Avon Specials 22 – 31 July 2022

Christmas in July Sale has begun on Avon Specials 22 July 2022! Accessories, hair care, body care, fragrances, skin care, and many more are waiting for you on this catalogue. You can also view good gift sets on this leaflet. Browse them!

Avon Specials 22 July 2022

When you check this AVON Catalogue, you will see many special discounts on the most popular AVON Fragrances, Avon Body Care, Avon Skincare, Avon Haircare, and much more. You should browse these discount brochure to save more on the best cosmetics! Also, we shared some tips for using sunscreen! Let’s read it and discover the best Avon Suncare products!

Things to Consider When Using Sunscreen

Although the shine of the summer sun awakens joy and enthusiasm in us, there are some things we should pay attention to; When it comes to the use of sunscreen, there may be some mistakes that we know right and even things that we do not pay attention to. When sun rays come into contact with unprotected skin, they can have negative effects such as accelerating the aging effect of the skin, triggering the formation of wrinkles, forming stains, lowering the moisture level of the skin, and even skin cancer. In this case, it is very important to use sunscreen correctly.

Don’t wait to hit the beach to use sunscreen.

We can make the mistake of using sunscreen only on sunny days. But UV rays also penetrate on cloudy days. Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen for 365 days. In the summer season, it is necessary to keep the work a little tighter. Using sunscreen should become a habit, just like brushing your teeth and washing your face. If you need a effective cleansers, you should check out Avon Brochure! There are many special cleansers on the latest brochure at low prices!

It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours if you are going to stay in the sun for a longer time, sweat a lot or after swimming. Of course, we all have a hard time searching for the right sunscreen. Your dermatologist can help you choose the ideal sunscreen based on your skin type, lifestyle and outdoor activities.

What are the most common mistakes we make when using sunscreen?

We all give priority to our face when using sunscreen. However, we can neglect the neck and décolleté area. In addition, the neck, ears, tops of the feet, the back of the hands and lips are some of the areas that are overlooked. When using sunscreen, we recommend making sure you treat your entire body fairly. You shouldn’t make these mistakes and get the healthiest look!

AVON Suncare Products;

  • Avon Care Kids Multi-Vitamin Sun Cream SPF 50 75ml, R89 (SAVE R15)
  • Care Sun Face + Body Pure & Sensitive Sun Cream SPF 50 150ml, R159 (SAVE R20)
  • Avon Care After Sun Moisturising Gel 150ml, R62 (SAVE R7)
  • Avon Care Face Shine Control Sun Cream SPF 30 50ml, R82 (SAVE R32)
  • Care Sun Face + Body Sun Cream SPF 50 150ml, R149 (SAVE R20)
  • Avon Care Sun Face Shine Control Sun Cream SPF 50 50ml, R139
  • Avon Care Sun Face Shine Control Sun Cream SPF 50 & 3-in-1 Sun Lotion SPF 30, R199
  • Care Sun Face + Body 3-in-1 Sun Lotion SPF 30 150ml, R145


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