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Food Lovers Specials is one of the best addresses for your weekly shopping in South Africa. They are trying to provide the best service to you with the freshest and most wonderful product selections.

See Food Lovers Specials 14 – 20 March 2022  this week!

In addition, the store staff is also so friendly and helpful. If you want to experience the great shopping experience in your weekly shopping, you must first determine your needs from the latest Food Lovers Catalogue. Look at all the categories and create a list of needs. Thus make sure you don’t forget a product and save money!

They usually offer basic foods in their specials. When you check out Food Lovers Specials, you will come across meat products, groceries, and, fruit & veggie. Their products are always super fresh and alive. You will see when you go to the market and select products. You never meet a bruised and rotten fruit. They guarantee you the freshest product. In addition, they keep prices low. All these features make them a very attractive store! Therefore, before you do your weekly shopping, check out their catalogs once, and check their needs.

Also, they offer you great dishes at stores and food lovers market specials. If you’re busy and need to go shopping, you must visit here! Moreover, they added new ones to their meals. Be sure to look at the new range of food from the store!

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Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019

Great opportunity products for all regions are published on Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019! Don't miss these offers if you only need those products that apply to selected products! The products in the catalog are very limited. Therefore, if you need these products, even if you do not have a lot of options, surely evaluate these prices! Pork Neck Roast, Pork Neck Steaks and some products are available on Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019. These prices are valid until 20 October 2019 so you shouldn't miss these pretty good prices! Enjoy savings your money with Food Lovers Catalogue! food lovers specials national 14 october 2019 Pork Neck Roast or Pork Neck Steaks R69.99 per kg. When you buy 2 of Paw Paws, Pineapples, Banana Thriftpacks, Strawberry Punnets, Blueberry Punnets or Watermelon Quarters, you will pay for only R25!

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Making;

To make a strawberry and banana smoothie, the strawberries are washed and cleaned. Then, The cleaned strawberries are put into the blender. Banana, milk, yogurt, and honey are added and passed through the blender. The prepared strawberry and banana smoothie is put in the refrigerator for cooling. Finally, after cooling, it is served. If you want to see more catalogue and products, you can visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Here you go!

Food Lovers Specials National 07 October 2019

It's time to check out Food Lovers Specials National 07 October 2019 which consists of several products but includes great opportunities! This Food Lovers Catalogue only contains oxtail and smoothie pack including a paw paw, a pineapple, a banana thriftpack, a strawberry punnet, a blueberry punnet, and watermelon quarter. Don't forget these products are limited edition! If you need these you should definitely evaluate these prices! Oxtail is on sale at R79.99 per kg. Price of Summer Smoothie Combo is only R59.00! These reasonable prices of Food Lovers Specials National are valid until 13 October 2019. Therefore, you should hurry up! food lovers specials national 07 october 2019

Smoothie Recipe:

Extract the seeds of watermelon and cut it into cubes. Wash the strawberries and clean the green stems. Leave the fruits in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Put all the ingredients in the smoothie machine or blender and mix well. (You can add ice during shredding according to the consistency you want.) Watermelon Strawberry Pink Smoothie ready to serve. You can put them into cups without waiting and decorate them with cubes of cut watermelon. Enjoy your meal!


2-3 large slices of watermelon 1 cup strawberry 1 cup of coconut juice 4-5 fresh mint leaves 2 tablespoons of honey (optional) If you want to see more products and deals, you should visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Food Lovers Specials National Sale 16 September 2019

It is time to check out Food Lovers Specials National Sale 16 September 2019! Take a look at the special selections in this catalogue of Food Lovers, the address of the freshest products! When you browse this Food Lovers Specials, you will see 5 different products. This catalog is limited in terms of product variety. Because they sell freshest products at most wonderful prices. food lovers specials national sale 16 september 2019 Food Lovers Catalogue always offers great alternatives for your weekly shopping. You will not be hesitant about the quality and delicious choices they offer. They offer you the most wonderful products for the finest dishes. You can make the most healthy and delicious food at home. If you're a good cook and you're going to cook good food for the people at home, you'll need fresh products. Therefore, you should follow their products every week. When you don't need any products, you can come across unbeatable prices on their specials. In such cases, make stock because you may need it. Jan Braai Boerewors, Braai Ready Spatchcock Chicken, Strawberry Punnets, Paw Paw Prepacks, and Blueberry Punnets are available on Food Lovers Specials National Sale. All of these products are on sale until September 22, 2019.
  • Jan Braai Boerewors, R89.99 per kg.
  • Braai Ready Spatchcock Chicken, R50 each.
  • Strawberry Punnets, 2 For R25.
  • Paw Paw Prepacks, 2 For R25.
  • Blueberry Punnets, 2 For R25.

Welcome To Food Lovers Specials Reviews

Food Lovers is one of the extraordinary supermarket chains for your weekly basic food shopping in South Africa.  They have been doing this work since 1993 and customer satisfaction has always been the most important thing for them! With more than 320 stores, this retailer has become a great address with its products and prices! They have many stores in many regions of South Africa. These are Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Durban, Knysna, Mossel Bay, and many more.Food Lovers Specials The most beautiful shopping area in South Africa. Each store has its own special campaign. And there are Combo packages. You can buy 3,4 products at a certain price. The most convenient place to try interesting flavors. Therefore, you should always browse Food Lovers Specials. They collect weekly discounted products in a catalogue and offer them to you. Our duty is to get you their catalogs as soon as possible and to review the catalogs. Food Lovers Catalogue generally contains basic food such as super fresh fruit & vegetables, frozen foods, soft drinks, deli & bakery, meat products, seafood, canned goods and more. This is awesome place for your weekly shopping. You can get the freshest at low prices here. You must visit here! If you want to follow Food Lovers Market Specials and product reviews, you should regularly visit this page! And follow us on Twitter and Facebook, here you go!