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Russells Catalogue offers you thousands of products from the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, beds, bedspreads, and armchairs that you need for your living spaces and all other areas.

Moreover, the products offered in a new language. It is so close to your style that you can find the product you are looking for in one click without looking at dozens of categories. Russels Specials quickly deliver all the products it offers to you so that you can get the products that you buy from the nearest point of sale. Fast delivery in the field of furniture is now possible. See Russels Catalogue Back to School Sale 18 January 2021 this month!

The most practical helpers of our kitchens are waiting for you with the most practical models of electric kitchen appliances Russels. Therefore, Russels is an indispensable blender for your kitchen with its food processor, shredding, and mixing features that will give you speed in cutting and chopping.

Russells Furniture Catalogue 2020

Like every year, this year’s trends reflect in furniture models. In the new year, there are designs that will come across and be fashionable. Some details that prevailed in the past year will continue to show itself in 2020. Velvet reflects in the splendor of sofa sets and other furniture, velvet. The air that will dominate the furniture will be dominated by a simple air that combines elegance with function. Decorations in which vivid and bright colors meet pastel and simple colors will be popular.

Also, 2020 furniture models will offer comfort to many people in home decoration. Reflecting on the new trends that will appeal to all tastes, these models will bring the happiness of the new year to the houses. In the new season, we will see the wood which is the symbol of naturalness in the furniture. Untreated, unpainted, raw wood is at the top of the 2020 furniture trends. Therefore, the emphasis on wood fashion with its details among the new season furniture sets will again take its place among the 2020 furniture trends.

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Russels Catalogue Back to School Sale 18 January 2021

View fabulous product range with Russels Catalogue Back to School Sale 18 January 2021! You can find many exclusive electronic products and office equipment in this catalog. There are many discounted products in this catalog, which consists of the most necessary products of our age. Laptops, education bundles, smartphones, desks, tables, office chairs, and many more can be browsable on this Russels Catalogue! russels catalogue back to school sale 18 january 2021

Work Desks from Russells;

In Russells, you can find desk models that will look stylish either in your office or in your study room. If you are looking for desk models with desks or compartments for your computer, you are in the right place. You can find many models at the best prices here. Portable and variable-sized desks are among the most preferred models for modern desk lovers. It is much easier to find what you are looking for with a wide range of products and a variety of colors suitable for every color you are looking for! With product information at Russells, you can easily find out the dimensions of the open and closed desks you are looking for in width, height and depth. In this way, you can easily decide whether the product you like is suitable for your area. Desk dimensions are as important as the price of the desk, a product you like may not fit your space. To make the best use of your area of use, home or office, browse dozens of models in sizes you are looking for and choose the one that best suits you. Desk layout is very important for those who want to increase their creativity in the workspace or are bored with the old layout. It is now much easier to organize your workspace, where some of us spend most of our time, with study room sets. Russells offers affordable prices for desks suitable for any scale you are looking for, from individual desks to office desks. While it is very important to make the right arrangement especially in offices and narrow spaces, you are closer to the right arrangement with the furniture in the right dimensions for the working environment that will bring you success.

Russels Catalogue Back to School Sale 18 January 2021;

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Russells Catalogue 28 December 2020

BONUS BUYS are waiting for you to be discovered on Russells Catalogue 28 December 2020! Hundreds of high-quality and comfortable furniture are on sale now! If you have a plan to renovate your home furniture, you should benefit from these deals. It is possible to find a product suitable for every taste and home here. Let's browse them and get the best! russells catalogue 28 december 2020

Russells Bedroom Suites;

Bedrooms are among the most important rooms of a house and are of great importance. It is of great importance on behalf of bedroom sets to witness the furniture that is prepared with an aesthetic appearance under stylish designs and perfectly harmonized every morning. The details, prepared with detailed thought, combine with a magnificent comfort, and create the bedrooms. Especially options prepared under durable materials attract more attention. Quality and concept designs await you at Russells. You can buy bedroom sets at very affordable prices in Russells store. Of course, prices may differ under the material and design to be used on behalf of bedroom furniture. In addition, there are dressers, make-up tables, poufs, bedside tables, and personal options at Russells. Bedroom options, which create a warm atmosphere, and provide great quality within the scope of special sewing applications, bring a natural texture together with its unique aesthetics to the homes.

Russells Catalogue 28 December 2020

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Russells Catalogue Christmas Sale 1 December 2020

Find the perfect gift this Christmas with Russells Catalogue Christmas Sale 1 December 2020! Many Christmas specials can be browsable on this Russells Catalogue. There are many stylish furniture, high-quality and useful appliances, and popular electronics here. If you need something in this catalogue, you shouldn't miss these prices! Especially, you should focus on the cover page of this. russells catalogue christmas sale 1 december 2020

Russells Sofa Sets;

The lounge set is undoubtedly the most important element that changes the atmosphere of a home. You should take care that the lounge set you choose reflects your style so that you can use it with peace of mind for many years. You should also be sure of its comfort and quality. Russells is with you for eye-catching home decoration with high quality, comfortable and stylish lounge set models! Your choice of lounge set where you spend most of your time in daily life and host your guests is very important. In addition to their single, double, and triple options, the lounge sets that stand out with models such as corner seats are also diversified with different features in terms of color and functionality. While choosing among the wide range of Russells products, you can choose the entire lounge set. If you want, you can create your lounge set from piece products according to your own style. It is very important that the lounge set model is compatible with the size and color of the area you will use. Think before you buy!

Russells Catalogue Christmas Sale 1 December 2020

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Russells Catalogue 2 November 2020

Discover Festive Savings Bash with Russells Catalogue 2 November 2020! Dozens of quality furniture, popular electronics, comfortable and stylish base sets, and many more can be browsable here! Moreover, most of them are on sale with savings up to R2000! If you want to get the best and save your money, you should take a look at this Russell's specials! These are valid until 29 November 2020! russels catalogue 2 november 2020 Russells is the place where you can find all the products you need in living spaces for your home and office. You can find many decoration products that your home needs in home decoration products. In the Russells furniture category, there are many products for your home and office, from desks, multi-purpose cabinets, wall shelves, bookcases, TV units, armchairs, coffee tables, coat racks, dresser, TV chairs, kitchen furniture, furniture for gardens, and balconies. So when you browse this catalogue, you will come across a pretty wide range of products. Especially, you should focus on furniture. Its selections are quite comfortable and quality. My favorite is Torca 3 Piece 3 Action Lounge Suite is only R16999! If you buy it, you will save up to R2000! If you have an idea to change furniture, we don't recommend you go shopping without seeing the prices here!

Russells Catalogue 2 November 2020;

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Russels Catalogue 14 September 2020

Russels Catalogue 14 September 2020 has unlocked the best prices on quality and comfortable products! Browse these Russels Specials! Stylish and comfortable furniture, TVs, base sets, bedroom suites, lounge suites, major appliances, and many more are available on this Russels Catalogue! You can easily find world-class kitchen appliances at the lowest prices here. Let's take a look at these Russels Specials and get your essentials! russels catalogue 14 september 2020 Bed base sets allow the beds to rise from the ground and provide a more comfortable bed use. With dozens of different color, type, and size alternatives, Russels can reach the most suitable base model for your bedroom and start decorating your home. The base beds, which also offer ease of use functionally, offer a deep storage chamber with their chest. Thus, you can store your seasonal belongings in the bed base and you can easily reach them when you want to use them. You can choose from Russels according to your needs for base models, which you can reach in two different options as a single base and double base models. In addition, you can find the most suitable base bed model for your budget by searching smartly according to single bed base prices and double base prices and you can start decorating your home without wasting time.

Russels Catalogue 14 September 2020;

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