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Russells Catalogue offers you thousands of products from the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, beds, bedspreads, and armchairs that you need for your living spaces and all other areas.

Moreover, the products offered in a new language. It is so close to your style that you can find the product you are looking for in one click without looking at dozens of categories. Russels Specials quickly deliver all the products it offers to you so that you can get the products that you buy from the nearest point of sale. Fast delivery in the field of furniture is now possible. See Russells Catalogue 6 Apr – 2 May 2021┬áthis month!

The most practical helpers of our kitchens are waiting for you with the most practical models of electric kitchen appliances Russels. Therefore, Russels is an indispensable blender for your kitchen with its food processor, shredding, and mixing features that will give you speed in cutting and chopping.

Russells Furniture Catalogue 2020

Like every year, this year’s trends reflect in furniture models. In the new year, there are designs that will come across and be fashionable. Some details that prevailed in the past year will continue to show itself in 2020. Velvet reflects in the splendor of sofa sets and other furniture, velvet. The air that will dominate the furniture will be dominated by a simple air that combines elegance with function. Decorations in which vivid and bright colors meet pastel and simple colors will be popular.

Also, 2020 furniture models will offer comfort to many people in home decoration. Reflecting on the new trends that will appeal to all tastes, these models will bring the happiness of the new year to the houses. In the new season, we will see the wood which is the symbol of naturalness in the furniture. Untreated, unpainted, raw wood is at the top of the 2020 furniture trends. Therefore, the emphasis on wood fashion with its details among the new season furniture sets will again take its place among the 2020 furniture trends.

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Russells Catalogue RSA 5 June 2020

Pay less for more with Russells Catalogue RSA 5 June 2020! Russells has opened its doors to great savings! A wide range of quality, useful, comfortable, and stylish products are waiting for you in its showrooms! Here you will see not only furniture but also many major appliances and electronics! Moreover, they are on sale with fabulous savings up to R1500! Let's take a look at these Russells Specials! russells catalogue rsa 5 june 2020 Russells is always innovative and has lines for every taste. They enable you to make your living area the most eye-catching point of your home with its great products to reflect your style to every corner of your home! Thus, you can create an atmosphere that will keep your mood high in your living room or living room, where you will have the opportunity to renew yourself after a busy day.

Specials from Russells Catalogue RSA 5 June 2020;

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Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 28 April 2020

Time to discover a wide product range of Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 28 April 2020! When you browse these Russells Specials, you will come across stylish, comfortable, and quality selections! Therefore, you should take a look at this and get the best! Here you go! russels catalogue rsa specials 28 april 2020 Sofa sets; It varies due to model, type, fabric type, and accessories used. Generally, prices in furniture group products are directly proportional to the price of the materials used. In addition, the additional features the team has can be effective in raising and falling prices. For example, it is natural to find price differences between the sofa groups that can be beds and the sofa groups that are not swingable. On the other hand, the prices of the teams that have classic lines and modern lines differ according to the features they carry. With the latest trends of the season, the labels of products suitable for the fashion of the age may be slightly higher than others. Again, the type of sofa group stands out as another issue that is effective in determining the price. There are also differences between the L seat model and luxury models due to the detail and size of the accommodation.

Quality Items from Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 28 April 2020;

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Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 23 March 2020

GREAT SAVINGS guaranteed by Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 23 March 2020! The living room set, which has options for every budget, makes prices smile. While specially designed products are offered at higher prices, ready-made designs are labeled with slightly more affordable prices. While the fabric materials of the cushions and armchairs and the information on which wood is made of furniture also cause price changes, the price of the inner filling of the puffs and sofas is also determined by the price. Feather fillings find buyers at higher prices because they are organic; sponges, fibers, and foams can meet users at relatively reasonable prices. russels catalogue rsa specials 23 march 2020 These offers valid 23 March 2020 - 19 April 2020! Therefore, you should hurry up! It is possible to reach savings up to R3000! Let's take a look at these high-quality and stylish products and get your needs at the lowest prices! Here u go!

Products We Choose From Russells Catalogue RSA Specials 23 March 2020;

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Russells Catalogue 17 February 2020

Great Savings guaranteed by Russells Catalogue 17 February 2020! Home decoration products you choose to sign a fascinating living space, make your face laugh with its functional models. While alternatives such as corner sets and ergonomic stands that take up little space for narrow spaces come to the fore, many decorative products can be used easily in large spaces without limitation. Also, affordable credit up to 48 months is available now! Check this Russells Catalogue! russels catalogue 17 february 2020 An elegant TV unit, a comfortable nostalgic sofa that allows you to rest easy with its functionality, and a functional sofa, which saves space and facilitates your life with its practical use, shelves that add movement and joy to your empty walls, pear armchair, indispensable for dynamic concepts, home residents who are fond of pleasure and A variety of materials, such as a puffy rocking chair, which is a magnificent gesture for the guests, creates not only visual elegance but also decors with a privileged spirit.

Products & Prices From Russells Catalogue 17 February 2020;