Spar Specials

Spar specials are popular with its pretty reasonable prices on quality products in South Africa! Spar Catalogue offers the biggest product range.

Its catalogue contains super fresh produce, meat products, grocery, soft drink, canned foods, and many more. Moreover, they also produce and sell their own products. They introduce more than 1000 exclusive SPAR Brand products, available at whole country stores. Using only the best and super fresh ingredients, they make premium quality products at quite competitive prices. Therefore, these make Spar a great weekly shopping destination. Before you go to their store, you must browse the latest Spar Special to know which products are on sale.

See Spar Specials 10 – 22 May 2022 this week!

If you want to have instant cash discounts when you buy something at Spar, you should join Spar Rewards program. This program sends you electronic coupons every month. All you need to do is your phone number to sign up online or in-store. They also offer “Your Money Back Guarantee” on all products including Spar Brand products.

As you can see, Spar tops specials are one of the best for your weekly shopping. Their mission is to offer you the best products with the greatest opportunities. If you want to join this family and buy great products at reasonable prices, visit this category regularly and check out Spar sales!

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Spar Specials 10 – 22 May 2022

Get ready to check out amazing offers on many popular groceries with Spar Specials 10 May 2022! When you check this catalogue, you will see many affordable prices and special selections. So view them and buy your daily needs in ther store! spar specials 10 22 may 2022

Spar Specials 10 May 2022;

Spar offers unusual prices on selected products every week. These opportunities can be both their own products and the products of other popular brands. It's time to redeem those opportunities you watched on TV! Many of your daily needs are waiting to be bought at new reasonable prices. If you don't have your shopping list yet, you'd better make one. The first step to saving is determining your needs. If the products you need are in the Spar special catalogue, make sure to take advantage of these offers! Also, shopping at Spar can win you a car. When you buy some participating products in their store, you can stand a chance to win a car! But you have to join the Spar Reward program to get this chance. And don't forget that maximum of 10 e-Coupons per customer for each Spar rewards product featured!

Spar Specials This Week;

  • Spar Corn Flakes 500g, R22.99
  • Clover Classic Smooth or Fruits of the Forest 6 x 100g, 2 for R28
  • Spar Red or Smoked Viennas 500g, R31.99
  • Five Roses Tagless Teabags 100s (Ceylon Blend Only) per pack, R39.99
  • Pampers Baby Dry Nappies or Nappy Pants value pack assorted, R169.99
  • Monster Energy Drink 500 ml assorted, 2 for R26
  • Bakers Marie Biscuits 200g assorted, 2 for R24
  • Husky Canned Dog Food 775g assorted, 2 for R48
  • Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection, Gel, Herbal White Toothpaste, R18.99
These offers in this Spar Catalogue are the offers you see on TV and are valid throughout the country. You can check out more discounts and deals on the home page. You should also visit other brands' category pages and view more deals in South Africa. Also, you have 2 good ways to save your money. You should subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! The latest catalogues and deals are regularly published by us! They are announced by us on our social media accounts. And we send a mail for you. It is so easy to follow the latest specials with Especials!

Spar Specials 9 – 22 May 2022

Shop the freshest and quality groceries with unbeatable offers on Spar Specials 9 May 2022! Spar is one of the best places where you will save on the most popular products every week. Let's take a look at their latest specials and enjoy shopping! spar specials 9 22 may 2022

Spar Specials 9 May 2022;

Spar shows its new offers with this catalogue. You can find the products you need from the rich product range and save money. Dozens of products are on sale with new prices and offers. You should not miss the special offers for this limited day. Remember that products are limited in stock! These awesome discounts and prices are valid until 22 May 2022. Hurry up! Also, you have a chance to win a car! 2 easy steps to winning! Buy any participating product and swipe your Spar Rewards card. Every participating product you buy gets you another entry to win! You can also save up to 80% on Masterchef kitchen knives. Let's collect the full range of them! Razor sharp stainless steel blade, ideal for all kitchen tasks from light to heavy duty. Raised handle for comfortable grip. Curved blade for chopping. Slicing and dicing!

Spar Specials This Week;

  • Spar Parboiled Rice 2kg, R23.99
  • Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, or Stoney 2.25l, 2 for R32
  • Spar Golden Corn Flakes 500g, R19.99
  • Five Roses Tagless Tea Bags 100s, R39.99
  • Lucky Star Shredded Tuna in Oil or Water 170g, R15.99
  • Fatti's & Moni's Macaroni or Spaghetti 500g, R11.99
  • Jungle Oats 1kg, R32.99
  • Spar Macaroni or Spaghetti 500g, R11.99
  • Spar White or Brown Sugar 2kg, R37.99
  • Nola Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing, R27.99
  • Spar UHT Milk Full Cream, Low Fat or Fat Free 1l, R13.99
  • Monster Energy Drink 500ml, 2 for R26
  • Bakers Tennis Biscuits 200g, R17.99
  • Cadbury Chocolate Slabs Assorted 150g, 2 for R50
  • Willards Crinkle Cut 125g, 2 for R30
  • Bakers Blue Label Marie Biscuits 200g, 2 for R24
  • Clover Classic Long Life Custard 1l, R19.99
  • Nestle Quality Sweet Bag 425g, R89.99
  • Lindt Lindor Cornet Truffles 200g, R99.99
  • Willards Crinkle Cut Potato Chips Assorted 125g, 2 for R30
  • Jacobs Krönung Instant Coffee Jar, R99.99
  • Rama Spread Bread Tub 40% Fat Spread 1kg, R39.99
  • Clover Cheese 800g, R89.99
  • Protex Soap 150g, 3 for R33.99
  • Colgate Maximum Cavily Protection Gel OR Herbal White Toothpaste, R18.99
  • Twinsaver Toilet Roll 1 ply 15s, R69.99
  • Always Maxi Pads Singles, R13.99
  • Pampers Value Pack Active Diapers or Pants, R169.99 per pack. R169.99
  • Dove Roll-On 50ml, R22.99
  • ProWash Auto Washing Powder 2kg or Auto Liquid 2kg, R45.99
  • Tuffy Budget Refuse Bags 20s, R29.99
  • Husky Dog Food Assorted 775g, 2 for R48.99

Enjoy saving your money with Especials!

So here is the latest Spar Catalogue this week. You should browse these products and get your essentials at the lowest prices. Also, you should view other category pages and home page and see more catalogues and discounts in South Africa. Thus, you can easily save your money on your shopping. Moreover, you should subscribe to the best brands with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

Spar Specials 19 Apr – 1 May 2022

Spar Specials 19 April 2022 is where you will check out the lowest prices of the week on many popular grocery products! Many good deals and fair prices can be browsable on this Spar weekly catalogue. So you should take a look at all the pages! spar specials 19 apr 1 may 2022

Spar Specials 19 April 2022;

Spar is announcing its weekly opportunities with its new catalogue! Many quality brands met in a single Spar Catalogue! This catalog, where you can find the products of your own brand, is full of opportunities. You can use the various offers offered by Spar for a weekly shopping with lots of savings. You may have seen these opportunities on TV, too. Although the product range is limited, this catalog contains products from many categories. So you are likely to find a few of your needs in the catalogue. You can buy these popular products that we constantly consume in our daily life with the most affordable price options and save money. Spar is always committed to providing you with the best options! If a product you need is available in this catalog, make sure to use these offers! Super prices valid all over the country are waiting to be discovered. View all pages of this catalog now and start ticking your shopping list! These prices are valid from 19 April 2022 until 1 May 2022. You should visit Spar store before stocks last! So hurry up and enjoy shopping! Also, you get the chance to win a car when you buy the products in this catalog of Spar. To participate, simply purchase the products in the catalog. This person could be you too. Visit Spar now and get a chance to win a brand new car! In addition, if you have participated in the Spar rewards program, you can buy the products in this catalog at much lower prices. For detailed information, visit Spar or check the detailed information on its official site! Participation is easy!

Spar Specials This Week;

  • Black Cat Peanut Butter 400g assorted each, 2 for R58
  • Parmalat Prepackled Cheese 850g assorted each, R94.99
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Slab 80g assorted each, 2 for R20
  • Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite or Stoney 2.25 litre assorted, 2 for R20
  • Lifebuoy Hygiene Soap 175g Assorted, R22
  • Liqui Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend 1 litre Assorted, 2 for R35
  • Crosse & Blackwell Tangy or Creamy Mayonnaise 750g, R27.99
  • Nivea Body Lotion or Cream 400ml assorted each, R39.99
  • Bokomo Pronutro 500g Assorted each, R34.99
  • Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml assorted each, 2 for R20
  • Stork Country Spread 40% Fat Spread Tub 1kg, R38.99
So here is the latest Spar Catalogue this week! If you want to discover the latest specials and products, you can go to the home page. Also, you can subscribe to your favorite stores with your email from their category pages and follow us on our social media accounts! It is so easy to check out the latest offers in South Africa with us! Here u go!

Spar Specials 20 Mar – 4 Apr 2022

Get more EASTER SAVINGS with Spar Specials 20 March 2022! A wide range of groceries, unbeatable deals, and fair prices can be browsable on this Spar Weekly Catalogue! Let's prepare a shopping list and get your essentials at the lowest prices in Spar Store! spar specials 20 mar 4 apr 2022

Spar Specials 20 March 2022;

Spar shared a good catalogue for you! If you are ready for Easter shopping and need something for this special day, you should browse these Spar Weekly Specials. Many popular brands' products are on discount now. You should view all the pages and find your favorite products at low prices. There are many good ways to save more in Spar. Use this leaflet as a savings guide and enjoy shopping! These prices are valid from 20 March 2022 until 4 April 2022. You should hurry up before stocks last! Also, Spar offers a good products to prep food like a pro! You can save up to 80% on quality stainless steel kitchen knives! You should visit their store and get your collector card in store today! Moreover, if you want to save more, you should join Spar Rewards program! When you are a Spar rewards customer, you will save more on your daily essentials every week! Follow their leaflet and enjoy shopping!

Spar Specials This Week;

  • Baby Soft Toilet Rolls 2-ply 350 Sheets 18s, 2 for R200
  • Spar UHT Milk Full Cream 6 x 1 litre, R69.99
  • Nola Mayonnaise / Oil Salad Dressing / Squeeze Bottle, R26.99
  • Koo Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g, R10.99
  • Nescafe Classic Coffee Jar Range 200g, R74.99
  • Bokomo Pronutra Assorted 500g, R36.99
  • Spar White Sugar 2.5kg, R41.99
  • Knorr Salad Dressing Assorted, R22.99
  • Sasko Cake Flour 2.5kg, R25.99
  • Pasta Grande Spaghetti or Macaroni 500g, 2 for R22
  • Futurelife Smart Food, Zero, Kids or Bran Flakes, R32.99
  • Joko Teabags 100s, R34.99
  • Freshpak Tagless Rooibos Teabags 80s, R34.99
  • Jacobs Kroning Instant Coffee Jar 200g, R99.99
  • Liqui-Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend Assorted 2l, R32.99
  • Power Play Energy Drink 440ml, R11.99
  • McCain Peas, Corn and Carrots 750g, R29.99
  • McCain Skinny or Slap Chips 1kg, R32.99
  • Ola Rich'n Creamy Ice Cream Assorted 1.8l, R44.99
  • Danup 2 in 1 Multigrain Drinking Yoghurt 950g, R19.99
  • Fry's Pea Protein Mince 300g, R39.99
  • Rama Original 60% Fat Spread Tub 1kg, R44.99
  • Sunshine D Original Margarine Brick 500g, R21.99
  • Clover Butro Butter Spread 500g, R69.99
  • Spar Cheese 700g, R79.99
  • Spar Red or Smoked Viennas 500g, R29.99
  • Clover Fresh Milk 2 litre, R26.99
  • Spar Indulge or Seeded Double Cream Yoghurt 1kg, R27.99
  • Nu-Laid Large Eggs 18s, R33.99
  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 150ml, R27.99
  • Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml, 2 for R80
  • Dawn Body Lotion or Cream 400ml, R18.99
  • Sunlight Regular Washing Powder 3kg, R59.99
  • Omo Auto 2kg Semi Concentrate Liquid 1.5lt or Capsules, R59.99
  • Sta Soft Fabric Conditioner Base & Premium Range, R22.99
  • Listerine Total Care, Tooth & Gum Defense, R64.99
  • Spar Kitchen Towels Mega Rolls 2s Assorted, R32.99

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So here is the latest Spar Catalogue this week! If you want to check out more specials, deals, and products, you can go to the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! The latest specials in South Africa regularly published by us!

Spar Specials 8 – 20 March 2022

Get ready to view the lowest prices on dozens of special products with Spar Specials 8 March 2022! When you check this Spar Weekly Catalogue, you will encounter many good discounts and special products. If you need something from this leaflet, you shouldn't miss them! spar specials 8 20 march 2022

Spar Specials 8 - 20 March 2022;

It is so easy to save on grocery products in Spar Store. Many daily essentials and low prices are available on this Spar Weekly Catalogue! Soft drinks, personal care, breakfast, deli, dairy products, canned goods, pet, household, and much more are waiting for you at the new reaosnable prices. You can check out these products and their fair prices and get your essentials! These prices are valid limited time so you should hurry up. You should get your needs until 20 March 2022. There are many food products that you can place in your refrigerator and kitchen. Solid and liquid foods help you prepare different dishes and increase the flavor of your meals. You can make your meals lighter and better cooked. Thanks to organic food varieties, you can eat well by consuming natural foods. Snacks are products that you can consume while watching TV or when you want to get energy during the day. You can make the dishes and soups you prepare leave a more permanent mark on the palate. So let's take a look at Spar Weekly Specials and get your needs at low prices in their store!

Spar Specials This Week;

  • Coca-Cola Regular 1.5litre Soft Drink, 3 for R45
  • Shield Roll-On Deodorant 50ml Assorted, 2 for R36
  • Clover Tropika Dairy Fruit Mix 2 Litre Assorted, R25.99
  • Bokomo Weet-Bix 450g (Original Only), R19.99
  • Spar Cold Meat Range 200g Assorted, R18.99
  • Spar Extra Shelf Life Milk Full Cream or Low Fat Only 2l, R25.99
  • Ariel Auto Washing Powder 2kg, Liquid 1.1 / 1.5 litre or Capsules 14s, R59.99
  • Spar Pilchards 400g, Buy any 2 for R40
  • Spar Daily Spread 40% Fat Spread Tub 1kg, R24.99
  • Woof Dog Chunks 8kg by Spar, R129.99
So here is the latest Spar Catalogue this week! If you want to take a look at more discounts, products, and catalogues, you should view the home page. Also, you can go to your favorite stores' category pages and subscribe to them with your email! Thus, you can easily find the latest specials of the most popular stores! Moreover, you can follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest catalogues in South Africa regularly for you! Here u go!