Pep Catalogue

Pep Catalogue is the biggest single-brand retailer in South Africa! Their target market is the mass lower- to middle-income end of the market.

See Pep Catalogue 26 Jan – 15 Feb 2024┬áthis week!

They sell generally clothing, footwear, and textiles. By the way, Pep Stores employ more than 17.000 people. They are a pretty big store in South Africa! Many categories such as ladieswear, menswear, school, babies & kids, home, and pepcell. Moreover, you will see these selections at reasonable prices on Pep Catalogue. All you should do is visiting this page regularly! We take pride in sharing their catalogs with you regularly. You’ll also find detailed product reviews, useful recommendations, and price comparisons here. You can find out all the news and offers about this brand on this page, not just the catalog. Follow us regularly and enjoy saving!

If you want to get the best selections at the lowest prices, you should always look at the latest Pep Specials and get your needs at the lowest prices in their stores. Their product selections and prices make them one of the best retailers in South Africa! If you want to follow their catalogue, deals, and news, you should also follow us on Facebook! We will be making regular announcements from here. Let’s do it and enjoy saving your money! Here you go!

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Pep Store Black Friday Specials 23 – 30 Nov 2023

Time to discover new smartphones and new competitive prices with Pep Store Black Friday Specials Nov 2023 ! You should take a look at these Pep specials and find the best products with special offers!

Pep store Black Friday specials nov 2023

Black Friday Deals at PeP Store

Pep Store is offering customers unforgettable deals during this year’s Black Friday shopping frenzy. Our Black Friday 2023 catalog is packed with products ranging from smartphones to flash drives, speakers and power banks. Learn more about these attractive offers here!

Step into Technology at Affordable Prices!

Pep Store offers powerful and easy-to-use smartphone models as part of our Black Friday discounts We offer it at a reasonable price. Discover the latest models from leading brands like Samsung and Huawei and take advantage of technology without going over your budget. Pep Store is the best choice for smartphone shopping!

Elegance and Performance in Data Storage Solutions

Flash drive models to meet your data storage needs become even more attractive with Black Friday discounts. Powerful and durable flash drives let you store your files safely and access them anytime. Choose the perfect flash drive model from Pep Store’s extensive product lineup.

Bring Music into Your Life

For those looking for a high-quality audio experience, Pep Store is offering users impressive speakers at discounted Black Friday prices. From portable Bluetooth-enabled speakers to home theater systems, you’ll find a speaker that meets your expectations with many options. Feel the music anytime, anywhere!

Put an End to Charging Issues

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives today. Pep Store’s Black Friday discount offers powerful, fast-charging power banks at even lower prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to solve your charging problems and stay connected.

Pep Store Difference on Black Friday

Pep Store not only features product diversity, but also competitive special offers. Each product in the Black Friday catalog is offered to customers with special discounts and additional benefits. These options make your purchase more economical.

Pep Store Specials This Week

  • Samsung Galaxy A14, R2499 (Save R800)
  • Quest Kuhle, R89 (Save R80)
  • Mobicel Force, R499 (Save R200)
  • Tecno Spork Go 2023, R1899 (Save R600)
  • Samsung Galaxy A04S, R2499 (Save R600)

Pep Store’s 2023 Black Friday catalogue is packed with products and competitive promotions ranging from smartphones to flash drives, speakers and power banks. To avoid missing out on these opportunities, mark November 23 on your calendar and visit Pep Store’s stores or online platform for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Pep Catalogue 27 Oct – 30 Nov 2023

Discover the best clothes for kids with Pep Catalogue 27 Oct – 30 Nov 2023! Low prices and popular character sets are available on this Pep Store Catalogue. Let’s view it and enjoy shopping in Pep stores!

Pep Catalogue 27 oct 30 nov 2023

Character Cuteness Lowest Prices

As summer approaches, it’s a great opportunity to refresh our children’s wardrobes. The PEP catalog offers affordable options for children’s clothing, essential for the summer months. Get ready to explore the PEP catalogue to ensure your child looks comfortable and stylish this summer.

Enjoy Summer with PEP Catalogue

As a leading retail brand, PEP offers a variety of children’s clothing items. Remember that in summer your child needs comfortable and light clothes. The PEP catalog offers dynamic and colorful options for summer clothing. Here are some trends this summer:

Colorful and Lightweight Dresses

On hot summer days, it’s important to make sure your child feels comfortable in dresses light, airy. PEP Catalogue helps you update your child’s wardrobe with dresses of different colors and patterns. It offers many options for girls and boys.

In addition to competitive prices, the PEP catalog ensures quality children’s summer clothing. This is a significant benefit for families because children grow quickly and it is important to consider your budget when investing in clothing. PEP helps you balance your family budget by providing high quality at an affordable price.

Promotions and Discounts with PEP Catalogue

PEP always offers attractive promotions and discounts for its customers. During the summer, children’s summer clothing sales are a great opportunity to update your child’s wardrobe. By following the PEP catalog, you will not miss the latest discounts and promotions.

When looking for the best summer clothing options for children, the PEP category could be the perfect choice for you. With diverse products, competitive prices and attractive promotions, you can ensure your child has a happy and comfortable summer. Visit the PEP catalog to update your child’s wardrobe and enjoy the summer. Explore children’s summer clothing products with the PEP category by visiting their category page now!

Pep Store Specials This Week

  • Character Set 0-24 Months per set, R99.99
  • Character Tops 2-7 years each, R59.99
  • Tops 2-7 years each, R49.99
  • Character Tops 7-14 years each, R69.99
  • Character Tops 7-14 years each, R79.99
  • Women’s Character Tops from XS-L each, R99.99
  • Men’s Character Tops XS-XXL each, R109.99
  • Character Sleepshirt XS-L each, R129.99
  • Character PJ Sets XS-L each, R169.99
  • Bugs Bunny or Tweety Backpacks 36cm x 27cm x 9cm each, R99.99

Pep Catalogue 28 July – 24 August 2023

Pep Catalogue 28 July – 24 August 2023 promises many quality and good smartphones and cellular savings this week. Browse this catalogue and check out best deals of the month.

Pep Catalogue 28 July 24 august 2023

Power Moves, Power Savings

In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. From communication to entertainment, from business to social networking, these devices make our daily lives easier and more colorful. Smartphones are evolving rapidly with technological advancements, bringing us powerful new models every day. If you also want modern and high performance phones at an affordable price, you should check out the great deals offered by Pep stores in South Africa!

Pep Store in South Africa carries the latest phone models from world famous phone brands. Smartphones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei and many other brands are included in Pep’s diverse product portfolio. Thanks to the campaigns held in the stores, you can take advantage of significant discount and installment options on selected models. The opportunity to own the dream phone at an unbeatable price is waiting for you at Pep!

Smartphone Packages and Prices

Just as important as getting a smartphone, finding a decent price and package option is just as important. Pep helps you protect your budget by providing you with the right packages and prices on smartphone purchases. With the variety offered in talk time and data plans, these rates have become indispensable for mobile phone users in South Africa.

One of the additional elements to the smartphone experience is a quality headset. To listen to music, watch videos or talk on the phone, headphones are an indispensable accessory. Pep stores aim to delight customers by offering free headphones with smartphone purchases or discounts on quality headphone options. Also great deals on phone cases, screen protectors and other accessories.

Top Tech Deals

With discounts on current, affordable smartphone models and bundle options, as well as great deals on headphones and other accessories, Pep Stores offers cost-effective service while keeping put a smile on the customer’s face. Don’t forget that Pep’s stores offer a wide selection to suit every need and budget, making it a must-visit for tech enthusiasts who are always on the cutting edge of innovation. in the world of technology. We wish you a pleasant user experience with your new phone and its accessories!