Instagram Makeup Tutorial with Avon Products

Today’s topic is about Instagram Makeup Tutorial with Avon Products! Many useful and quality selections are waiting for you on Avon Brochure December 2019. Let’s come to today’s topic! While browsing Instagram, you’ve seen dozens of girls with flawless makeup! Each step of the Instagram makeup requires special care; So, first of all, you need time. If your skin isn’t ready for makeup, never start. You’re already doing intense makeup, and you don’t want this intense makeup on your face to look like mold. Clean and moisturize your skin thoroughly. Apply some makeup primer so that it acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup.

Skin makeup: Baking + Contour + Strobing

Apply the same toned foundation to your face. What’s your skin type? If you have oily skin, choose a matte finish (in powder form if possible). If you have dry skin, choose a liquid foundation with a wet finish. Spread foundation thoroughly onto face with a foundation brush or makeup sponge. Wait for a minute or two to sit on your foundation’s skin.

Now they’re in custody! Make sure that the under-eye concealer is no more than one or two shades of normal skin tone. Wait a minute or two after applying the concealer. If you’re ready, it’s time for the famous Baking app! Check Mark Nude Matte Concealer on page 64 of Avon December 2019 Catalogue pdf.

Baking helps makeup look flawless like photoshop. Say goodbye to Instagram filters. Loose powder or baby powder can do this process. Soak your makeup sponge into the powder and apply it to the under-eye, jawbone, and T-area.

Highlight cheekbones, nose tip, eye springs, lip pit, eyebrow bone and over the eyebrow with your Highlighting stick. If you are looking for a good Highlighting stick, you should focus on page 65 of Avon December 2019 Brochure pdf! Mark Magix Skin Finishing FX Stick is on sale!

Lip Makeup: Lip Liner + Matte Liquid Lipstick

First make up your lips, just like your skin. Moisturize your lips with the help of lip wax. Determine your lip frame with your Nude lip liner. See for this on page 57 of Avon Catalogue December 2019. Then fill in this frame you specified. Finally, apply the nude matte liquid lipstick to your lips and finish your Instagram makeup!

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