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Here is the best place to find the newest Vodacom Specials! Everyone has different tastes when it comes to mobile phone models.

See Vodacom Specials 7 December 2020 this week!

While some want to take quality photos with their mobile phones, some want to play games, some use it only for messages and conversations, and some use all their business through their mobile phones, including shopping and banking in daily life. But there are some common features that everyone is looking for when shopping for mobile phones: affordable price and quality. When it comes to affordable mobile phone models, Vodacom opportunities immediately take a step ahead of its competitors.

Vodacom Specials mean quality and affordable prices. First of all, there are mobile phone brands in Vodacom that decorate everyone’s dreams. Examples of these brands are Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony. People who are unaware of Vodacom prices are afraid that mobile phone shopping can shake their budgets. However, they always offer the best quality models at prices that prioritize their customers’ budgets. Even the best-selling mobile phone models in Vodacom periodically go on sale. People who follow Vodacom Catalogue constantly can be informed about these campaigns and can choose among their favorite mobile phone models at affordable prices with us!

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Vodacom Specials 20 May 2020

Red Hot Data Dealz has started on Vodacom Specials 20 May 2020! You should take a look at this Vodacom Catalogue and get your favorite contracts. Internet usage is increasing day by day, and the rate of data usage per individual is also increasing. Therefore, the quality and quantity of internet packages that users need have also changed. Keep your family connected with unbeatable deals of Vodacom! These prices on this catalogue is valid until 26 May 2020.

vodacom specials 20 may 2020

Vodacom contains dozens of offers such as Sim Only, Samsung Offers, Huawei Offers, Apple Offers, Laptop offers, and many more. Therefore, you should browse their offers. I will give you some information about some of them. iPhone SE is now available from only R429 PM x 36. Also, you can reach laptop deals. Make home-schooling effortless with the HP 14 AMD Laptop + Huawei R218H router, for only R429 PM x 36.

Vodacom Specials 20 May 2020;

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Vodacom Specials April 2020

Vodacom Specials April 2020 is available to check out now! Many special offers and many useful smartphones of top brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are waiting for you! Also it is possible to reach awesome deals! For example; you can stand a chance to win connected Samsung Appliances valued R150.000 when you sign-up or upgrade to the S20 series, Note10 series , S10, A51, and A71 Smartphones. So let’s check Vodacom Specials April 2020 and see awesome offers!

vodacom specials april 2020

Huawei P30 Pro

This Vodacom Catalogue is full of smartphones. I want to talk about Huawei P30 Pro in this article. With its innovative approaches and unique technologies, ‌‌Huawei adds a new one to its high-end products. With the ‌Huawei ‌P30 ‌Pro, you can experience tablet enthusiasm on a large 6.47-inch screen and get a çözünürlükteFull ‌HD resolution image. ‌Huawei ‌TOF camera technology allows you to measure depth, length, and width during the photo shoot. So you can take more aesthetic and artistic photos. The ‌P30 ‌‌Pro, which is appreciated for its wireless charging feature, also provides a great advantage to its users with its fast charging feature.

The device has a water-resistant attitude thanks to its structure designed to prevent sudden drops. The speaker, which is developed with acoustic screen technology rather than a classical speaker design, provides a larger screen and higher quality sound reproduction.

Bringing a new breath to photography, the brand reflects its quality with its sharpness at night shots. ‌Huawei ‌P30 ‌Pro ‌SuperZoom lens, with a 40 ‌MP super-sensitive camera, 20 ‌MP ‌ultra-wide-angle lens and ‌TOF camera, resonates greatly. Thanks to its quad-camera system, the device makes great efforts to include all the surrounding objects in the frame. With the color saturation provided by the main camera, it offers access to details of unprecedented resolution. Also, with the ‌50x ‌zoom, you can clearly view even the most distant objects.

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Vodacom Specials March 2020

In this article, you will see some information about Vodacom Specials March 2020! Leading the telecom industry in South Africa, Vodacom has been offering telecom and communication services to its customers since 1994 and connecting its users to the world with an affordable price, smooth and high-quality internet. Offering fiber internet and fixed telephony services to its individual customers with its unique infrastructure, Vodacom aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by responding to the needs of existing customers in the best way as well as the advantages such as updated attractive priced campaigns, real unlimited internet, and free installation.

vodacom specials march 2020

Also, you can reach many smartphones on this Vodacom Catalogue! You should take a look at these selections and get your favorite one! My favorite one is Samsung S20+ from the main page of Vodacom Specials March 2020! These promotions are valid until 31 March 2020. Therefore, you should hurry up!

Plug-and-Play Business Internet LTE;

Business Deals;

  • Huawei P30 Lite 2020 + Huawei MediaPed T5 10″ + 50GB Business Internet LTE Smart M+
    PM x 24, R799 (400 minutes, 900mb data, 400sms)
  • iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, 50 GB Additional Data. Smart L+
    PM x 24, R1299 (600minutes, 1.2gb data, 600sms)

No wires, no waiting for lines. The average speed of 25Mbps. And you can save up to 20% on your voice bill! For more details, you can check on page 3 of this Vodacom Catalog! Also, if you want to see more supermarket specials, products, and deals, you should visit the main page! And follow us on Facebook! Here u go!