Avon Brochure Spoil Your Loved Ones 1 – 30 November 2021

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Avon Brochure 1 November 2021

Eye area care is one of the most demanding care. Since it is a very sensitive area, everything from the product used to the movements should be done as meticulously as possible. Eye area care is important so that you do not look tired and older than you are. If you want to have a more vivid and sharp view, we recommend you to read this article and try Avon Skincare products.

Eye Contour Care

No matter what we do, we cannot stop the progress of time. After a year, you will see that the problems you don’t want start to appear on your skin. If you start to eliminate them as soon as you notice them, your chances of encountering bad results in the future will decrease.

Some problems begin to appear around the eyes from the age of 20. Due to fatigue, bruises may be seen from small scales. Especially the time spent in front of the computer and the phone causes the eyes to get tired, look sunken and baggy. Of course, this also varies according to the person’s genetics, skin structure, and skin care routine.

AVON Eye Care Products

However, it is recommended to start eye care from the age of 25. This is due to the decrease in collagen production under the skin from the age of 20. Collagen is found in skin cells and its main task is to strengthen the connective tissue. When it decreases, the elasticity of the skin begins to decrease gradually. This causes the eye area to age faster and wrinkles to form. In order to avoid such a situation, you can use creams with a firming effect after the age of 25. With Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Lift System, you don’t have to wait weeks for this tightening process. Thanks to the two important minerals in its content, it is instantly absorbed by the skin and helps you achieve a smooth appearance. It also protects your under-eyes against signs of aging in the long run.

AVON Eye Contour Care

Eye cream is a very functional product in eliminating the problems around the eyes and taking on a protective role in the long run. But before using the cream, it is necessary to know how the cream should be applied. Because the eye area can turn into something you don’t want at the slightest wrong move. It may be red and painful. The skin surrounding the eye is so thin that you may even see bruising. For this reason, it would be good to first explain how the cream should be applied.

AVON Popular Skincare;

  • Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Lift System 20ml, R159
  • Anew Dark Circle Corrector Dual Eye System 20ml, R219
  • Nutraeffects Soothe Micellar Water 50ml, R25
  • Anew Clinical Dark Circle Corrector Dual Eye System Sachets 2.2ml, R10
  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System 20ml, R249
  • Nutraeffects Dual Action Instant Eye Makeup Remover 50ml, R25

AVON Under Eye Cream

Creams are always the first thing that comes to mind in eye care. It is both easy to access and apply. These creams may differ according to their content, but in general, they have a repairing and protective task around the eyes.
As we age, the barriers around the eyes lose their repair and protection function. As a result, wrinkles form around the eyes and under-eye bags occur. Eyes always look tired and dark. When the stress of the day, the weather and your eating habits are added to this, it becomes almost impossible to escape from the problems because they are clearly revealed.

If you want to eliminate these problems around the eyes and prevent potential problems, Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Lift System is for you. Thanks to components such as rosehip oil, bay leaf root juice and vitamin C in its content, it nourishes and repairs your under eye. With special oils, your skin is moisturized and revitalized. The annoying tonal difference under the eyes is also reduced.

Eye contour care is a care that you should not skip for a more lively and energetic look. You should not neglect your care if you do not want to encounter wrinkles, to see the collapses and bags under the eyes in advancing ages.

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