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See Game Specials 21 October 2020 this week! Game Store is one of the largest South African retailers of appliances, electronics, toys, computers, groceries, home & gardens, liquor, and health & beauty so Browsing Game Specials is very important for saving your money. It is a promotional offer discount retailer of basic products and non-perishable groceries for home and business use. Since they opened their first store in South Africa, Durban in 1970, they have been doing great. They wanted to show that shopping was not boring and offered a fun shopping experience. That’s why they named their store “game”. Now they have over 100 stores in 12 different African countries.

They publish their catalogs for you every week and offer you the best products with the most reasonable shopping options. That’s why they give you the best price guarantee. Game Stores Catalogue is unbeatable in product prices! Moreover, If you’ve purchased any product from Game Catalogue and, within 21 days, find the same product at other stores for less, contact them and they will refund more than the difference.

You also have the opportunity to return the product. If you’ve changed your mind, you can bring a product you buy back in the original packaging. And they will exchange it or refund you. If you don’t have a document of purchase, it will be for the lowest price in the last 30 days.

Also, a warranty service is also available for each product Game sells. Warranty product repaired for you should that take longer than 21 days, the item will be replaced or refunded.

All these options make Game Store Specials a great address. Therefore, you should always follow Game Specials regularly!

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Game Specials 21 October 2020

Game Specials 21 October 2020 has everything you need to whip up your festive favorites! The main theme of this Game Store Catalogue is "READY, SET BAKE.". You can easily find your festive favorites on this Game Specials! Great options, attractive deals, and great product selections for the 50th anniversary await you here! These deals are valid for 2 weeks! 21 October 2020 - 3 November 2020! Hurry up! game specials 21 october 2020 When preparing cakes and pastries for the Festive, you need some equipment to get the best results. All of these are available in the Game Catalog. Hand mixers, which are available in almost all of our kitchens, are one of our biggest helpers when making cake or sponge cake. If you do not want to prepare cake dough in a long and laborious way with the classic whisk, you can get help from the hand mixer. Mixer Hand Blender HB-510 is on sale now! You can get it at only R399 on Game Store Specials! Stand mixers are the best option for professional kitchens, home chefs who want to achieve perfect results in cake and sponge cake making. You can prepare puff puff, fluffy, soft cakes, and sponges with this type of mixer with high motor power. Kenwood Mixer Stand and Bowl is only R699 now! After preparing your cake dough, it's time to choose the mold in which we will bake the cake… Cake molds are generally made of non-stick surface materials. In this way, your cake will easily come out of the mold without spoiling its form after baking. Shaped cake molds will give a pleasant appearance during the presentation and will facilitate slicing.

Game Specials 21 October 2020;

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Game Specials 7 October 2020

Game Specials 7 October 2020 offers you multiple options to save money! Dozens of essential electronic products, summer requirements, and many items you will need are on sale in this Game Catalog! In addition to the wide range of products, the unbeatable prices they offer are just one reason to visit this place! Therefore, you should take a look at all the pages and get your needs at the cheapest prices! game specials 7 october 2020 The gazebo is a covered structure built to cool off and spend time in the summer months in the gardens. It is generally used in forested areas, gardens, social areas, etc. used in places. Whether you are holding an outdoor meeting or enjoying the activities on holidays, canopy and raincoat gazebo tents offer you a versatile solution by protecting from the sun and rain. Gazebo frames are usually made of steel or aluminum. If you want to buy a light gazebo, get a steel frame. These products can be easily folded, but are not suitable for windy areas. In windy weather, the gazebo should be fixed to the ground. However, you can buy an iron frame that makes it more solid. These frames can be used in windy conditions, especially on beaches and high altitude areas. You can get Camp Master 5 x 3 Gazebo at only R1199! If you buy it, you will save up to R100!

Game Specials 7 October 2020;

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Game Specials National 24 September 2020

Game Specials National 24 September 2020 is where you will find a wide range of essentials! Major appliances, TVs, electronics, homeware, and many more can be browsable here. Get ready for summer! You can easily find many of your summer needs in this catalog. Great products of the best brands were put on the market with attractive opportunities. Don't forget to make a list of needs and visit the Game Store! game specials national 24 september 2020 Portable air conditioners are mobile air conditioners that can be easily transported and do not require fixing to a certain area. This type of air conditioner without an outdoor unit offers a practical and comfortable use and does not require wall mounting, fixation, assembly, or installation as in conventional air conditioners. Since they are easily portable, their usage areas are wide. They can be used in all indoor living areas such as homes, offices, and shops; It has cooling and heating functions such as home and living room air conditioners. In addition to the fact that mobile air conditioners are particularly suitable for low square meters areas, it is possible to use them in any indoor area. If you are looking for a good portable air conditioner, you should browse LOGIK Air Cooler with Remove HLF-208! It is only R1599! If you buy it, you will save up to R300!

Game Specials National 24 September 2020;

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Game Specials 9 September 2020

Ongoing solutions are available on Game Specials 9 September 2020 for anyone who wants to do grocery shopping successfully. As the product quality is at a high level, practical choices provide great convenience to people with the assurance of the market. You can easily find quality and popular products at great prices. game specials 9 september 2020 Game, whose main aim is satisfaction and providing convenience to its customers, creates value with its essential solutions. If you act immediately, you can experience easy shopping with positive values and affordable product prices that affect you closely. A good market solution that is equipped and where you can find everything you are looking for will support you in terms of convenience. It works very well for many people to carefully review their store options, especially when it comes to meeting the basic needs of their home. Product precision, product quality, and qualified opportunities for shopping make your job safer here

Game Specials 9 September 2020;

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Game Specials 26 August 2020

Game Specials 26 August 2020 is the address of comfortable shopping with a wide variety of products in different categories this week. Thanks to its wide range, you can easily find what you are looking for easily. Moreover, their product selection is pretty good and its prices quite reasonable! Let's take a look at this Game Catalogue and find your essentials at the lowest prices! game specials 26 august 2020 Among the electronic products offered by Game with its advantages, there are many alternatives from computer models to mobile phone products, from Bluetooth headset designs to laptop options, from tablet types to smartwatch products. The best technology brands meet with customers at Game with special products and advantageous payment options. Apple iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, and Hisense phone models, the most popular major appliances, small home appliances, from the world's most famous electronics brands are waiting for you in Game Stores. In addition, the most popular console games with PlayStation and similar game console alternatives are waiting for gamers. You can find everything you need for your home and office together. Everything from home decoration and office decoration products to home textile designs are available on Game Catalog. You can buy office stationery both for yourself and for your children and loved ones. Discover everything from furniture that will recreate your home to colored pencils that will make your children love painting with Game!

Game Specials 26 August 2020;

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