Avon Brochure Beauty Collection 10 August 2020

Get instant skincare results with Avon Brochure Beauty Collection 10 August 2020! The New Limited Edition Collection is waiting for you! You’d better hurry up because the products in this catalog are limited in stocks. These great products have dropped in price, so it’s time to buy your needs here!

In recent years, Korean skincare products have become popular all over the world, with everyone talking about the success and effective results of Korean skincare products. Like many giant cosmetics companies, Avon has presented Korean skincare products to you with great deals! K-Beauty or otherwise known as the Korean Skin Care Routine consists of 10 steps. We shared them for you!

What are the Steps of Korean Skin Care?

Oil Based Cleaner; Oil-based cleansers that dissolve make-up or facial dirt help to gently cleanse the skin.

Cleansing Foam; It is important to continue cleaning the skin gently. You should use this product to dissolve the oil-based cleanser and not leave any oil or dirt on the skin.

Peeling; This step is not recommended every day. 2 or 3 times is enough. It is better to apply once a week for sensitive skin. The peeling process, which deeply cleanses the skin from dead skin and dirt, also helps the products applied on it to absorb and act better.

Tonic; It cleans the dirt that may be left on the skin and balances the skin pH. It can also be moisturizing depending on its content.

Essence; Logically, essences that act between tonic and serum prepare the skin for moisturizing and restorative care products.

Serum; A serum with a formula for the need is applied to the skin. Serum in high concentration reaches the lower layers of the skin, showing an almost therapeutic effect.

Mask; 20 minutes after the serum is applied, moisture is bombarded, preferably with a sheet mask, and the moisture is trapped in the skin. Do not keep the mask on your face for more than the holding time written on it.

Eye Cream; A need-based eye care product is applied against possible dryness and signs of aging around your eyes.

Moisturizer; When it comes to “skincare”, the moisturizers that come to mind, first of all, are in second place from the last in Korean Skin Care. Pay attention to the application by massaging.

Sunscreen; A must for the day! Do not forget to apply sunscreen to minimize sun damage to your skin. Moreover, this step is vital for people of all nations.

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