How To Do The Most Beautiful Special Day Makeup?

Today’s topic is about Special Day Makeup with products of Avon Brochure November 2019. Watch out for those who will do makeup for your special day at home! If your special day is approaching, we have prepared a great makeup file for those looking for a special makeup suggestion! plain, natural, and yet remarkable makeup models are here! ‘How to make special day makeup?’ You can find the answer to this question in this article. Porcelain make-up and permanent make-up models at home you can do yourself. How does? Here we go!

Avon always offers the best you deserve! Like every month they do, Avon November 2019 Catalogue includes fabulous products for you. Dozens of high-quality and useful products from different categories such as makeup products, personal care products, accessories, and clothing are waiting for you to be discovered!

Hide Pores

If you want your special day makeup to look flawless, you should prepare your skin before you start makeup. You don’t want your pores to be seen on one of the most important days of your life, do you?

Especially when you do intense complexion makeup, your pores will be more pronounced than normal. To avoid this situation, you should surely use some of the pore concealing makeup. Maybelline New York Face Studio Prime Pore Concealer Base makes your pores invisible. First clean your skin, apply moisturizer. Then apply the pore shrinker base. Within minutes the pores will shrink and will not be visible on the foundation. So you take the first step for porcelain skin makeup.

Foundation Selection For Special Day Makeup

How would you like to make a porcelain make-up at home with a high-quality foundation that will make your skin look flawless?

Maybelline New York Super Stay Foundation is one of the favorite foundations we recommend on our special days. With its 24-hour concealer effect, natural-matt structure and smooth finish, Super Stay Foundation is another place in our heart! If you don’t want to risk yourself on your special day and want a smooth look with a completely trusting foundation, we recommend applying this foundation to your face without looking for any adventure.

Editor’s suggestion: After applying foundation, we recommend hiding under eye and acne scars with Maybelline New York Super Stay Concealer. With its intense coverage and 24-hour permanence, you can be sure that it will look flawless in your photos.

Fix Skin Makeup

One of the most important points of the special day make-up is to fix make-up. After completing the special part of the make-up of the skin must be fixed with transparent powder to prevent shine.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Transparent Powder will prevent your makeup from shining, help make your skin makeup more matte and lasting, and most importantly, make sure that your special day makeup doesn’t break through sweat or tears (for emotional moments).
Bonus: This transparent powder will help hide the pores even more!

Don’t worry, we’ve taken the precaution for any change of emotion that might happen on your special day!

Special Day Eye Makeup

You should include natural and simple styles in eye makeup on a special day. Heavy makeup can make you look older than your real age on your special day. Instead, you can choose natural and nude eye makeup.

For eye makeup, first, apply Maybelline New York Color Tattoo On And On Bronze cream shadow as a base on the eyelids. With this step, you will guarantee the permanence of eye makeup. Pick up the light brown on the base of Maybelline New York The Nudes palette and apply it to the center of the eyelids. Apply the darker shades of brown eye shadow towards the tail of the eyelids. Complete the natural smoke eye makeup by blending the two colors with a clean headlight brush. Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Waterproof for eye make-up. You should use a waterproof mascara for special occasions. As we wrote above, you should prepare yourself for changes in emotions 🙂

Shade Your Face

We have an important tip for you to look perfect on your special day. You must balance the blush, contour and illuminator trio correctly.

When shade your face, start with a contour. Contour under cheekbones, temples, forehead corners and chin edges. You can use Avon True Define & Sculpt Face Palette for contour make-up. For more information, see page 83 of our Avon catalog.

Apply the Rose color of Avon Color Blush directly below the cheekbones to color your makeup. If you want to see more details about this product, you can check out page 83 of Avon November 2019 Brochure. You will look more natural and vivid by distributing your blush thoroughly with a rounded blush brush.

The special day make-up must look bright and shiny. You can use Maybelline New York Master Chrome Molten Rose Gold to bring brightening fashion to your engagement makeup. Apply the illuminator over the eyebrow, from the edge of the eye to the cheekbones, in the shape of a C-shaped nose. You can also make your lips look fuller by applying illuminator on your lips.

Lipstick Selection in Special Day Makeup

Just like your eye makeup, you should give priority to nude colors on your lips. At home, you can opt for simple lipstick colors such as light pink, nude to avoid taking risks in your special day makeup and to look elegant in your photos.

Our special day makeup lipstick is Matte Ink Unnudes 65 Seductress color of Maybelline New York Super Stay. The matte lipstick that you choose is as important as the color of the matte lipstick. Stay Matte Ink series is the first matte lipsticks that we recommend for make-up makeup thanks to its long-lasting structure, ultra matt form and color scale.

Fix Your Special Day Makeup

You did your special day makeup… you look great! So, how do you keep this makeup all day long? After eating and dancing, you should meet makeup fixing spray to make your makeup look as fresh, lively and smooth as the first time.

Avon Mark Magix will help make the Prep and Set Spray makeup look matte and stay intact for a long time. This special product is available on page 98 of Avon Brochure November 2019. Squeeze the makeup fixing spray after you’ve finished your makeup and start enjoying your beauty! You are the princess of the day and we are very sure that she looks beautiful!

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