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Shoprite Specials are the most fun and easy way to browse the products and offers in South Africa. You can view Shoprite Specials this week here.

40 years of experience and existence are proof that they offer the best products at the most reasonable rates. Their lowest price promise was the foundation of the store and made them the largest store in South Africa. Now they have more than 500 stores and continue to bring happiness to their customers! See Shoprite Specials 8 – 21 August 2022 this week!

Thanks to the great shopping experience and the opportunities they offer, they received many awards. Some of the most recent ones are No.1 Food Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Toy Retailer (TGI Icon Brands), No.1 Grocery Retailer (Times Sowetan Retailer Awards), South Africa’s No.1 Supermarket (Sunday Times Top Brands Survey).

Many categories are available on Shoprite Catalogue. Groceries, Appliances, Baby, Liquor, and many more can be browsable on Shoprite Special. Don’t forget to browse Shoprite liquor specials. Before you go shopping, you must browse their catalog to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. They guarantee the lowest price. Enjoy the freshest and highest quality options at the most reasonable prices!

Especially, you should focus on Shoprite on special days like Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday. Be sure, you will see more what you are expecting! Here you go!

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Shoprite Specials Hair & Beauty 11 – 24 July 2022

Hundreds of useful and quality personal care products, affordable prices, and competitive offers are available on Shoprite Specials Hair & Beauty July 2022! If you have a Shoprite Xtra Savings card, you should swipe it and get these awesome offers this week! shoprite specials hair beauty 11 24 july 2022

Shoprite Specials Hair & Beauty July 2022;

Here is the skin care guide for the spring season with you! Read this post and follow all the steps with great products to buy from DisChem!

Peeling against chapped lips

In hot weather, our lips begin to dry and crack first. In order to prevent this situation, it is very important to apply peeling and moisturizing regularly. You can remove dead skin and dryness on your lips with the products in Dis-Chem. Then, apply a nourishing lip balm and refresh it regularly, keeping your lips moist.

Shampoo against hair loss

Our hair, which is damaged by seasonal changes, also becomes lifeless and starts to fall out. You can use anti-shedding shampoo and scalp serum to reduce hair loss and protect hair from this transition. If you are making a mask with care oils to nourish your hair, you can increase the frequency of the application and support the attachment of the hair to the roots. You can review many natural ingredients in the DisChem Catalogue!

Massage oil against body dryness

As the weather gets colder, body dryness also increases. For deep moisture and lasting softness, you can nourish your body with shea butter after the shower. You can reduce the edema in the body by performing lymphatic drainage, thanks to the oil you will apply by massaging with pressure and circular movements from the bottom up. If you wish, you can add a few drops of grapefruit oil to the shea butter and make an anti-cellulite care. In order to protect yourself from diseases and skin problems during the transition of seasons, pay attention to a balanced diet and supplementation of missing vitamins and minerals.

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Protein Feed Revitalize and Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, R69.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Nivea Roll on for Ladies / Men, R19.99 (SAVE R5)
  • Renew Roll on for Ladies / Men, 2 for R20 (SAVE R4)
  • Easy Waves Pink Oil Moisturizer, R24.99
  • Protex Bath Soap all variants 150g, 2 for R22
  • Ingram's Camphor Cream 450ml, R39.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Renew Body Lotion All Variants 400ml each, R16.99 (SAVE R5)
  • Playboy Deodorant for Ladies 90ml, R23.99 (SAVE R6)
  • Garnier Even & Matte Facial Range each, R39.99
  • Gentle Magic Skincare Range each, from R9.99
  • Dove Bath Soap all variants 100g each, R13.99 (SAVE R3)
  • Pond's Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream 50ml, R19.99 (SAVE R5)
  • Clere Body Creme all varians, R26.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Nivea Hand & Body Lotion / Cream all variants, R42.99 (SAVE R12)
  • Vaseline Hand & Body Lotion / Cream all variants 400 ml, R44.99 (SAVE R15)
  • Moroccan Blue / Grey Bath Towel each, Buy any 2 and SAVE R30
  • Essentials Face Cloth all variants 4 per pack, R29.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Status Roll-on for Men all variants 50ml each, R17.99 (SAVE R4)

Shoprite Specials 20 Jun – 10 Jul 2022

Shoprite Specials 20 June 2022 is a good guide to save your money on your weekly grocery shoping this week! Many basic essentials are on sale with awesome offers and special COMBOs! Find your essentials on this weekly leaflet and visit Shoprite store! shoprite specials citrus fruit june 2022

Shoprite Specials 20 June 2022;

This Shoprite Catalogue is full of discounts. All you need is a Shoprite Xtra Savings card. If you are a member of this program, you can benefit from these awesome prices an deals! Moreover, check out awesome COMBOs on this leaflet. One of them on the cover page contains Spekko Orange Long Grain Parboiled Rice 2kg, Huletts Brown Sugar 2kg, White Star Super Maize Meal 2.5kg, Ellis Brown Coffee Creamer 750g, Mr.Pasta Macaroni / Spaghetti 500g each. You can buy all of them at only R99! Also, you should check out breakfast COMBO. When you browse it, you will encounter Large Eggs 18 per pack, Clover Classic Dairy Snack 6 x 100g, Champion French Polony 750g, Sasko Premium Slices Brown Bread 700g, Crystal Valley Cheese slices and Rondo 40% Fat Spread 500g. You can buy all of them R99! If you want to get this deal, you must have a Shoprite Xtra Savings card!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar Cold Drink 1.5l, 2 for R30
  • Farmer's Choice Goldi Chicken Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 5kg, R169.99
  • Rama Original 70% Fat Spread 500g, Buy 2 Get 3rd FREE!
  • Sasko Premium Slices Brown Bread 700g, R12.99
  • Aunt Caroline Long Grain Rice 10kg, R119.99 (SAVE R30)
  • Sunfoil Pure Sunflower Oil 5l, R219.99
  • Chicken Leg Quarters Loose Serve per kg, R49.90
  • Stewing Beef Loose Serve per kg, R84.90
  • Bull Brand Corned Meat all variants 300g each, R24.99 (SAVE R7)
  • Lucky Star Pilchards in Tomato Sauce 400g, 2 for R40 (SAVE R6)
  • Fry's Frozen Plant-Based Original Hot Dog 360g, R39.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Grainfield Chickens Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R152.99
  • Chef Mo Frozen Crumbed Burgers / Steaklets / Nuggets, R24.99 (SAVE R10)
  • In-Store Baked Standard Brown Bread each, R5
  • Dessert Topping Buns 6 per pack, R15.99
  • Albany Superior Regular / Thick Slices White Bread 700g, R13.99
  • Ole Bread Spread 1kg, R29.99 (SAVE R5)
  • Stork Country Spread 40% Fat Spread 1kg, R42.99 (SAVE R12)
  • First Choice Salted Butter 500g, R49.99 (SAVE R15)
  • Parmalat / Melrose Processed Cheese Slices 400g, R44.99 (SAVE R12)
  • Crystal Valley Gouda / Cheddar Cheese 750g, R84.99 (SAVE R20)
  • Danone Nutriday Dairy Snack all variants 1kg, R24.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Parmalat Smooth / Yum Chums Yoghurt all variants 6 x 100g, 2 for R30
  • Greens Frozen Country Mix 1kg, R24.99 (SAVE R10)
  • Danone Ultra Mel Flavoured Custard all variants 1l, 2 for R38
  • Danone Danup Blend of Multigrain with Yoghurt, 2 for R35
  • Monster Energy Drink all variants 500ml, 2 for R26
  • Liqui Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend all variants 1l, 2 for R37
  • Knorr Packet / Tasty Soup all variants 50g, 4 for R18 (SAVE R4)
  • Knorrox Soup all variants 400g bag each, R9.99 (SAVE R6)
  • Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder all variants 200g, R25.99 (SAVE R7)

Shoprite Specials Combo June 2022

Shoprite Specials Combo June 2022 includes many daily food essentials at the best price! When you buy all of them, you can save up to R42! If it is time to a grocery shopping, you should benefit from this COMBO! shoprite specials combo june 2022

Shoprite Specials Combo June 2022;

This Shoprite Catalogue promises a good COMBO! When you browse it, you will encounter many products from different categories such as bakery, dairy products, snacks, and soft drinks. It includes 10 different products. You can buy Clover Processed Sliced Cheese 90g, D'Lite 40% Fat Spread Brick 500g, Sasko More Slices Brown Bread 700g, Large Eggs 6 per pack, Thompsons French Polony 250g, Danone Snax Dairy Snack 6 x 70g, Orange Grove Fresh Full Cream Milk Sachet 1l, Danone Inkomaxi Full Cream Maas 1kg, Orange Grove Flavoured Amahewu 1l and Pops! Soft Drink 2l at only R100! If you want to get this awesome deal, you must have a Shoprite Xtra Savings card. For more details, you can visit the store! Here u go! Also, check out the category page of Shoprite, and view the latest Shoprite Catalogue easily. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email!

Shoprite Specials Big Red Weekend 16 – 19 June 2022

SAVINGS up to 50% on many popular grocery products are waiting for you on Shoprite Specials 16 June 2022! BIG RED WEEKEND promises the best shopping experience in Shoprite stores this week! Take a look at this leaflet and find your needs at low prices! shoprite specials big red weekend 16 19 june 2022

Shoprite Specials 16 June 2022;

Are you ready for a great grocery shopping with discounts up to 50%? These offers, which will be valid for only 4 days contain unmissable offers for your budget! You can buy many products at the lowest prices with the Shoprite Xtra Savings card. You can view many options from many products required for breakfast to products necessary for delicious dinners here. Grocery items for every need are on sale with great Shoprite offers! Check out all the products and their great deals and don't miss the best deals of this Shoprite Catalogue! If the products on this catalogue meet your needs all month, it's time to make a big purchase! Buy many of your essentials at low prices! Not only grocery products, but also many appliances are on sale here. You shouldn't forget to take a look at part of Home Essentials on the last page! For example; Essentials Manual Microwave Oven 20l is only R750. When you buy it, you will save up to R250!

Shoprite Specials This Week;

  • Rama Original 70% Fat Spread 500g, 2 for R38 (SAVE R22)
  • Nescafe Ricofy Instant Coffee 750g, R65 (SAVE R45)
  • Grainfield Chickens Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R139 (SAVE R30)
  • Crystal Valley Full Cream Maas 41kg, R35 (SAVE R20)
  • Danone Ultra Mel Flavoured Custard all variants 1l, 2 for R34 (SAVE R23)
  • Thompsons French / Chicken Polony 2kg each, R49 (SAVE R19)
  • Nestle Cremora Coffee and Tea Creamer 750g, 2 for R65 (SAVE R33)
  • Aunt Caroline Long Grain Parboiled Rice 10kg, R115 (SAVE R35)
  • Ritebrand Sunflower Seed Oil 4l, R170 (SAVE R10)
  • Sparletta / Twist Cold Drink 2l, 2 for R25 (SAVE R9)
  • Orange Grove Long Life Milk all variants 6 x 1l per pack, R69 (SAVE R16)
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Value Pack Disposable Nappies, 2 for R249 (SAVE R191)
  • Glen Tagless Teabags 100 per pack, R14 (SAVE 50%)
  • Blossom Epic Spread 1kg, R29 (SAVE R14)
  • Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cereal 1kg, R49 (SAVE R26)
  • Chef Mo Frozen Chicken Burgers / Steaklets / Pops, 2 for R40 (SAVE R30)
  • Albany Superior Regular / Thick Slices Brown Bread 700g, 2 for R22 (SAVE R8)
  • Clover Tropia Flavoured Dairy Fruit Mix all variants, R25 (SAVE R9)
  • Danone Danup Blend of Multigrain with Yoghurt, 2 for R28 (SAVE R20)
  • Parmalat / Melrose Processed Cheese Slices, R39 (SAVE R16)
  • Greens Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1kg, R19 (SAVE R13)
  • Manhattan Pink & White Marshmallows 150g each, R12 (SAVE R6)
  • Nestle Chocolate Slab all variants, R19 (SAVE R11)
  • Willards Cheese Curls / Flings all variants, 2 for R27 (SAVE R11)
  • Protex Bath Soap all variants, 2 for R18 (SAVE R10)
  • Dawn Hand & Body Lotion / Cream all variants, R17 (SAVE R6)
  • Sunlight Laundry Soap 500g, 2 for R29 (SAVE R7)