Top Tips For Using An Illuminator For A Healthy Glow

In this article, you will see top tips for using an illuminator for a healthy glow with Avon Brochure December 2019. Illuminators are light, reflecting products that can be found in liquid, cream and powder form. They further enhance our appearance and make the skin brighter, more radiant; they also make cheekbones more prominent. Illuminators also revitalize dull or aging skin and emphasize your favorite facial features in a gentle, natural way – not just to make you look bright, but to highlight a particular area.

You can use the illuminator in a variety of ways: For a brilliant glow, mix a few drops into your moisturizer or apply the glow to the areas you want with a make-up brush after your foundation.
Start at the inner corners to enlarge your eyes, then apply them under the eyebrow belt to make your eyebrow bone clear and clear.
Then highlight the cheekbones; Stir until the temples.
You can also apply it on the lip to give a larger lip illusion.

Illuminators From Avon December 2019 Brochure;

Choose the Right Highlighter for Your Skin

Select the lightening tone that matches your skin tone. If your skin is olive-colored, choose a golden, peach-colored brightener; Those with light skin should choose shades of pink and silver. For a smooth blend, match the texture of the illuminator to your foundation; So if you are using liquid foundation, choose a liquid formula. However, it is important to think about what looks good on your skin type. For example, powder brighteners may not work well on dry skin types, but oily skin may welcome the matting effect of this type.

Apply Concealer Before Use

Before you start highlighting your face, map the parts of your face you want to highlight using a toned concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. Areas to be mapped include the forehead and under-eye. If you are looking for a concealer, you should try Mark Nude Matte Concealer from page 64 of Avon Catalogue December 2019 pdf.

Here are Top Tips For Using An Illuminator For A Healthy Glow. If you want to see more products, deals, and discounts, you should browse all pages of Avon December 2019 Catalogue pdf! Here you go! Also, follow us on Facebook!


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