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Lewis Catalogue, the leading home decoration shopping address in South Africa. They meet its customers with thousands of products in 7 different categories. So you will reach whatever you want! The first priority is to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable price to visitors, who want to buy home decoration products.

See Lewis Catalogue 30 Aug – 26 Sep 2021 this week!

They provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience with products delivered to every corner of South Africa. Therefore, Lewis Furniture Catalogue 2020 has been one of the most preferred addresses for home decoration!

Quality and practical furniture in accordance with the style of our living spaces are always preferred. So you can find many products such as a coffee table. If your bathroom needs a multi-purpose cupboard to collect all your belongings or a mirrored bathroom cabinet, you can choose from hundreds of varieties in their current catalogs.

Home decoration

Home decoration is a true passion. Therefore, complementing your living spaces, home accessories are waiting for you in Lewis Specials with the most stylish and useful types. Wallpapers in different patterns and textures that will add a stylish touch to your rooms are considered as indispensable decoration pieces of today.

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Lewis Catalogue 30 Aug – 26 Sep 2021

Check out the newest product range with Lewis Catalogue 30 August 2021! Many special items are waiting for you to be discovered! So check the exclusive value this month with Lewis Specials! You will encounter many good sales to save more on furniture and appliances! lewis catalogue 30 aug 26 sep 2021

Lewis Catalogue 30 Aug - 26 Sep 2021

New product range and exclusive value are waiting for you on this Lewis Catalogue! When you browse it, you will encounter many new products and unbeatable discounts! You should browse all the pages, and find your favorites and needs at the best prices! You can buy them in installments or pay in cash. It is possible to save up to R2000! Homware, appliances, home entertainment, furniture, electronics, tvs, small appliances, and many more are available on this catalogue. If you need something from it, you shouldn’t miss these amazing prices!

Lewis Specials This Week;

  • Kelvinator 350L W/D Dark Glass Fridge, R7999
  • Manhattan MK2 Pillow Top 152cm Bed Set, R5999
  • Kelvinator 18KG Twin Tub, R4999
  • Sony Shake 10, R11.999
  • Felicity Kitchen Scheme, R7499
  • Panasonic AK520 Hi-Fi, R6499
  • Panasonic 2.0CH AKX320, R3999
  • DsTV Hd Decoder Plus Installation, R1199
  • Panasonic Shake System Max 3500, R12.999
  • Sony 2.0CH MHC-M40D Hi-Fi, R7499
  • Sinotec Home Theatre System HT518, R1999
  • Sinotec Home Theatre System Multi Media, R2999
  • Proline 14.1 4GB 64GB, R4999
  • AIWA 40 inch LED TV, R5499
  • Hisense 50 inch Smart LED TV, R9999
  • DEFY 300L Satin Metallic Fridge, R5999
  • Kelvinator 420l Dark Glass W/D Fridge, R9999
  • Kelvinator 690L W/D Dark Mirror Fridge, R17999
  • Univa 116B 4-Plate Stove, R4999
  • Kelvinator 3-Piece S/S Built In Oven Hobb and Extractor, R7499
  • Estonia Kitchen Scheme, R9999
  • Norway 7-Piece Dining Room Suite, R8999
  • Justine 7-Piece Dining Room Suite, R8999
  • Casablanca 7-Piece Dining Room Suite, R10.999
  • Electrolux GT3000 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, R1599
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Lewis Catalogue 19 Jul – 22 Aug 2021

Lewis Catalogue 19 July 2021 promises low on prices high on value this month! You should take a look at their latest product range, and find your essentials at low prices. Furniture, electronics, appliances, and many more can be browsable on this Lewis Catalogue! lewis catalogue 19 jul 22 aug 2021

Lewis Catalogue 19 Jul - 22 Aug 2021

TV, audio and video systems prepared with quality details improve your television viewing pleasure at home. Television models with different features prepare the environment for watching movies and TV series accompanied by vivid and clear colors. Equipped with smart technologies, televisions also enable online experiences with their artificial intelligence-supported structures. The television models contain many different features from accessing social media accounts to playing games. They allow you to have a pleasant cinema experience together with the home music system. See Lewis Specials and get the best at low prices!

Lewis Furniture

Furniture products are one of the most important issues when creating home decorations. The furniture selection of your home reflects your lifestyle as well as the wide product options. The living room, bedroom, dining room, youth room and study room are among the products that stand out on Lewis Catalogue 19 July 2021.

Lewis Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture; It consists of many products such as bedsteads, beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, dressers, headboards. Products such as desks and bookshelves are also included in the youth and children's rooms. Thousands of products such as single bed, double bed, dresser, mute butler, sliding wardrobe, door wardrobe and similar products are in the product range of the brands. White, brown, black, beige, navy blue and many more alternatives are offered to users. You should taker a look at Lewis Catalogue and buy your favorite products with good payment methods!

Lewis Specials This Month!

  • Panasonic 2. OCH UX100, R2999
  • Yorkshire Headboard and Pedestals plus Free Mirror, R2999
  • California MK2 137cm Bed Set, R3299
  • Chanel 2-Piece Bedroom Suite, R5999
  • Elizabeth MK3 2-Piece Bedroom Suite, R6999
  • Chicago Sleigh Bed, R6999
  • Holly 2-Piece Bedroom Suite, R299
  • Bellagio Pillow Top 152cm Bed Set, R7999
  • Justine 7-Piece Dining Room Suite, R8999
  • Kelvinator 420l Dark Glass Fridge, R9.999
Here are the latest Lewis Specials in South Africa! You can check out more discounts and products here. So browse all the pages and benefit from their good deals! Also, you can go to the home page and see more specials here. Moreover, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts. Thus, you can be the firsts who view the latest offers in South Africa!

Lewis Catalogue Woza Weekend 25 – 27 June 2021

View the Lewis Catalogue 25 June 2021 to save more this weekend! Lewis Woza Weekend Sale promises extraordinary prices on the most popular selections! The products in this catalogue, where you can meet many of your home needs are on sale with unique opportunities! lewis catalogue woza weekend 25 27 june 2021

Lewis Woza Weekend!

You should evaluate these prices which are valid for only 2 days. Find the products you need from a wide range of products and visit Lewis store now! Also, they offer same day delivery service! If you want to get some products from this catalogue, Lewis deliveries same day! So, you should take a look at all the pages and products, and buy your favorite with the best deals! "Also, they require you to have credit life insurance and goods cover while there is money owing on your account. You don’t have to choose the insurance products on offer in store. However, if you prefer to provide your own insurance cover, it must meet the standard requirements. You also have the right to choose any of the following products offered by Lewis; Delivery Service, Extended Warranty and Masterguard!"

Lewis Catalogue 25 June 2021;

Here are the latest Lewis specials! It is possible to reach more discounts and products from the home page. We share the latest specials in South Africa. Also, you should go to category pages and explore more products and deals. And, you can subscribe to the most popular stores with your email from these pages. It is so easy to follow the best deals with us! Also, we share them on our social media accounts too! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Lewis Catalogue 19 May – 22 Jun 2021

More choice, more value, more for you with Lewis Catalogue 19 May 2021! There are many discounts and exclusive items. You must take a look at all the pages and view the best Lewis Specials this week! Appliances, furniture, electronics and many more are available on this catalogue! lewis catalogue 19 may 22 jun 2021

Lewis Catalogue 19 May - 22 Jun 2021

There are various products in major appliances sets. While the major appliances dowry set is preferred, the prices are among the issues that users are curious about. Major appliances price options may vary depending on the campaigns. For example, you will find great prices in Lewis Catalogue. In addition, many factors are effective in the price of the products. There may also be changes in points such as power levels, energy efficiency and noise levels of the products. In addition to all these, price differences can be seen in Lewis packages at certain times of the year. On special occasions such as the New Year, you may be able to find a range of durable and inexpensive major appliances sets. You can search for prices using the convenience of online shopping. You can determine a price list that suits your budget among products and brands. Thus, you can complete your online shopping quickly and reliably by browsing the results appropriate to the intervals you have specified.

Lewis Major Appliances Sale

Browsing online catalogue is among the conveniences of today's technology. In particular, many options can be offered to users both when browsing and shopping for major appliances set products. Lewis Catalogue also reliably delivers the most suitable options to consumers. A detailed research can provides the cheapest options of the major appliances that many users are looking for, to campaigns and discounts. Browsing the major appliances campaign options and then taking advantage of these campaigns quickly allows users to gain an advantage. Moreover, they offer same day delivery! With the Lewis Catalogue, users can also have the opportunity to easily research between brands and models before choosing the most suitable major appliances. You can start your research to check out popular brands' cheap deals and more options for major appliances. Here is the latest catalogue. If you want to check out more deals and products, you should view the main page. And, you should browse category pages and see the best deals in South Africa! Moreover, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

Lewis Catalogue MEGA CHOICE 9 Apr – 15 May 2021

Lewis Catalogue 9 April 2021 promises Mega Choice and Fully stock this month! This is a good time to buy a lot of household necessities at reasonable prices! Great furniture, useful electronics and lots of essentials for your home are on sale! Let's browse these Lewis Specials and get your essentials at low prices in Lewis Store! lewis catalogue mega choice 9 apr 15 may 2021

Lewis Catalogue MEGA CHOICE 9 Apr - 15 May 2021;

When renovating your living room, you should be extra sensitive about choosing furniture. If you want to design your living room where you spend most of your time in a modern way, you can start to renew your living spaces by taking the season trends we will give you as reference. With the perfect color combination and the right furniture models, you can reflect the right mood and create integrity.

Modern Designs from Lewis

The basic rule of modern style is simplicity, and the philosophy behind it is simple, clean and tidy spaces away from neat ornaments. When choosing furniture, you can choose products with clean and straight lines. If you want modern decoration to dominate your living rooms, you can choose furniture options made of reflective materials such as glass. The materials used in modern decoration are both metal and wood. While metal applications are trending in 2021, the demand for natural materials is also increasing. Therefore, you can use natural wood and metal materials, which are popular in 2021.

Lewis Catalogue 9 April 2021;

To have a modern living room decoration, you can find furniture prices that will appeal to your budget by browsing the furniture types in Lewis. You can catch harmony and simplicity in your home. Here is the latest Lewis catalogue! If you want to discover more products, offers, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, check out category pages and subscribe to your favorite ones with your email! And, follow us on our social media accounts!