 - 31 may 2023

Decofurn May Sale 2023

Decofurn has some great options to add some color to your cold winter days and transform your home into a cozy nest. This store is one of South Africa’s leading furniture stores. It always offers winter-only discounts and special offers to help you transform your home.

At Decofurn they have a wide range of products to suit your taste and enjoy warm winters, from modern to classic furniture. Whether you’re looking to refresh your living room or transform your bedroom into a warm ambience, Decofurn is sure to find something to suit your needs.

This winter, Decofurn offers a special discount. A beautiful bedding set for the bedroom ensures a restful sleeping experience. 30% off duvet sets with double and single bed options are available to suit a variety of styles. Plus, with up to 20% off headboards, it’s a great chance to complete your room decor.

Decofern also pushes the boundaries of your living room. A chic and modern sofa set helps create a warm and cozy atmosphere during the winter months. With 25% off, you can get the style you want without breaking the bank with their sectional sofas, available in leather or fabric options.

For those who like to make a big difference with small decorative details, Decofurn invites you to a world full of accessories. Decorative throw pillows, blankets and candles with winter motifs add warmth to your home. And they are available with a 15% discount. In addition, you can build a high-quality and stylish work environment with 20% off, such as ergonomic office chairs and desks that can be used comfortably in your home office. So check it out and see more!

Decofurn Specials 20 Jan – 20 Feb 2023

Warehouse Clearance Sale has begun on Decofurn Specials 20 Jan 2023! Hundreds of stylish and quality furniture are available on this Decofurn Catalogue. Let’s create your dream home with special items this month!

decofurn specials 20 jan 20 feb 2023

Decofurn Warehouse Clearance Sale

Decofurn Warehouse Clearance Sale aims to offer you many stylish and quality products at the most reasonable prices. You can buy stylish designs, quality selections, and the most unique accessory options at Decofurn Stores. Most of the products in this Decofurn Catalogue have been reduced in price. Here you can examine many products from comfortable sofas to useful TV units. If you need these products, don’t miss these prices and products! These prices are valid from 20 January 2023 until 20 February 2023. Hurry up and enjoy shopping their stores!

Decofurn Specials This Week

  • Emmy Wooden Leg Dining Chair, R349 (Save 27%)
  • Harley Fabric Barstool, R799 (Save 27%)
  • Pisa 1 Drawer Pedestal, R849 (Save R100)
  • Oslo OSB Rug 160 x 235 cm, R849 (Save 22%)
  • Tom Fabric Barstool, R899 (Save 25%)
  • Lucy 180 cm 2 Door TV Unit, R1699 (Save R500)
  • Ruby 120 x 160 CM Glass Coffee Table, R2099 (Save 22%)
  • 80 Leather Touch Armchair Recliner, R3599 (Save R700)
  • Kingsley Genuine Leather 3 Seater, R13.499 (Save R2500)
  • Wall Shelf Gold Circle, R159 (20% OFF)
  • Mystic 53 CM Round Mirror, R269 (Save 18%)
  • Lamp Table-V Base Arm & Dome, R299 (Save 25%)
  • Geo Round Set of 3 Trays W/Mirror Gold, R599 (Save R100)
  • Art YP Building Blocks 100 x 100 cm, R599 (Save 25%)
  • Alpha 1 Drawer Pedestal, R369 (Save 13% OFF)
  • Kelly Leather Touch Tub Armchair, R1899 (Save 20%)
  • Sleeptite Single Mattress, R599 (Save R200)
  • Meelu Motion Z40 Double Mattress, R6599 (Save R1100)
  • Sam Velvet Wingback Armchair, R2999 (Save 14%)
  • Kim Leather Touch Queen Bed, R2099 (Save 12%)
  • Titan 2 Door 2 Drawer Robe, R2099 (Save 12%)
  • Mac Velvet Sleeper Couch Black Leg, R3099 (Save 16%)
  • Floy Fabric Sleeper Couch, R3299 (Save R600)
  • Ash 44 CM Metal Round Side Table, R399 (Save 13%)
  • Nino Velvet 3 Seater Grey/Black Leg, R6599 (Save R1000)
  • Kami 100 x 40 cm Coffee Table, R499 (Save R100)
  • Libi 90 x 50 cm Oval Glass Coffee Table, R599 (Save 20%)
  • Dewi 100 X 60 cm Coffee Table, R1599 (Save R300)
  • Beta 2 Door TV / Plasma Unit, R799 (Save 20%)
  • Roma 2 Door 2 Drawer TV / Plasma Unit, R2399 (Save 20%)
  • Lamp Floor 5 Branch Arc Metal Domes 210 cm, R1499 (Save 16%)
  • Reno Bonded Leather Upper Armchair Recliner, R4199 (Save 26%)
  • Yuzi 2 Seater with Console Recliner, R8399 (Save R1000)
  • Vegas Luxury Kitchen Stool, R849 (Save 15% off)

Decofurn Specials 6 – 31 January 2023

Back to School Sale, up to R10.000 Voucher, and much more deals are featured on Decofurn Specials 6 January 2023! Let’s browse office and school specials and pay less for the best! Check it out!

decofurn specials 6 31 january 2023

Stylish and Quality Furniture at Decofurn

Decofurn has a wide range of different upholstered seating groups in furniture discount. You can make your living room more comfortable with a variety of upholstered furniture that is comfortable and coordinated. Visit one of the Decofurn Stores or explore our current offers with the Decofurn Catalogue.

Low Prices on Lounge Suites!

You buy all furniture from Decofurn with a low price guarantee. These consist of comfortable leather sofas, inexpensive large sofas and armchairs. By combining different types of upholstered furniture, you can create a comfortable sitting area in the living room for pleasant evenings and fun celebrations with the family.

Depending on the space you need, you can place 2 double sofas opposite each other, combine the 3-seater sofa with an armchair or create a sitting group consisting of a 2-seater sofa, a 3-seat sofa and a wing chair. . You can install three combinations of inexpensive upholstered furniture in a U-shape.

The large upholstered seating area invites you to social evenings where all guests can relax on the sofas and still look at each other. Host fun game evenings with great furniture. You can learn more about Decofurn Furniture Discounts from their store.

Modern choices for your living room

Soft fabrics, warm colors and spacious, comfortable seats are on trend this year. You can accentuate this sense of coziness in the living room with an inexpensive upholstered seating area with plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets. Even single or double households benefit from additional seating in the living room.

If there is enough space in the living room, feel free to fill it with two or three pieces of upholstered furniture. One is by the window, the other is your back to the wall, and depending on the lighting conditions, you can choose the best place to read or watch TV. When you buy different sofas, you benefit from Decofurn’s low price guarantee.

Visit Decofurn and save. They offer services such as convenient financing options, delivery and assembly service as options. This means that if you want to save money, you can take on tasks such as moving and assembling new furniture yourself.

But we are also happy to assist you here: With the minibuses to be rented on-site, you can transport all the furniture of the living room to your home yourself. This further reduces the overall costs of cheap living room furniture and you save money. Decofurn looks forward to your visit to their furniture discount store.

Decofurn Specials Black Friday 31 Oct – 28 Nov 2022

TOO BIG DEALS on dozens of high quality and trendy furniture are waiting for you on Decofurn Specials 31 Oct 2022! You should follow their page and see the massive Black Friday discounts this month! Prices won’t be beaten! So let’s check it out!

decofurn specials black friday 31 oct 28 nov 2022

Decofurn Specials 31 Oct 2022;

Check out the best Black Friday deals on furniture in the Decofurn Catalogue. Take the opportunity to renew your home furniture with the best deals of the year! Or start your Christmas shopping advantageous with furniture, household goods and decorative accessories. On Black Friday alone, you’ll find up to 85% off furniture that you can combine to create your own style. Their goal for Black Friday this year is to bring you the cheapest furniture in their online store.

Here you will find a wide selection of furniture in all shapes and styles to refresh any room and decorate it to your liking, from accessories to update the garden or bathroom, to dining room furniture offers for Black Friday. If you’re looking for the best Black Friday furniture deals, you’ve come to the right place.

Furniture is an indispensable part of our daily life. It is one of the most important elements of the house that determines our way of life and movement. Design furniture, whatever its shape or style, is designed to meet our daily needs that make our lives easier. You can find everything you are looking for to decorate and furnish your home or workspace in the Decofurn Catalogue. If you have a clear idea about the room you want to decorate, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture… All these and much more are waiting for you at Decofurn. Get inspired by the most popular cheap furniture trends to express your own style and in your personal and professional projects!

Lounge Suite at Decofurn!

All details are important to decorate a living room at Decofurn. Carpet, lighting, accessories, color of the walls, etc. It is clear that each residence has its own style. But the centerpiece of any living room decoration is the sofa. That’s why Decofurn has a huge selection of inexpensive sofas and models that fit perfectly with your designer chairs or coffee tables, whether Vintage or Boho-chic.

If you think your home is lacking, lacking order and personality, you’ve come to the right place. There is a wide selection of inexpensive decorations on Decofurn. Designer baskets and flower pots as well as a wide variety of decorative accessories will be waiting for you with Decofurn Black Friday Offers! So you can improve and complete your spaces with a touch of elegance and style!

All these interior decoration accessories are perfect for dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. They will bring freshness, originality and vitality to any room, as they are perfect for Bring warmth, exoticism and difference to your spaces and complete your style with the best original decoration accessories you will find in the Decofurn store!

Lighting products at Decofurn!

Nowadays, we take advantage of every opportunity to beautify our interior. In addition, lighting is no longer satisfied with its main function, it is an integral part of our interior decor. It is also important to choose the light decoration suitable for your living space. Take advantage of Decofurn offers to make it shine with thousands of lights. You will find lamps from the most classic to the most extraordinary, from the most minimalist to the most daring. You will definitely find what you are looking for with many models available on the Decofurn platform.

The pendant lamps that Decofurn has chosen for you stand out with their elegant and original design that provides warmth and festivity in every room. Whether LED lighting, hanging or wall lighting, they represent the perfect harmony between style and functionality. The original shapes and clean lines of each model will seduce you. The Decofurn Black Friday Catalogue will help you make your choice.