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Makro Specials is one of the best address which offers you food, electronics, appliances, home, and more. Especially, focus on Makro R100 deals!

It also always offers customers a convenient online shopping hub. View Makro Specials Black Friday Extended 22 – 28 Nov 2021┬áthis week!

There are a total 22 Makro Stores in South Africa. Makro brings trade pretty reasonably and affordability to local businesses. They expanded their service with the addition of e-commerce. They appeal to a larger audience. Thanks to their extensive online shopping range have products you would expect to reach any Makro store and bring with it.

They have existed since 1971 and have maintained their wonderful services to this day. Great work teams and the balance of products and prices they offer have made them the best retailer. Nowadays they are very popular and they are able to make their customers happy with the options they offer. All of these offers are delivered to us in Makro catalogue every week. So don’t forget to look at them. Makro Specials welcomes you to browse their products and make use of the convenience of online shopping.

Therefore, you should always visit this page and check what product on sale in Makro Specials easily. Especially, follow their catalogue on special days. You shouldn’t miss Makro Black Friday Deals! Here you go!

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Makro Specials Black Friday Week 2 9 November 2020

Explore the latest unbeatable deals and exclusive selection with Makro Specials Black Friday Week 2 9 November 2020! You can reach amazing Black Friday deals with Macro for 4 weeks. We are in week two now and you can find great prices here. Moreover, opportunity products are very good. One of them is the new Xbox Series X! Let's take a look at this Makro Catalogue! makro specials black friday week 2 9 november 2020

Xbox Series X;

Microsoft's next-generation game console, the Xbox Series X is a powerful game console. This is a stunning game console with lighting effects, a powerful processor, and all its features. Thanks to the Xbox parallel cooling architecture, it evenly distributes the temperature caused by the components, keeping the console cool and quiet. With its heatsink casing, the split motherboard in the Xbox series X keeps the temperature of the console's interior evenly. In this way, the performance of the console increases. Reaching users with a local share button on its remote, the Xbox Series X can be used in two ways, horizontally and vertically. 60fps game at 4K resolution Two motherboards are used in the console. It is kept cool by the 130 mm fan placed on it. It can standardize the game at 60 fps at 4K resolution. In some games, it can even go up to 4K 120 fps. Quick access to games The modernly designed gamepad features a textured grip and a hybrid D-pad for pairing and switching between PCs and mobile devices. More than 100 high-quality games are available when you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox series X specs;

  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores - 3.8GHz (3.6GHz SMT)
  • GPU: 12 TFLOPs, 52 CUs - 1.825GHz, Custom RDNA 2
  • Size: 360.45mm2
  • Production: TSMC 7nm Enhanced
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6
  • Bandwidth: 10GB - 560GB / s, 6GB - 336GB / s
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Data transfer: 2.4GB / s (Raw), 4.8GB / s
  • Expandable storage: 1TB External Card
  • External storage: USB 3.2 HDD Support
  • Optical reader: 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive
  • Performance target: 4K - 60fps - 120fps

Makro Specials Black Friday Week 2 9 November 2020

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Makro Specials Black Friday 2 November 2020

Discover the fabulous product range of Makro Specials 2 November 2020! It is full of unbeatable Black Friday Deals! They will offer different catalogs and products every week. Every week looks like an exciting event at Makro! New deals every week, for 4 weeks. You shouldn't miss them before they are gone! Also, If you are MCard member, you can get 10% back in Mrewards. Let's browse this Makro Catalogue! makro specials black friday 2 november 2020

Makro Black Friday Deals 2020;

On Black Friday, Makro offers you great discounts within South Africa with Black Friday offers. These days, you can benefit from great discounts and make profitable shopping by browsing the product you want. Visit this category to follow advantageous prices for every taste. And to take advantage of the biggest discounts Makro offers all year round! You can buy your favorite products that you have been looking for for a long time at discount prices, and you can make the most profitable shopping of the year at Makro Store. Discounts valid during the Black Friday campaign; unbeatable discounts are offered in many products, from clothing to home decoration, from electronic products to home products. Electronic products from fashion and clothing products; In particular, products such as televisions, cameras, and headphones are the most discounted and therefore the most demanded categories. In addition, great offers will be waiting for you on all products at Makro on Black Friday. Here, you can find stylish and flashy products of the most distinguished brands at discounted prices and have the product you want.

Makro Specials Black Friday 2 November 2020;

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Makro Specials General Merchandise Catalogue 18 October 2020

80000 reasons to feel Festive are waiting for you on Makro Specials 18 October 2020! When you browse this Makro Catalogue, you can find what you are looking for here. It has a wide range of products. Everything from the needs of the spring season to outdoor products, from electronic devices to office products is in this Makro Catalog. Let's take a look at this Makro Catalogue! makro specials general merchandise catalogue 18 october 2020

JBL Boombox;

Get to the beat of your music for 24 hours on a single charge. The JBL Boombox, which has a strong enough casing to lift the tailgate of a vehicle, is covered with IPX7 waterproof fabric that can withstand rainy weather, pool parties, and use in all wet areas. Thanks to this feature, you can have parties lasting hours outdoors with JBL Boombox portable Bluetooth speaker. JBL boombox has 60 watts of power. You can optimize the sound by switching between indoor or outdoor modes depending on where the party is. JBL Boombox, which provides up to 24 hours of playtime thanks to its high capacity and rechargeable 20.000mAh Li-ion battery, also features a fast power bank that can charge your phone, tablet, or all other rechargeable devices. In this way, even if your battery runs out, the fun continues for long hours without interruption. Thanks to the JBL Connect + feature of the JBL Boombox portable Bluetooth speaker, you can wirelessly connect more than 100 JBL Connect + enabled speakers together and spread the music to much wider areas. However, in order to use this feature, there must be more than 1 JBL Connect + enabled speaker in the environment. With its Bluetooth feature, you can play your favorite playlists and be the DJ of the party. You can wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones and tablets to this JBL Boombox.

Makro Specials 18 October 2020

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Makro Specials Festive Deco 18 October 2020

Discover fabulous collections for Christmas with Makro Specials Festive Deco 18 October 2020! Many festive decors such as Christmas tree, tree topper, glitter bow, boubles, boots, stars, gift wrap, and many more can be browsable on this Makro Catalogue! If you want to see more useful products, you should visit its store. You can find many special selections. Moreover, their prices are pretty reasonable! makro specials festive deco 18 october 2020 Are you ready to welcome the new year's fun with your loved ones? Bring together different figures that are special for the New Year. Then, with your eyes closed, feel these figures, and finally, count the ones you have in mind. You can start with less material and increase the number gradually. When it comes to Christmas decorations, the Christmas wreath should be among your decoration tools as one of them: But you will completely decide what kind of wreath it will be. Traditional, modern, colorful. Take advantage of the eternity of your imagination. As a classic New Year decoration, the wreath is usually made of pine branches. You can either get this ready or collect the pine branches and put them together yourself. You can decorate the wreath with candles and ribbons. Or, you can choose a modern candle basket instead of a wreath. You can fill it with spruce branches, cocoons, fresh-smelling tangerines, or nuts. Or would you like to try something completely new: Use different materials. To make an unusual wreath, instead of spruce branches, you can bring together and decorate branches of sea buckthorn or rosehip tree branches. You can also use dried wood or cones. Instead of thin candles, you can use one large candle for the Christmas wreath. The wreath will look very good with both its look and smell. Or you can put LED lighted candles in a bowl and create a great atmosphere.

Makro Specials Festive Deco 18 October 2020;

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Makro Black Friday Deals 2020

Get ready for Makro Black Friday Deals 2020! We are approaching the time when you will find the best deals of the year and attractive prices are endless! It is wondered when this special day will be in 2020 when it determines the discount days and makes millions of sales. When is this special day? Here are the dates. makro black friday deals 2020

Makro Black Friday Deals 2020;

You will feel the Black Friday discounts, which many countries around the world participate in, in South Africa. People have already started to wonder about the discounts made in many stores and online sales. People who are wondering when the Black Friday 2020 will start are waiting to buy many products they want to buy, from technology to the textile industry. The countdown has begun to the day when companies broke sales records and consumers formed queues at store gates! It is being investigated when these discounts on the internet will begin recently. Citizens waiting for the 2020 special discounts to begin to buy a product expect discounts of up to 80-90 percent. Many companies will make huge discounts at that time. In addition, major e-commerce companies will spread the Black Friday 2020 discounts not just one day but a few days. One of these brands is Makro! From November 2nd to November 29th, you will be able to make great savings. If you want to see the latest Makro Black Friday Deals 2020, you should subscribe to Makro with your email. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Here you go!