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Edgars Specials is a national store serving Southern Africa with value-priced essentials. bona fide national and international brands and appropriate fashion. With 150 sales points, Edgars aims to become the fastest fashion brand with the richest and most admired collections. Innovative and innovative, customer and technology-oriented, Edgars commit to combining season trends with original designs and selling them at attractive locations at attractive prices.

View Edgars Specials Father’s Day 2 – 19 June 2022 this week!

They have over 220 young and experienced employees in the design team. Also,they have over 5,000 employees. Edgars brings about 30,000 different models to customers in more than 50 collections each year. The unique interaction between the brand and the young adults who follow fashion closely is the most important basis of existing customer loyalty. The position of the brand, which can address male and female customer segments at the same rate, is supported by effective communication activities.

Their products are always best-quality and stylish! You should take a look at Edgars Catalogue and you should catch Edgars Sale! You will always come across the best at the lowest prices!,

Before you go shopping, you must visit their catalogue. You shouldn’t miss their special sale.

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Edgars Specials Father’s Day 2 – 19 June 2022

Edgars Specials Father's Day 2022 promises the best Father's Day Gifts this month! If you are looking for a good gift, you will find what your dad really wants on this Father's Day Gift Guide! Browse all the pages and get the best! edgars specials fathers day 2 19 june 2022

Edgars Specials Father's Day 2022;

It is always difficult to buy gifts for men. Although there are many gift items, it is generally risky to choose among these products. It may be easiest to be inspired by the interests of the person you are going to gift. Moreover, it can be helpful to be pragmatic when choosing gifts for your spouse, father, or boyfriend. For example, if he needs a new headset, this could be the best gift for him. It doesn't just end there. Clothing and cosmetics are generally among the most risk-free and beautiful gifts. Edgars offered clothing products suitable for all styles on sale with special offers for Father's Day. It is possible to find many products from jeans to shirts in their wide product range. You can easily find the product suitable for your father's style with this catalog and gift it to him. Not only clothing, but also many perfumes and cosmetics are on sale in their stores. By using these special offers for father's day, you can buy the best gift without wasting time. This Edgars Catalogue offered you the most attractive offers and products together! By using these special offers for Father's Day, you can complete your winter clothing shopping by paying less. You can easily find your favorite products among a wide variety. Remember that these offers are valid for limited days! Last day is 19 June 2022!

Edgars Specials This Week;

  • Beanie, R129.95
  • Grey Zip Thru Hoodie, R349.95
  • Utility Jacket, R699.95
  • Long Sleeve Check Shirt, R399.95
  • Burbery Hero EDT 50ml, R1360
  • Leather Belt, R249.95
  • Navy Printed Crew, R299.95
  • Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt, R399.95
  • Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, R349.95
  • Leather belt, R249.95
  • Utility Cotton Jacket, R699.95
  • Grey Printed Sweater, R349.95
  • Jacquard Crew Neck Knit, R399.95
  • Long Sleeve Stone Oxford Shirt, R349.95
  • Antonio Banderas The Icon 100ml Edp, R915
  • Long Sleeve Denim Shirt, R349.95
  • Rhino Logo Rust Crew Neck Sweater, R499.95
  • Oud for Him 100ml EDP, R399
  • Never Out Fatigue Track Pants, R419.95
  • Camo Grey Stripe Fleece Pants, R549.95
  • Retro '72 Charcoal Tee, R299.95
  • Explora for Him 100ML EDP, R399
  • Never Out Black Track Pants, R419.95
  • Black Camo Cut 'n Sew Zip Thru Hoodie, R749.95
  • Burbery Hero EDT 100ml, R1845
  • Nautica Blue EDT 100ml, R495
  • Armani Acqua Di Gio EDP 75ml, R1950
  • Leather Wallets from, R299.95
  • Grey Melange Textured Pullover Jersey, R1299.95
  • Long Sleeve Burgundy Oxford Button Up Shirt, R1199.95

Edgars Specials 13 – 31 May 2022

Have a good iPhone with fabulous deals of Edgars Specials 13 May 2022! Pre-Owned Apple phones with Edgars! By making an installment plan, you can have the iPhone you want with great reasonable payments! Great deals and product options await you at Edgars! edgars specials 13 31 may 2022

Edgars Specials 13 May 2022;

Pre-owned phones become a good option for users who want to own a flagship at an affordable price. Pre-owned are brought to very good or excellent conditions after passing certain quality stages. These products will satisfy the users. Also, they appeal to people who want to reach quality at an affordable price. You can have the model you want among Apple phones, through renewed phone types, among options that do not strain the budget. Some models are revealed as a result of refurbishing phones that are returned after a short period of use. Less used devices are brought closer to new after being reset or improved. Pre-owned devices are available at Edgars at reasonable prices. It would be a good alternative for users who want to use successful phones at an affordable price. Moreover, with Edgars, which offers the opportunity to buy pre-owned phones with installments, you can have quality with confidence without putting too much strain on your budget. Apple models will take you to the top of the digital world. They have advanced in the field of mobile phones. Special series and updated versions of GB different models are available in Edgars Catalogue. It will always be with you with affordable price and quality-oriented options. So you can find different color models, accessories and all the features in Edgars.

Edgars Specials This Week;

  • Apple iPhone 7, R5.399
  • Apple iPhone 8, R7.699
  • iPhone XS by Apple, R11.299
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Edgars Specials Mother’s Day 2022

Beautiful gift from products range of Edgars Specials Mother's Day 2022 is waiting for you! Trendy and quality products are on sale with amazing Mother's Day Specials! Let's take a look at this Edgars Catalogue and buy your favorite at low prices! edgars specials mothers day 2022

Edgars Specials Mother's Day 2022;

With the approach of Mother's Day, the same question appears on everyone's mind: What should I get my mother? Things get a little difficult when the gift to be received is one and the options are unlimited. If you are one of those who cannot decide what to buy, you can browse beautiful products for every taste with Edgars. Mother's Day is one of the days when we can make our mothers happy. They always deserve a smile and make all kinds of sacrifices for us. On this special day where the bonds between mother and child are strengthened, you can express your gratitude to your mother in the best way possible. If the subject you are looking for is "mother's day gift suggestions" for our mothers who prepared us for life and excited mother candidates around you, you are in the right place. With Edgars Mother's Day collection, you can access endless options for gifts for your mother. You can make them very happy with mother's day gift ideas where natural textures and eye-catching colors come to the fore. You can crown this special day with very special pieces that may suit the tastes of mothers.

Edgars Mother's Day Gift

With the collection offered for your search for mother's day gift ideas, you can find pieces that your mother will love very much. You can make her happy with cotton shirt models, which are among the gifts that can be given to the mother. You can increase your energy with patterned dress models that you can easily use in your daily life. You can also find eye-catching colors of oversize t-shirt models that your mother may love in their collection. Also, you can get help from loose trousers models that are suitable for choosing a gift for the mother. Your mother can add comfort to every day with high waist baggy trousers models offered with breathable fabric structures.

You can make her feel valuable with beautiful pieces that combine special textures and different looks that can be gifted to the mother.

Mother's Day 2022;

You can create perfect combinations for your mother with midi skirt and blouse models that may be suitable for her style. You can complete this combination, which you can present to your mother as a gift, with strap bag models. Also, you can show your love to her in the most special way with the combinations you can get with mother's day gift ideas. Now you can make your mother happy with the perfect gift ideas you can find for Mother's Day. For Mother's Day gift, you can reach textures with natural content in Edgars' collection.

Edgars Specials This Week;

  • Diagonal Colourblock Pullover, R249.95.
  • Diagonal Colourblock Jogger, R249.95.
  • Crescent Shape Sling-White, R299.95
  • White Screen Pullover, R169.95.
  • Lilac Screen Pullover, R169.95.
  • Navy Screen Pullover, R169.95
  • Lilac Paperbag Jogger, R199.95.
  • Navy Paperbag Jogger, R199.95.
So here is the latest Edgars Catalogue this week! If you want to check out more specials, deals, and catalogues, you should go to the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

Edgars Specials Mother’s Day 2 – 9 May 2021

Find the best gift for your lovely mom with Edgars Specials 2 May 2021! Mother's Day is much more special this year! As we are trying to get used to the new normal, the value of families is understood the most. edgars specials mothers day 2 9 may 2021 Everyone missed spending time freely together. Although adapting to the current conditions requires a difficult process, you can make your mothers, your most valuable assets, happier than ever this year!

Edgars Gift Guide for Mother’s Day 2021!

Perfume, deodorant and body sprays are the first things that come to mind when choosing gifts. You can complete your mother's favorite perfume with a deodorant that can be used comfortably on a daily basis and get a nice set. These days, when we pay more attention to hygiene than ever before; You can create a health kit consisting of products such as hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, hand soap, cologne. You can even add vitamins and nutritional supplements to this kit if you wish.

Edgars Specials Mother's Day 2 - 9 May 2021;

Skin care products also conquer the hearts of mothers. You can best meet your mother's skin care needs with facial cleansing gels, peels, masks, serum and moisturizing creams suitable for age and skin type. How about preparing a package consisting of sunscreen and bronzer for her before the holiday? You can find everything about after-sun care, body lotions, hand creams, eye and lip care from Edgars' wide range of products. View Edgars Specials 2 May 2021! Hair care products also stand out among the Mother's Day gift alternatives. Products such as shampoo, conditioner, mask suitable for your mother's hair type; reaches you thanks to successful brands. Hair care oils, dry shampoos, hair dyes, combs and brushes are also among the alternatives.

A Wide Range of Products for Mother’s Day 2021!

Edgars does not leave you alone on Mother's Day with all its products in its wide and qualified categories. Edgars Catalogue includes dozens of brands that have always proven their quality. They offer many gift options consisting of cosmetic products, each of which is trendy. As part of Mother's Day campaigns, you can add your mother's favorite make-up products to the basket. Indispensable make-up products such as foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow are waiting to be given as gifts. Do not forget to take a look at the quality makeup brushes and applicators among the most popular products of the world famous brands! Here is the latest Edgars Catalogue! If you want to check out more products and deals, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to us! Thus, you can see the latest specials in South Africa! Here u go!