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Pep Catalogue is the biggest single-brand retailer in South Africa! Their target market is the mass lower- to middle-income end of the market.

See Pep Catalogue 29 Mar – 30 Apr 2022 this week!

They sell generally clothing, footwear, and textiles. By the way, Pep Stores employ more than 17.000 people. They are a pretty big store in South Africa! Many categories such as ladieswear, menswear, school, babies & kids, home, and pepcell. Moreover, you will see these selections at reasonable prices on Pep Catalogue. All you should do is visiting this page regularly! We take pride in sharing their catalogs with you regularly. You’ll also find detailed product reviews, useful recommendations, and price comparisons here. You can find out all the news and offers about this brand on this page, not just the catalog. Follow us regularly and enjoy saving!

If you want to get the best selections at the lowest prices, you should always look at the latest Pep Specials and get your needs at the lowest prices in their stores. Their product selections and prices make them one of the best retailers in South Africa! If you want to follow their catalogue, deals, and news, you should also follow us on Facebook! We will be making regular announcements from here. Let’s do it and enjoy saving your money! Here you go!

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Pep Catalogue 29 Mar – 30 Apr 2022

Pep Catalogue 29 March 2022 is one of the best places that you will find the lowest prices on plush tops for everyone this month! There are pretty trendy and quality products on this Pep Store Catalogue. So let's view them and buy your favorites! pep catalogue 29 mar 30 apr 2022

Pep Catalogue 29 March 2022;

PEP Store, one of the best addresses for clothing, brings you its new products with this catalogue. Dozens of fashion items that will keep you and your family warm this winter are on sale at great prices. So you can find winter products suitable for all ages in their stores. Pep regularly offers you the best quality and fashionable products. Children's clothing products, which are produced with details suitable for the tastes of children modern and stylish designs. Clothing products that meet all the needs of girls and boys are designed with lines in line with fashion trends. You can easily buy children's clothing types such as pants, shirts, dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirt, and pajamas with Pep Store's affordable price option. Produced in body sizes suitable for different age groups, girls' clothing products offer a wide range of products from dresses to trousers, from fleece pajamas to thermal tights. You can have stylishly designed girls' overalls, sweatshirt models with hoodies and kangaroo pockets, outerwear products such as coats, parkas, vests and cardigans with one click. Offering budget-friendly prices, the products are produced with special weaving and sewing details for children.

Boys' Clothing Products

Boys' clothing products are produced with designs that do not look like adult models. You can give your son a different style with 3-piece suits with sports lines, bow-tie suits. They designed for special occasions or printed tracksuits. Products such as hooded camouflage printed summer children's suits, long-sleeved winter sweatshirt models with turtleneck details, puffy vests and coats are produced in body sizes suitable for different age groups. You can ensure that your son stays warm even on cold days, if you choose the polar fleece boys' coats that are specially designed for the winter season. You can easily buy affordable boys' clothing that meets all the needs of parents at Pep Store. So here is the latest Pep Catalogue this week! You should check out the home page and other category pages to discover more specials. Also, subscribe to us with your email. Moreover, follow us on our social media accounts to see the latest catalogues in South Africa!

PEP Catalogue 25 Feb – 24 Mar 2022

Save BIG on tracksuits for all with PEP Catalogue 25 Feb 2022!  Comfy tracksuits are waiting for you at incredible prices! Various colours in all sizes are waiting for you on this Pep catalogue. Let's take a look at them and buy your favourite at the lowest prices! pep catalogue 25 feb 24 mar 2022

PEP Catalogue 25 Feb 2022;

Continuing to offer its products without sacrificing its quality in any way, PEP continues to make you happy with its trendy clothes every day. It allows you to have a modern style with products that are very comfortable to use and preferred by everyone from seven to seventy thanks to its flexible contents. It helps you maintain your elegance and comfort in all seasons, from colorful products to cotton products, from summer products to winter products. In addition to colorful products that you will love to wear, it also brings you products with soft, nude and dark color tones. With the products offered at affordable prices and high quality, you can be at the forefront of the elegance race in every season and every season.

SAVE Big with PEP Store Catalogue;

It is possible to find models that appeal to all age groups and styles of the brand, which offers countless kinds of products for children, women and men. While it includes vivid color tones such as pink, red, yellow and orange, green and blue in its summer products, it includes black, cream, beige, pale colors and dark color tones in its autumn and winter products. In this way, you can easily find the most suitable models for the season, your body and your style. There are cotton and lycra products for babies and children. They have cute characters and can move comfortably. Shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, coats, coats, dresses, shoes, bags, wallets and many more that women and men can find in all sizes are here with you with PEP Store quality. You will be able to express your style in every area you enter with these products, which you will be satisfied with as you use them. There are models suitable for all combinations, from sports style to elegant style.

PEP Catalogue This Week;

  • Tracksuits 2 - 7 years per set, R79.99
  • Tracksuits 0 - 24 months per set, R59.99
  • Men's Beanies each, R32.99
  • Men's Socks per pair, R26.99
  • Women's Sliders per pair, R64.99
  • Babies' Beanies each, R36.99
  • Babies' Sneakers 1 - 4 sizes per pair, R69.99
  • Tracktops or Bottoms 7 - 14 years each, R79.99
  • Younger Kids' Sneakers per pair, R129.99
  • Boys' or Girls' 5-pack socks per pack, R44.99
  • Kids' Gloves per pair, R22.99
  • Kids' Beanies, R26.99
  • Skinny Jeans or Jeggings, R59.99
  • Plush Tops 0 - 24 months each, R69.99
  • Babies' Boots, R59.99 per pair, R59.99
  • Younger Kids' Booties per pair, R79.99
  • Jeans 2 - 7 years each, R89.99
  • Jeggings 2 - 7 years each, R69.99
  • Baby Girls' Characte Paddlers per pair, R49.99
So here are the latest PEP Specials this week! If you want to discover more products, deals, and catalogues, you should browse the home page. Also, you can go to other category pages and subscribe to your favorite stores with your email! And follow us on our social media accounts!

Pep Catalogue School Shop 26 Dec 2021 – 27 Jan 2022

High-quality school essentials are waiting for you on Pep Catalogue School Shop 26 Dec 2021 at new reasonable prices! Here is one of the best places to buy schoolwear at low prices this week! You should take a look at these deals! pep catalogue school shop 26 dec 2021 27 jan 2022

Pep Catalogue School Shop 26 Dec 2021;

If you are looking for schoolweaer for your kids, you should take a look at Pep Catalogue this week! Amazing COMBO packages, reasonable prices, and high-quality product selection are available on their stores! School skirts, shorts, shoes, jackets, socks, boxers, and much more are on sale with amazing Back to School Deals! Not only Schoolwear but also pencil bags, pencils, pastel highlighters, notebooks, books, paper pads, rulers, sleeves, backpacks, lunch boxes, bottle sets, and more can be browsable on this Pep School Catalogue! You can also check out part of Back to School Essentials! The most popular snacks, personal care, and sanitiser are on discount now! You should take a look at these products and get the best at low prices! These prices are valid from 26 December 2021 until 27 January 2022! You should hurry up and enjoy shopping while saving your money!

Pep Catalogue This Week;

  • Short-sleeved glad neck School Shirts 5-6 Years, R17.99
  • School Skirts or Shorts 5-6 years, R17.99
  • School Shoes sizes 7-12, R39.99 per pair.
  • Kids' School Shoes per pair sizes 7-12, R39.99
  • Long-Sleeved Raised Collar School Skirt 5-6 Years, R36.99
  • Student Prince Short Sleeved Gladneck Skirts 4 years, R32.99
  • Student Prince School Shorts 4 years, R54.99
  • Toughees Student Prince kids' Leather School Shoes, R169.99
  • A5 Notebooks, R13.99
  • Oxford Mini Dictioneries, R44.99
  • Small Pencil Bags, R14.99
  • 4-Piece Penflex Coeur Pencils, R13.99 per set.
  • 3-Piece Penflex Pastel Highlighters, R19.99
  • Denim Pencil Bags, R18.99
  • Clutch Pencils, R21.99
  • Penflex Pencil Case, R9.99
  • Triangle Colouring Pencils, R26.99
  • Colour Paper Paids, R29.99
  • 80-Page Exam Pads, R8.99
  • Brown Craft Rolls, R2.79
  • Colour Craft Rolls, R3.79
  • Brown Craft Book Covers, R8.99
  • A4 Exercise Books, R3.29
  • 10-Page Display Files, R8.99
  • 10-Piece Plastic Sleeves, R6.99 per pack.
  • Student Prince Small Reflector Backpacks, R109.99
  • Medium Character Backpacks, R79.99
  • Small Character Backpacks, R54.99
  • Character Drinking Bottles, R18.99
  • Lunch Box & Bottle Sets per set, R12.99
  • Lekker Parts Mix 300g, R19.99
  • Jungle Energy Bar Oros, R19.99
  • Branley Sanitiser 2 x 100ml, R14.99
  • Essentials Care 2-ply Tissues, R15.99
  • Colgate Kids Toothpaste 50ml, R12.99
  • Character Kids Unisex plasters, R26.99
So here are the latest Pep Specials this week! For more discounts, products, and catalogues, you can go to the home page. We share the latest specials regularly for you! Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! The latest offers are regularly published by us for you!

Pep Catalogue 28 May – 24 Jun 2021

Check out the best denim at unbeatable prices with Pep Catalogue 28 May 2021! A wide range of products and reasonable prices are waiting for you here. You must browse all the pages and discover fashionable and quality items with Pep Store Catalogue! pep catalogue 28 may 24 jun 2021

Pep Catalogue 28 May - 24 Jun 2021

With Pep, products suitable for women and men as well as children and babies are easily browsable. Thanks to its catalogs, you can easily browse Pep products. Its products also respond to the changing expectations of users with different design options. Pep offers a very rich collection with summer and winter models of top and bottom clothing products that you can order appropriately by following the discount advantages. In addition, you will enjoy the advantage of an economical shopping with the prominent Pep outlet products. You can reach the clothes you need with a highly developed selection area, from body measurements to color selections.

Pep Offers This Month;

Here is the latest Pep Catalogue! There are many good deals and products on this catalogue. You can easily find your needs from a wide range of products with this Pep store catalogue! Also, you can browse the home page and category pages and discover more deals and products! Also, you can subscribe to your favorite stores with your email!

PEP Catalogue Winter Essentials 23 Apr – 27 May 2021

PEP Catalogue 23 April 2021 promises a good product range and low prices on winter essentials this month! You should browse all the pages and see the best winter needs with good deals here! Make your winter cosier with Pep Store Catalogue! Enjoy shopping! pep catalogue winter essentials 23 apr 27 may 2021

Get Ready for the Winter with PEP Specials!

While you are preparing your home for the winter, do not forget to prepare yourself. While storing your summer items, you can choose boxes made of wicker materials. Thus, you can ensure that your items breathe and protect them for a long time. When decorating your home, one of the most important things to consider is lighting. Make sure that the models you choose especially for the hall are suitable for the color of the room and the style of the furniture. Floor lampshades table lamps will be the right choice to soften the environment and create dim light. The prominent colors of the season will make your homes stylish with their metallic shine. Warmth-giving materials such as cashmere, wool and plush, which are suitable for the winter months, continue to dominate home textile products. Get this softness in blankets, sofas and bedspreads. Your table and chairs do not have to be a set. Catch the mix and combine trend. You can combine useful tables with comfortable chairs in different styles. You can find many good products on this Pep Catalogue! Check it out! The season has changed, it gets dark quickly. And in general, use the colors of your home that will energize you in these cold days when the gloomy weather appears on your walls. The prominent colors this season will be cinnamon, red and powder tones. Add little touches with candles, home fragrances and bamboo stick room scents to change the ambiance of your room. Feel the soothing effect of these scents.

PEP Specials This Week;

Here is the PEP Catalogue 23 April 2021! You can reach more winter essentials on here. Therefore, you should browse all the pages. Also, you should visit other category pages to discover more discounted products and deals. You can easily find the best offers for you. Moreover, you can subscribe to the most popular South African retailers with your email! Thus, you can see the latest specials! Let's subscribe to us and follow us on our social media accounts!