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Spar specials are popular with its pretty reasonable prices on quality products in South Africa! Spar Catalogue offers the biggest product range.

Its catalogue contains super fresh produce, meat products, grocery, soft drink, canned foods, and many more. Moreover, they also produce and sell their own products. They introduce more than 1000 exclusive SPAR Brand products, available at whole country stores. Using only the best and super fresh ingredients, they make premium quality products at quite competitive prices. Therefore, these make Spar a great weekly shopping destination. Before you go to their store, you must browse the latest Spar Special to know which products are on sale.

See Spar Specials 10 Р23 June 2024 this week!

If you want to have instant cash discounts when you buy something at Spar, you should join Spar Rewards program. This program sends you electronic coupons every month. All you need to do is your phone number to sign up online or in-store. They also offer “Your Money Back Guarantee” on all products including Spar Brand products.

As you can see, Spar tops specials are one of the best for your weekly shopping. Their mission is to offer you the best products with the greatest opportunities. If you want to join this family and buy great products at reasonable prices, visit this category regularly and check out Spar sales!

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Spar Specials 9 – 21 May 2023

Winning Prices are waiting for you on Spar Specials 9 – 21 May 2023! Many popular products and reasonable prices have been announced by Spar! Let’s take a look at and enjoy shopping!

spar specials 9 - 21 may 2023

Winning Price of SPAR

Spar is one of South Africa’s most popular supermarket chains, known for its wide range of products and affordable prices. Spar Specials provide attractive offers to customers and enhances their shopping experience.

Spar’s weekly catalog tends to focus on different product categories, giving customers a variety of options. Spar Specials 9 – 21 May 2023¬†features a wide range of products including fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, staple foods, cleaning products and personal care products. Weekly discounts and promotions help customers save their budget and get the products they want at lower prices.

Spar weekly catalogue contains information such as product photos, names, quantities and discount prices. This way, you can easily see which products are on sale and how much you can save. In addition, the catalogue may contain special offers such as BOGO Free or exclusive discounts for loyalty card holders.

The weekly savings catalog gives customers the opportunity to plan ahead and optimize their budget before shopping. For example, if meat products are heavily discounted, you can adjust your weekly menu accordingly, or keep an eye out for promotions to stock up on discounted household cleaning products.

Spar Specials This Week

  • Bakers Blue Label Marie Biscuits 200g Assorted, Buy any 2 for R26
  • Clover Classic Smooth Yoghurt 6 x 100g Assorted, Buy any 2 for R30
  • Monster Energy Drink 500 ml Assorted, Buy any 2 for R27
  • Nivea Roll On Deodorant 50 ml Assorted, Buy any 2 for R38
  • Brookes Oros Squash 2 litre Assorted each, R34.99
  • Five Roses Tagless Teabags 100s, R39.99
  • Bokomo Weet-Bix 450g each, R24.99

Spar Specials 25 Apr – 7 May 2023

Unbeatable discounts on daily grocery essentials are waiting for you on Spar Specials 25 Apr – 7 May 2023! Focus on these awesome deals and buy your needs at low prices in Spar stores this week!

spar specials 3 10 april 2023

Spar Specials This Week

  • Parmalat Prepackaged Cheese 850g Assorted each, R99.99
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Slabs 80 g Assorted, Buy any 2 for R25
  • Coca-Cola Regular Only 2.25 litre, 2 for R45
  • Liquid Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend 1 litre Assorted each, R19.99
  • Crosse & Blackwell Tangy or Mild and Creamy Mayonnaise 750g each, R29.99
  • Nivea Body Lotion or Cream 400 ml Assorted each, R48.99
  • Black Cat Peanut Butter 400 g Assorted each, R28.99
  • Red Bull Energy Drink 250 ml Assorted, 2 for R22
  • Lifebuoy Hygiene Soap 175g Assorted, 2 for R25
  • Stork Country 40% Fat Spread Tub 1 kg each, R39.99
  • Bokomo Weet-Bix 900g, R39.99

Spar Specials 3 – 10 April 2023

Spar Specials 3 – 10 April 2023 is where you will check out Super Saver Week Sale! Many good products are on discount now and you can buy your weekly grocery essentials at low prices!

spar specials 3 10 april 2023

Spar Specials This Week

  • Knorr Aromat 75 g Assorted, R9.99
  • Spar Golden Corn Flakes 500g and Long Life Milk 1l, R35
  • Glen Tagless Teabags 100s per pack, R21.99
  • Spar Family Value Hamper 4.2 kg, R129.99
  • Knorrox Stock Cubes 24s Assorted each, R17.99
  • Iwisa, Nyala or Super Sun Super Maize Meal 5kg, R49.99
  • Spar Margarine Brick 500g each, R18.99
  • Nola Mayonnaise 500g-780g Assorted each, R29.99
  • Nescafe Ricoffy 250g, R39.99
  • Sasko Premium Slices or More Slices White Bread 700g, R30

Spar Specials 7 – 19 March 2023

Browse this week’s deals as seen on TV with Spar Specials 7 March 2023! Dozens of special buys, affordable prices and much more benefits for a good weekly grocery shopping can be browsable on this Spar Weekly Catalogue!

spar specials 7 19 march 2023