AVON Brochure March 2022

Discover the latest AVON Products and unbelievable deals with AVON Brochure March 2022! Pretty rich product range, special AVON Specials, and much more are waiting for you on this Avon Catalogue! Let’s view all the pages to save more on cosmetic shopping!

Also, you will see useful tips for natural-looking makeup with AVON Products! You should check it out and find the best products for your skin type and special makeup tricks! Follow the steps and get the healthiest and beautiful look with AVON!

Tips for Natural-Looking Makeup with AVON;

Not to cover the flaws, but to reveal the beauty! Here is the motto of natural makeup and here are makeup tips that will make you look natural with AVON March 2022 Brochure PDF! Enjoy discovering!

Smile into Your Makeup Mirror!

When you look for points in yourself that aren’t ‘good enough’ and focus on them, you get anxious and look for a thousand and one solutions to get better. Not being satisfied with any of the products you have tried, collecting make-up products that you have never used at home or even know how to use arise from this concern.

If you try to love and reveal the beauties unique to you and enjoy while doing your makeup, your whole mood will change. First of all, you will feel more confident and you will prefer a natural-looking make-up.

AVON Skin Care 2022;

When starting make-up, applying more than one preparation product such as base, cream, serum in a row also damages our skin when we say foundation and concealer. When we apply all these products at the same time, we not only get away from the natural texture of our skin, but also prevent the production of oil and water under make-up, and we lose the appearance of a healthy and radiant complexion. Try to start the day with a well-groomed, make-up-ready and plain skin by doing most of your skin care at night. Let’s see the best night cream from AVON March 2022 Brochure PDF!

AVON Night Cream;

  • Anew Reversalist Night Revitalising Cream 50ml, R259
  • Avon Ageless Restoring Overnight Gel 50ml, R209
  • Anew Platinum Night Replenishing Cream 50ml, R319
  • Anew Ultimate Night Restoring Cream 50ml, R299
  • Platinum Night Cream Trial Size 15ml, R99
  • Anew Reversalist Night Cream Trial Size 15ml, R79
  • Anew Supreme Advanced Performance Crème 50ml, R259
  • Ultimate Night Cream Trial Size 15ml, R89

In addition, remember that you do not need a lot of products for a natural look in make-up. Instead of always using products that cover the skin such as foundation, sometimes you can get a radiant look with just a base of makeup and a very light transparent powder. Only BB/CC cream and a light illuminator can also be a good choice for a natural make-up. If you are in search for BB or CC cream, you can browse Avon Catalogue March 2022! Here u go!

Naturalness in Skin Make-up

It is very important to choose the lightest foundation/concealer that best suits your skin color. In powder applications, you should be careful not to overdo it in order to prevent a powdery, stereotyped appearance. Do not forget that applications such as porcelain make-up and permanent make-up actually distract you from a “real” look and hide your beauty behind powders and concealers. We share the best Avon beauty products from the latest AVON Brochure below! Let’s view them!

The Most Popular AVON Products;

  • Avon Magix Smoothing SPF 20 Primer 30ml, R149,95
  • Avon True Power Stay 24-Hour Foundation 30ml, R199,95
  • True Flawless Ultramatte Cream-To-Powder Foundation SPF 12, R179,95
  • Avon True Flawless Ultramatte Foundation 30ml, R99,95
  • Avon Precious Earth Metallic Bronzing Powder, R139,95
  • Mark Supreme Eyeshadow Playbook 28 grams, R479,95
  • Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls 22 grams, R129,95
  • Avon Brow Showcase Palette 4.2 grams, R129,95
  • Face & Body Bronzing Gel 100ml, R99,95
  • Euphoric Featherlight False Lash Striking Purple Mascara, R94,95
  • Avon True 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara 10ml, R129,95
  • Avon Matte Legend Lipstick 3.6 grams, R99,95
  • Color Trend Real Conceal Liquid Concealer 10ml, R59,95
  • Avon True Power Stay 24-Hour Liquid Liner 1.2ml, R129,95
  • Avon True Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner 0.28 grams, R39,95

It is among the stereotypical misconceptions that a darker foundation will cover better or give a more successful result with a bronze look. To find the right color, you can test your foundation on your décolleté area to find harmony between body and face. Apply a light, shimmery foundation little by little with a sparse bristle brush. At this point, the most useful brushes will be black and white brushes, which we encounter very often in the market, consisting of a mixture of synthetic and original bristles.


If you want to make up like nothing or make your makeup natural, eye pencils can be your biggest helper. By choosing creamy, dark-colored products, you can define your eye shape with a few small touches, and you can even get an exaggerated misty eye look with the help of a tiny brush. Light-colored eyeliners, on the other hand, can be very useful for highlighting the eyes and providing a more alert look.

The Best AVON Eyeliner;

  • Avon True Glimmersticks Eyeliner 0.28 grams, R39,95
  • Avon True Power Stay 24-Hour Liquid Liner 1.2ml, R129,95
  • True Diverse Lines Liquid Liner 1ml, R99,95
  • Avon True Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner 0.28 grams, R39,95
  • Avon True Power Stay 16-Hour Eyeliner 0.35 grams, R89,95

Natural Brow

If your eyebrows look natural, your makeup will also look natural. Transparent or colored eyebrow mascara are ideal for slightly wet-looking, individually combed natural eyebrows. For a sharper look, you can imitate the look of feathers and provide a transition between light and dark tones with the help of a thin brush while filling the eyebrows with pomade.

AVON Products for Brow;

  • Avon Brow Showcase Palette 4.2 grams, R129,95
  • True Dual Ended Brow Liner 1.08 grams, R89,95
  • Eyebrow Duo Brush, R69,95
  • Avon 3-in-1 Brow Set in Tin, R99

So here is the AVON Brochure March 2022! You can browse its category page and see more discounted cosmetics and catalogues here. Not only AVON but also many popular brands’ deals are waiting for you on other category pages and home page. See them and discover the best deals! Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

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