Avon Brochure Masks and Sanitisers 18 June 2020

Stay safe and reduce risk with products of Avon Brochure Masks and Sanitisers 18 June 2020! The use of masks has become crucial to protect against coronavirus and prevent the spread of the disease with the COVID-19 outbreak. There are many different types of masks.

These; washable masks, sterile masks, surgical masks, protective face shields, disposable masks, 3-layered masks, patterned masks, colored masks. In Avon’s hygiene category contains patterned washable masks for children, men, women. Also, alcohol-based hand disinfectants are waiting for you.

Washable Masks

There are washable masks in different patterns and prints. With the ability to be washed, these masks can be used multiple times. Some models have pockets with a disposable mask inside. It provides full harmony to the face. They are not medical/surgical masks for accessory use. So it is recommended to wash and dry after each use.

Avon Specials Masks and Sanitisers;

Experts state that it is critical to have a three-layer filter, wrap around the nose, adapt to the face, and have a wire inside. When choosing a good mask, it is not very important what the mask prices are. In the market, it is possible to find quality standard masks at economical prices.

The most important rule to consider when using a mask is to wash your hands very well before and after wearing the mask. Failure to touch the mask with our hands while the mask is attached on our face. If the hands came into contact with the mask during use, the mask should be replaced if possible.

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