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This page is where you will find the latest Game Specials easily! Follow Game Store Specials regularly and save money by using its unbeatable deals.

See Game Specials 6 – 19 October 2021 this week!

Game Store is one of the largest South African retailers of appliances, electronics, toys, computers, groceries, home & gardens, liquor, and health & beauty so Browsing its catalogue is very important for saving your money. It is a promotional offer discount retailer of basic products and non-perishable groceries for home and business use. Since they opened their first store in South Africa, Durban in 1970, they have been doing great. They wanted to show that shopping was not boring and offered a fun shopping experience. That’s why they named their store “game”. Now they have over 100 stores in 12 different African countries.

They publish their catalogs for you every week and offer you the best products with the most reasonable shopping options. That’s why they give you the best price guarantee. Game Special is unbeatable in product prices! Moreover, If you’ve purchased any product from Game Catalogue and, within 21 days, find the same product at other stores for less, contact them and they will refund more than the difference.

You also have the opportunity to return the product. If you’ve changed your mind, you can bring a product you buy back in the original packaging. And they will exchange it or refund you. If you don’t have a document of purchase, it will be for the lowest price in the last 30 days.

Also, warranty service is also available for each product Game sells. Warranty product repaired for you should that take longer than 21 days, the item will be replaced or refunded.

All these options make Game Store Specials a great address. Therefore, you should always follow this page regularly!

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Game Specials National Catalogue 23 October 2019

Awesome Summer Savings begin on Game Specials National Catalogue 23 October 2019! Lots of quality and useful products are available on this Game Catalogue. You should hurry up to get the best offers of South Africa! This Game Specials is valid until 29 October 2019. Therefore, you should browse all pages and find your needs. I think the best prices and products are available on the cover page. My favorite one is iLIFE Zed Air Core i3. When you buy it, you will save up to R2000! Also, you should download their new app "GAME REWARDS APP". to stack up the savings! game specials national catalogue 23 october 2019

Samsung Galaxy A20 From Game Specials National Catalogue 23 October 2019

The Samsung Galaxy A20 follows the standard 2019 A series design. It has a superior-looking 3D glasstic coating. There is a much-appreciated USB Type-C port, which is mostly found in high-end phones. The structure design feels extremely robust. Samsung has placed an AMOLED display on this affordable phone. This relatively increases the quality of the structure. However, the resolution here is only HD +, which is, unfortunately, more worrying as it is an OLED display. The 6.47-inch Infinity-V display can produce smooth edges and blurred text when viewed horizontally. However, it can provide an HD resolution of 720 × 1560 pixels. Considering the price it can be quite an ideal approach. The AMOLED panel offers excellent contrast close to neutral whites and a choice of 4 colours presets. The screen is not sharp enough. In contrast, it is lightweight, well-tuned without tiring the eyes, and offers a great display experience. Samsung follows a very strange naming path for Exynos chips. Despite its higher number, the Exynos 7904 actually performs much weaker than the Galaxy 7885. While the Exynos 7904 chip is a processor from the Galaxy M20, Galaxy M30, and Galaxy A30 smartphones, the Exynos 7884, which powers the Galaxy A20, performs better. The device comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of local storage. There is a special card slot that you can use to add additional microSD storage. Long story short, the Galaxy A20 is primarily for very basic users. Performance isn't as fast as expected, but in daily use, you won't experience any freezing or shrinking. Casual games are playable but do not perform very well when it comes to large-sized games. Like all recently launched Samsung phones, the Galaxy A20 supports HD streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix. The fingerprint sensor can detect your fingers really quickly. However, it takes more than a second for the display to wake up. They also have Face Unlock. But it doesn't work that fast. Dual 4G VoLTE is supported, but the Galaxy A20 does not support dual-band Wi-Fi. Overall, the performance of the Galaxy A20 camera is not impressive to date, but for the price, it is perhaps acceptable.

General Evaluation

In terms of features, the Galaxy A20 features that will compete with the Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 models in the same price segment. In addition, the design is great, the phone is small and convenient, the One UI software is extremely cute and the AMOLED display is spectacular. At the same time, the choice of chipset and performance configuration limits the phone to more basic users.

Game Specials Race And Ride 07 October 2019

Game Specials Race And Ride 07 October 2019 is available now! Unbelievable and unbeatable deals are waiting for you to be discovered now! Bicycles, cycling equipment, exercise products, treadmill, supplements, supporters, tools, camping products and many more can be browsable here! In this article, you will see some information about Treadmill because TROJAN TR100 Treadmill is on discount up to R500 now! You can get this at only R5499! Also, there are many more on this Game Catalogue! Enjoy discovering! game specials race and ride 07 october 2019

Treadmill Calorie Burning

While walking is called the best weight loss method worldwide, it is clear that the best walk can be done with the Treadmill. Here are a few walking types you can do with the Treadmill to lose weight faster and easier. These exercises will not only help you lose weight but also get rid of your body excess will provide a beautiful appearance. Treadmill walking is one of the easiest known weight loss methods. You can actually burn a lot more calories with jogging sessions. Regardless of your fitness level, being a stress reliever due to the characteristic feature of walking exercise has increased its popularity. If you want to start a Treadmill walking program, you can follow a program that is frequently applied in the following ways: Start your arms. By running your arms during your treadmill session, you will also run your upper body. You can run your arms with weights between 1-2.5 kg during the running time. Pumping your arm muscles will help you run forward faster. This means you have to go more and spend more calories.

Create slope ranges:

The slope on a walk is the fastest way to burn calories. However, you do not need to spend your entire walking session on a slope. A 30-60 second walk every 5-10 minutes will help you achieve the goal. This will also help you burn calories after your workout. Increase your walking speed, not your steps: People with low leg distances don't need to think that they burn fewer calories because they can no longer travel. The important step is frequency. Taking frequent steps helps you reach the speed at which you can burn calories by going further. Obtain a good pair of hiking shoes, taking into account the injuries caused by the wrong sneakers. A good shoe will also allow you to walk more and burn more calories. To avoid injury, make sure to stretch-stretch before using the Treadmill. As the speed or distance increases, the violence applied to your anterior calf will increase and therefore, standing injuries will occur. It is necessary to stretch the front calf stretching as much as possible. If you perform your treadmill walking program by applying the above points, you will have an exercise that you can relieve from both stress and weight.

TROJAN products from Game Specials Race And Ride 07 October 2019;

Don't forget! This Game Specials is valid until 17 November 2019. For more catalogue, products, and deals, you can visit the main page! Here you go!

Game Specials National 16 October 2019

It is good time to discover awesome product list of Game Specials National 16 October 2019! It has a wide range of products with fabulous deals to reduce to cost of shopping! Dozens of useful and quality electronics such as major appliances, laptops, vacuums, small kitchen appliances, gaming consoles, headphones, home theatre systems, printers and many more are available on Game Specials National 16 October 2019. Their product selections and prices are quite good! Moreover, if you find products(T's & C's apply) cheaper, they will beat that price by 10% on the difference at the till! game specials national 16 october 2019 The main page is full of discounts! You will come across awesome savings up to R1000! Page 2 of Game Catalogue National 16 October 2019 generally contains major appliances like fridge and washing machine. Moreover, it is possible to reach savings up to R2000 on this page. Also, they offer a FREE DELIVERY service when purchasing with your mystore card. (Free delivery is not applicable to online purchase)

Game Specials Cellular October Edition 07 October 2019

You will see many high-quality and useful smartphones of world-famous brands like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei on Game Specials Cellular October Edition 07 October 2019. Android phones announced in early 2019, one by one was introduced to the market. This article includes both new phones and nearly a year's phones that are still popular with their price-performance ratio. If you intend to purchase a new Android phone nowadays, we advise you to keep an eye on this article with Game Catalogue Cellular October Edition 07 October 2019! Therefore, before you buy any phone, you should focus on this and get the best at the low prices! game specials cellular october edition 07 october 2019

Samsung Galaxy A50

The first member of Samsung's renewed Galaxy A series is now often seen around. In particular, the Galaxy A50 is one of the most prominent new phones. The Samsung Galaxy A50 features a 6.4 inch, Full HD + resolution and drop-notched display in a sleek body. Moreover, the phone has the same features as a fingerprint reader, which we usually see on top-class smartphones. The Galaxy A50 features Samsung's eight-core Exynos 9610 chipset. The 64 GB version has 4 GB of RAM. With its 4000 mAh battery, it will provide a working life that exceeds one day easily and can even increase to two days. The included adapter also offers fast charging. There are three cameras in the back. These include 25 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and 5 MP depth sensor. On the front, there is a 25-megapixel selfie camera. Galaxy A50 comes with Android 9 Pie installed. One UI user interface is one of the most important elements that make it easy to use. In fact, there are options that offer the same features as the Samsung Galaxy A50 at a lower price. For those who prefer the Galaxy A50, the Samsung One UI user interface and the Samsung ecosystem will capture compatibility. If you have a Samsung TV or home appliance in your home, you can easily do these with the A50. If you want to see this product, you can check out page 5 of Game Specials Cellular October Edition 07 October 2019. When you buy it, you will save up to R200! Here you go!

Game Specials Rwc Entertainment Deals 02 October 2019

GO FOR THE WIN WITH UNBEATABLE HOME ENTERTAINMENT DEALS are available on Game Specials Rwc Entertainment Deals 02 October 2019! Dozens of high-quality and special home entertainment products like Smart TVs, Decoders, Home Theatre Systems, and Soundbars are featured on this Game Specials Catalogue. However, it generally consists of Smart TVs. You can get the best TVs from brands like Samsung, JVC, Telefunken, LG and Hisense here at reasonable prices. Moreover, their selections are on discount up to R3000! For example; when you buy any selected winning deal and stand a chance to win a R3000 Game Voucher! game specials rwc entertainment deals 02 october 2019 Especially, page 3 of Game Catalogue Rwc Entertainment Deals 02 October 2019 will draw your attention! This page includes big-screen TVs! Big Screens means Big Action! If you need a new Smart TV, you should focus on Samsung 58" (147cm) Smart UHD TV! Moreover, when you buy it, you will save up to R3000! You can get this at only R9999. SINOTEC 32 inch HD Led TV, R2199 (Save R200) LG 49 UHD Smart TV, R6799 (Save R1200) JVC 65 inch UHD Smart Led TV, R7999 (Save R3000) The last page of Game Specials Rwc Entertainment Deals 02 October 2019 contains Bluetooth Speaker, Speakers, wearable techs, headphones, and automotive accessories! My favourite product of this page is JVC Bluetooth Speaker. It can be a good gift for loved ones! Moreover, you can get this at only R379! Samsung Galaxy Fitness Tracker, R599 (Save R100) Polaroid Assorted On-Ear Headphone, R129 (Save R30) Sony USB CD Player, R899 (Save R200)