President Hyper Specials

President Hyper Specials takes the principle of providing the highest quality and the widest product range. So they aim to share with you the delicacies related to the usage, taste, and usage of the special products in their product portfolio.

As one of the leading retailers in South Africa, President Hyper meets the needs of customers in specific non-food categories. As well as food and necessities in its wide range of stores. With its experience, striving to present the best and the most beautiful to everyone, and always adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, President Hyper continues to implement many new investments and pioneering applications with its dynamic identity. Customer satisfaction is always taken care of and without compromising the quality they serve the customer at an affordable price.

See President Hyper Specials 16 February 2021 this week!

They always bring you the best quality and fresh selections! Therefore, you should always follow their deals and catalogues. Before you go shopping, you should always take a look at current President Hyper Catalogues. You should check this page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Also, you can easily learn the latest deals, catalogs, and news from this page and our social media accounts. Here you go!

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President Hyper Specials Krugersdorp, Fochville and Vall 9 February 2021

President Hyper Specials 9 February 2021 promises a wide product range for weekly shopping this week! It contains household, fresh and healthy produces, meat products, popular snacks, and many more! You should take a look at all the pages of this President Hyper Catalogue and save more on daily shopping! Enjoy shopping! president hyper specials krugersdorp fochville and vall 9 february 2021 You always have many reasons to shop at President Hyper. View a wide variety of products, reasonable prices and unbeatable offers in their catalogues. You should always check out weekly President Hyper Specials before you go shopping. Thus, you can have the freshest, quality and popular products with the most economical methods!

President Hyper Specials 9 February 2021

  • Fatti’s & Moni’s Spaghetti / Macaroni, 3 for R30
  • Sunshine D Lite 40% Fat Spread Tub Bigger Value Pack, R25.99
  • Nescafe Classic Coffee / Regular / Strong / Brazil 200g, R69.99
  • All Gold Tomato Sauce 2 for 700ml, R50
  • Omo Hand Washing Powder 3kg, R59.99
  • Dewfresh Long Life Milk UHT 6 x1lt, R69.99
  • Renown Shoulder Bacon 200g, R19.99
  • Bokkie Viennas Red / No Pork 500g, R19.99
  • Eskort Rolls Bacon Chilli / Ham & Tongue, R29.99
  • Champion French Polony 2kg, R36.99
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Frankfurters 425g, R39.99
  • Harvestime Straight Cut Potato Chips, 2 for R38
  • I&J Beefers Beef Patties, R41.99
  • Natures Garden Country Mix / Garden Mix, 2 for R58
  • Sea Harvest Fish Cakes 600g and Oven Crisp 400g, R90
  • Dr.Oetker Nice’n Easy Meals, 3 for R90
  • Parmalat Drinking Yoghurt, 4 for R35
  • Lancewood Vacuum Packed Cheese 900g, R94.99
  • Willards Big Korn Bites, 2 for R20
  • Simba Doritos Corn Chips, 2 for R29
  • Fruitree Fruit Nectar Blend / Juice 2x1lt, E30
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President Hyper Specials 26 January 2021

You can check out the latest products and good deals with President Hyper Specials 26 January 2021! It has everything you need for a good weekly shopping. They are pretty fresh and quality selection. Therefore, this store is one of the best places to both get the best and save more on grocery shopping! president hyper specials 26 january 2021

Wide Product Range

Paper products that make our life easier are offered to customers with a wide product range, competitive prices and quality service understanding. In the household category, there are products that you will need in all areas of daily life such as diapers, sanitary pads, registration towels, toilet paper and wet wipes. You can also find personal care and cosmetic products you may need here. You can find soaps, shampoo and conditioners, hair styling products, toothpaste and dental care products, shaving creams and shaving products, deodorants and perfumes, colognes, skin care products and baby care products. They offer pleasant shopping opportunities with special prices.

President Hyper Specials 26 January 2021

  • Crosse & Blackwell Mayonnaise Tangy, 2 for R50
  • Tastic Long Grain Parboiled Rice, 2 for R55
  • Jacobs Krönung / Gold Coffee Jars 200g, R79.99
  • Bokomo Weet-Bix 1.35kg, R59.99
  • Parmalat Everfresh Long Life Milk 6x1lt, R69.99
  • Baby Soft 2-Ply Roll Toilet Tissue 350 sheets, 2 for R175
Here are the latest President Hyper Specials! You can check out more discounts and products from the home page. Visit this page and explore more specials. Also, subscribe to us and follow us on to be the first who views the latest offers in South Africa!

President Hyper Specials Appliance Sale 19 January 2021

Time to check out President Hyper Appliance Sale 19 January 2021! Major appliances are a must in every home. They are durable products so you can use them for many years. These items must be solid and of high quality in order to use for years without malfunction and deformation. president hyper specials appliance sale 19 january 2021 Major appliances brands generally produce with this principle and offer the best Major appliances products to buyers. In President Hyper Catalogue, quality and robust products produced by world-renowned brands with advanced technology are offered at President Hyper at affordable prices.

President Hyper Appliance Sale 19 January 2021;


The great helper of the kitchen, the dishwasher is one of the major appliances that everyone needs. These products differ according to the variety of programs. Energy and water-saving programs can be changed manually by the users according to the amount of dishes and pollution, as well as machines that can set automatic program settings in President Hyper.

Washing and Drying Machines

Washing machines and drying machines can be purchased separately. Or there are models in which two features are combined in a single machine. When purchasing a dryer and washing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to energy and water saving. Apart from this, the capacity of these machines is of great importance for their usefulness. So washers and dryers with high capacity are recommended for large families with large amounts of underwear, and low capacity washing machines for small families.


The source of delicious food smells coming from the kitchens, the ovens create wonders with the latest technological possibilities. You can cook more than one meal at the same time in turbo oven types with high energy savings. Moreover, the odors of these dishes do not mix with each other during cooking. Turbo oven models save both energy and time with these aspects.


Refrigerators and freezers are among the necessary parts of kitchens for longevity of food and beverages. These products also differ by their capacities and types. In addition, smart fridge, which are new generation technology products, attract great attention from users. So here are the latest President Hyper Specials! If you want to see more discounts and products, visit the home page. Also, there are more ways to save more with Especials. You can subscribe to us with your email. And, follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook!

President Hyper Specials 19 January 2021

You can view the most up-to-date prices and offers of the week with President Hyper Specials 19 January 2021. You can easily find many popular products and your daily needs here and save money. Soft drinks, frozens, snacks, household, and many essentials are available on this President Hyper Catalogue. Let's browse all the pages and save more on grocery shopping! president hyper specials 19 january 2021 President Hyper Catalogue can meet all your expectations. Many factors for a good weekly shopping are available on this catalogue. There are many ways to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. Moreover, their product range is quite wide. You can find frozen foods, meat products, fruit & vegetables, snacks, soft drinks, household, and many more here. If you have a shopping list, all you need to do is checking these President Hyper Specials. Prices of many daily essentials have dropped! Take advantage of great offers as part of SUMMER SALE! We shared some prices and products for you. If you need some of them, you shouldn't miss these prices!

President Hyper Specials 19 January 2021

You saw the latest President Hyper Specials! If you want to take a look at more discounted products, you should check out all the pages. Also, you can go to the home page and reach more special savings of popular South African retailers. Here u go!