Tips To Look Great With Avon October 2019 Brochure

In this article, you will see awesome tips to look great with Avon October 2019 Brochure. As much as work clothes affect our reputation, the hair and makeup we make on the way to work are equally important. So, how should the businesswoman do makeup and hair?

Perhaps the most time spent by businesswomen is at workplaces or offices. The clothes they wear are as important as the work they do. Work clothes are one of the most important factors affecting the business reputation. Clothing should not be underestimated, because work clothes show the respect of the employee to both himself and the people in front of him. Likewise, makeup is as important as choosing clothes.

Here’s what you need to do to look well-groomed in the office:


When going to work, hair must be properly. If you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser, find the most natural model that suits you and create your practical hairstyles at home. You can use a hair straightener. Take advantage of products that will prevent your hair to frizz. Once you’ve found a few natural models that suit you, it’s best to apply them every morning.

After you have taken care of your hair and found the right haircut for you, it will be very easy to shape your hair yourself. As you get older, the hair dries and wears out. Therefore, shorter models should be preferred as age gets older. Short hair is easy to shape and makes people look younger than they are.
You can use AVON 360 Nourishment series to keep your hair soft after cutting. See page 176 of Avon October 2019 Brochure for more information.


Every well-groomed businesswoman spends at least 15 minutes of make-up every morning; When done well and correctly, it provides integrity with clothes and hair. When you do your skincare regularly and apply moisturizer, makeup is very easy. You can make your skin ready for make-up by choosing one of AVON’s Care moisturizers to suit your own skin. If you want to know more about the products, please see page 128 of Avon Brochure October 2019. Most women already know how to do makeup. That’s why it’s not the material you’re applying, it’s important that you care for your skin. Because it is easy to make up a healthy-looking skin.

Natural light tones prevent you from making mistakes. Dark and heavy make-up is not suitable for businesses. Light concealer, blush, mascara & lipstick changes your look Giving you a little make-up when you go to work gives you confidence and helps your business go well.

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