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Here is the best address for Avon Brochure in South Africa! Founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell, Avon is one of the world’s most famous cosmetics brands.

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The brand, which has millions of members with the direct sales method, sells through the Avon catalogue, both through independent product representatives and the online sales system. The company aims to meet all your needs about women’s beauty for 130 years. It is called a company where women work for women in the sector.

Avon touched thousands of lives with the slogan of “The Beauty of our values”. It has been among the brands that women in our country know and trust since 1995. Avon has gained the trust of South African women thanks to its wide range of products offered within the scope of Africa, attractive new products. And reliable ingredients produced with the latest technology. If you are one of those who cannot give up Avon quality, here you can find them online catalogue. And you can see the most detailed information about all products.


Emotional, positive, independent, attractive, know no boundaries… Isn’t every person’s character a bit like we counted? Just like perfumes. What do you say to choose the most suitable perfume for your own character in Avon? It is now at your fingertips to receive information about attractive and different fragrances of men and women. The most special and provocative scents such as Avon Celebrate, Perceive, Far Away, Pur Blanca, Soft Musk, Cherish, Rare are located in Avon. For example, if you have a dizzying structure with its appeal, while Rare Pearls prefer floral fragrances that stimulate emotions; If you are someone who attracts attention with your positive smiles in every environment, Incandescence or Femme perfume, which is the strongest of oriental fragrances, should be just for you!

While you have a fast and busy business life, if your energetic structure never disappears, while choosing Full Aromatic fragrance; If you display cheerful attitudes with natural and simple life, Celebre, which is dominated by fruity scents, is perfect for you! If you still cannot choose a perfume that suits you, you can browse the perfume category of Avon, which includes dozens of brands.


It is a known fact that women do not wander without makeup to add a distinctive flair to their charm. In fact, it is not that difficult to emphasize beauty with the right makeup. For this reason, the products used must be durable, quality, and eye-catching. You will be amazed by Avon’s special products, which are highly specialized in makeup. It is in your hands to add a brand new air to your cosmetic bags with Color Trend, Anew Makeup, Mark and Avon True Color brands, and even the majority of which are Avon’s own brands.

Everything You Need is Here

If the subject is beauty, there is everything in Avon Specials. Care products for the mirror of beauty, hair creams, shampoos, and dyes for healthy hair; Within the scope of personal care, many products such as shower gel, bath and spa products, deodorants, foot care products are waiting for you.

Of course, it is very easy to look completely in style at Avon, which has fashion-oriented designs in addition to cosmetics, underwear, outerwear products, bags, wallets, sunglasses, accessories, and watches.

If you want to see the current Avon Catalogue, you should visit this page regularly! Here you go!

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Avon Brochure Unmask Your Power Pout 28 – 30 June 2022

Unmask your power pout with the best products of Avon Brochure 28 June 2022! A wide range of lipsticks and their pretty reasonable prices are available on this Avon Catalogue! View these specials and have your favourite Avon lipsticks with special discounts! avon brochure unmask your power pout 28 30 june 2022

AVON Brochure 28 June 2022;

Avon lipsticks have become the favorite of all users with their colors, permanence and special formulas that nourish the lips. And these products stand out with the advantageous offers offered by Avon. Avon lipsticks create a wide range of functions for users with options that appeal to all tastes. Moreover, the Avon lipstick collection is diversified to be used in liquid, solid, pencil or gloss applications. It provides efficient results by offering easy use in make-up routines that are suitable for different seasons and environments. Avon lipsticks create a versatile usage area for consumers with their moisturizing and plumping effects. Thanks to their consistency, brush and shape, these products can be worn easily and stay on the lips for long hours. In order to acquire the most valuable pieces of your lipstick collection, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and tastes among Avon lipsticks. You can emphasize your glamorous beauty by using Avon lipsticks in daily make-up or heavy night make-up. Thanks to your colorful and full lips for a long time, you can always have the opportunity to feel very well-groomed and aesthetic.

The Best Avon Lipsticks

You can find the best of the bright and silvery lipsticks that never go out of fashion in the Avon series. It offers quite a wide range of possibilities for both day and night make-up. You can choose glittery Avon lipstick and gloss varieties, especially for wet-looking make-ups. These products will not only make your lip lines clear, but also help you achieve a more striking and remarkable appearance. Thanks to the natural moisturizers it contains, it prevents problems such as dryness and peeling on the lips. In addition, their dense and robust structure allows their permanence to increase. In this way, the hassle of frequently renewing lipstick ends and you can be sure that you always look beautiful. You can achieve both aesthetic and larger lip appearances by using products developed with menthol extracts that make the lips a little fuller naturally. In this way, you can reveal your style with your make-up while reflecting the light inside you.

Matte and Permanent Effect with Avon Lipsticks

The matte lipstick series creates a velvet effect on the lips. This is one of the alternatives among Avon lipsticks that receives full points from users. These products create a natural and assertive look on the lips. It offers versatile use with different varieties as liquid and normal lipstick. Ergonomic brush structures of liquid products and curved ends of solid lipsticks not only make your job easier while applying, but also make it possible to give the lips a perfect shape. Thus, it is possible to reach the most efficient state of lipstick application, which is the last touch of every make-up. By using only one mascara and matte lipstick, you can achieve a perfect and effective look thanks to your easy make-up.

General Features of Avon Lipsticks

  • Thanks to its variety of colors, it shows features that appeal to every style and taste.
  • Avon lipsticks are easy and practical to use.
  • They do not contain harmful chemicals and do not spoil the structure of the lip.
  • Thanks to their special ingredients, they create a lasting effect.
In order to acquire the most valuable pieces of your lipstick collection, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and tastes among Avon lipsticks. You can emphasize your glamorous beauty by using Avon lipsticks in daily make-up or heavy night make-up. Thanks to your colorful and full lips for a long time, you can always have the opportunity to feel very well-groomed and aesthetic.

Favourite AVON Products | Lips;

  • Avon 2-in-One Cushion Cloud Creamy Lip & Cheek Colour, R99
  • Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte, R89
  • Oh So Tokyo Lip And Cheek Tint, R89
  • Avon Power Stay 16-Hour Lip Colour, R199
  • Avon Ultra Creamy Lipstick 3.6 grams, R119.95
  • Color Trend Kiss Creamy Lipstick 3.6 grams, R59
  • Avon True Glimmersticks Lip Liner 0.28 grams, R65
  • Avon Ultra Colour Lip Paint Hydrating Matte Liquid Lipstick, R135
  • True Matte Legend Lipstick Sample, R6
  • Avon Matte Legend Lipstick 3.6 grams, R109
  • Color Trend Kiss N Go Matte Lipstick 3.6 grams, R59
  • Color Trend Fruity Lip Gloss 10ml, R45.90
  • Avon Ultra Colour Lip Gloss Nourishing Shine 7ml, R89
  • Avon True Power Stay 10-Hour Liquid Stain 3ml, R199
  • Color Trend Creamy D'Licious Matte Liquid Lipstick 5ml, R75
  • Avon Precious Earth Lip Sculpt 1 gram, R99
  • Color Trend Kiss N Go Frutti Matte Orange Lipstick 3.6 grams, R29
  • Avon Ultra Matte Lipstick 3.6 grams, R119.95
  • Avon Ultra Creamy Lipstick Sample 0.6 grams, R6
  • True Perfectly Matte Lipstick 3.6 grams, R119.95
  • Avon Ultra Matte Lipstick Sample 0.6 grams, R6
  • Avon True Crème Legend Lipstick 3.6 grams, R159

Avon Brochure End of Season Sale 27 – 30 June 2022

Avon Brochure End of Season Sale 2022 help you to save maximum on the most popular Avon cosmetics such as fragrances, skincare, body care and more. You should benefit from these pretty fair prices and buy your favourite Avon products with special offers! avon brochure end of season sale 27 30 june 2022

Avon Brochure End of Season Sale 2022;

In the winter months when nature renews itself, we started to pay extra attention to our self-care. In this transition period, which is considered as a kind of preparation for winter, it is time to reflect the winter energy inside us on our skin!

AVON Skin care series

We believe that it is not the right approach to collect skin types under several headings. Like fingerprints, our skin is unique and special. Therefore, a single moisturizer, oil or mask is not enough to meet our skin needs. It is necessary to examine the skin, analyze its needs, nourish and improve it with different ingredients. We also find the product series prepared for this purpose very functional. The idea of getting the most effective results by using different moisturizers and masks together seems right to me. We would like to talk about AVON's energizing and skin-balancing masks, which were created with the partnership of France-South Korea, which I researched, discovered and loved in line with this need, and developed with the medicinal plants of South Korea. This series consists of different masks. They allows you to apply it to different parts of your skin and helps you meet your needs in the most accurate way. In this way, you can have a more lively and healthy appearance in a short time. First of all, We recommend that you analyze your skin, determine its needs and apply the care steps regularly. Also, apply the mask on clean, preferably exfoliated skin. After the dead skin and pores are cleaned, you will get more effective results in every way you do, don't forget! We have listed the masks according to the application times. In line with your needs, you can apply the masks to your skin in this order and time, or separately.

AVON Moisturizing and plumping mask

First, apply the AVON Moisturizing and Plumping Mask to the dry, cracking and wrinkling areas of your skin. Apply the mask to the areas of your skin where you feel that your skin has lost its vitality and fullness. Since it has a gel structure, you will quickly feel freshness and comfort. After waiting for 10 minutes, you can apply it to the skin, if you wish, you can take more if you wish. This mask, which contains antioxidants, quickly moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, allowing you to have a younger and radiant skin appearance. At the same time, it supports the opening of expression lines and fine wrinkles and restoring the elasticity of the skin tissue.

AVON Radiant mineral-based mask

We can say that AVON Mineral Mask, among many products that I have tried for many years, has come to the top with its quality and effect. Apply the mask to the lifeless, dull or de-energized area of your skin. Apply by massaging in circular motions for 1 minute to activate. Then rinse with water and instantly notice the glow on the skin. We can say that there is no other product that can show such a rapid effect in such a short time. It instantly rejuvenates and brightens your skin. It provides the minerals and support that the skin needs. From the first use, I am sure you will add it to the list of indispensables like me.

AVON Restorative night mask

The skin performs cell renewal at night. Especially night care and applications give more effective and precise results. After cleansing and purifying your skin with a clay mask, plumping mask and mineral mask, nourish it with all the moisture and nutrients it needs with AVON Anti-Fatigue Repair Night Mask. Provide overnight care and moisture to keep your clean and vibrant skin younger and healthier for a long time. Our skin is our largest and unique organ. Do not forget to show the care and attention it needs and pamper yourself with products with clean ingredients.

AVON July 2022 Brochure PDF

Find your favourite Avon products such as their good fragrances, useful skincare with AVON July 2022 Brochure PDF! You can check this catalogue and discover the best Avon Specials! View all the brochure and see their pretty reasonable prices this month!

AVON July 2022 Brochure PDF;

When you say sun rays, sea and sand, listen to the call for help of your beauty routine to revitalize your skin that is tired and worn out in summer and give it its old glow. Discover everything you need to know about winter skin care in a few steps!

Intense moisturizers

In cold weather, your skin's need for moisture increases. For this reason, instead of the thin-formula moisturizers you use in summer, turn to more intense formulas. With AVON's Intense Moisturizing Cream, you can quench your skin's thirst and make it look more lively and bright.

Refreshing cleansing

Get mild formula facial cleansers on your radar to deeply clean your worn skin after hot summer days and to protect your prominent pores against blockages. With AVON Foam Cleanser, you can remove the oil accumulated on your skin and prevent your pores from clogging. Browse the Avon July 2022 Brochure PDF for the best cleansers!

Lightly formulated SPFs

If there is a rule that applies to skin care for all four seasons, it is effective sunscreens. Instead of the heavy sunscreens you use in summer, you can add AVON Sun Protection Cream, which will moisturize your skin while protecting your skin against the sun hidden behind the clouds, to your shopping list with its ultra-light structure.

Nourishing serums and oils

Although one of the biggest fears of acne-prone skin is facial oils, serums and oils that nourish the skin and strengthen the skin barrier without clogging the pores are essential for a bright and vibrant skin. AVON Face Serum is one of the products you should take a look at to balance and relax your skin against sebum. Check out Avon Catalogue July 2022 and benefit from the best cosmetics deals!

Moisture masks

Moisture bomb masks are one of the first products that come to mind when it comes to skin care in winter. Who can say no to a surplus of moisture that fights dryness and signs of aging? If you are one of those who say yes to this question, AVON's Masks are waiting for you to renew your skin's natural moisture barrier. Smoother and more supple skin comes as a bonus.

Purifying peelings

The sun rays, which are more effective in summer, cause staining of the skin and the appearance of color inequalities. For this reason, peelings that renew the skin texture and fight spots are waiting for you to purify your skin. AVON Anti-Stain Peeling Serum, on the other hand, relaxes your skin with its light formula, while renewing and nourishing your skin that is tired in summer.

AVON Specials This Month

  • Anew Platinum Day Lifting Cream SPF 25 50ml, R339
  • Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots 7 x 1.3 ml, R379
  • Avon Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Tonic 200ml, R129
  • Nutraeffects Matte Micellar Water 400ml, R79
  • Anew Hydra Pro Vita-D Water Cream 50ml, R199
  • Anew Ultimate Day Cream SPF 25, Night Cream & Gold Mask, R469
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Fresh Clarifying Toner 100ml, R84
  • Anew Renewal Power Serum 30ml, R329
  • Avon Ageless Restoring Overnight Gel 50ml, R219
  • Anew Reversalist Day Cream SPF 25, Night Cream & Lifting Dual Eye System, R459
  • Avon Ageless Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 50ml, R219
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Smooth Exfoliating Scrub 75ml, R84
  • Avon Care Age Restore Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E 100ml, R79
  • Anew Warming Peel Exfoliant 75ml, R149
  • Skin so Soft Silky Moisture Tissue Oil 150ml, R185
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Purifying Charcoal Mask 75ml, R94
  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System 20ml, R289
  • Avon Care Even Tone Face Cream with Vita-Compex 100ml, R79
  • Clearskin Pore & Shine Control Gel Purifying Cleanser 125ml, R84
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Soothing Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml, R84

AVON Brochure Father’s Day Sale 2022

AVON Brochure Father's Day 2022 promises the best gifts for fathers with their wide product range this month! Fragrances, accessories, skincare products, body care, gift sets, and much more are waiting for you on this AVON Catalogue. You should browse them! avon brochure fathers day sale 2022

AVON Brochure Father's Day 2022

AVON offers stylish and meaningful gift options for you to celebrate your father's day in the best way and to make you feel special. A beautiful perfume is the kind of gift that will make almost any father happy. You can find outstanding perfumes from fresh aromas to woody and spicy alternatives in AVON Brochure. And leave an unforgettable smile on your father's face. Fragrance is known as one of the most meaningful and special gifts that can be given to men. A good scent helps your dads feel great and energetic all day long. The best quality perfumes that make your fathers feel special are waiting for you at AVON. In addition, special sets enriched with products such as deodorant, aftershave or deo stick are the perfect gift alternatives for Father's Day celebrations. Check out this Avon Catalogue to pamper your dad with the most AVON perfumes available in stylish packaging and luxury bottles.

AVON Men's Perfumes

It offers a wide variety of fragrances that instantly refresh your senses. These scents are dominated by a bold freshness with a light spice tone. With these bold perfumes, which you can also buy as a set, make sure your fathers get the perfect scent in their most special moments.

AVON Brochure This Month;

  • Attraction Game for Him After Shave Conditioner and Toilette, R319
  • Aspire Man Body Wash, Roll-On, Body Spray, and Toilette, R269
  • Mesmerise Deodorant Body Spray and Toilette, R329
  • Wild Country Sprit Hair & Body Wash, Cologne, R229
  • Attraction for Him Gift Set, R199
  • Wild Country Deodorant Body Spray, Body Wash, Toilette, R289
  • Musk Intense Roll-on and Toilette, R169
  • Black Suede Touch Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant, Toilette, R259
  • Individual Blue Deodorant Body Spray Roll-on, Body Spray, Toilette, R239
  • Black Suede Hair and Body Wash, Roll-on, Body Spray, R109
  • Maxime After Shave Conditioner and Body Wash, 2 for R60
  • Lucky Me for Him Pocket Spray and Body Wash, RR109
  • AVON Care Men Shampoo, Moisturizer, and Shave Gel, R139
  • AVON Care Men Shampoo, Aftershave Moisturizer, R89
  • Care Men Deep Power Gift Set, R139
  • Senses Cactus Ridge Hair & Body Wash, R42.90
  • Nathan Weekender, R499
  • Jeff Cross Necklace, R99
  • Kennedy Toiletry Bag, R99
  • Rick Wallet, R199
  • Samuel Duffel, R479
  • Samuel Toiletry Bag, R199
  • Jake Toiletry Bag, R299
  • Jake Men's Satchel, R349
  • Victor Men's Sunglasses, R109
  • Thomas Men's Watch & Bracelet Set, R329
  • Conquer 3-Piece Gift Set, R249
  • Gareth 5-Piece Gift Set, R199
  • Tristn Bracelet, R59
  • Trent 9 ct Gold-Plated Bracelet, R69
  • Father's Day SLippers, R229
  • The Fix It Kit, R249
  • Hamman Face Cloths, R149
  • Nate Men's Watch, R379
  • Gavin Watch & Cardholder Set, R429
  • Leray Watch, R399
  • Morris Cuff & Engraveable Cracelet Set, R199
  • Best Dad Necklace, R169
  • Forest Escape Diffuser, R199

Avon September 2022 Brochure PDF

Avon September 2022 Brochure PDF is where you should take a look at effective solutions with fabulous discounts this month! Many good cosmetics for maximum results are featured on this Avon Catalogue. Discover their special products and their affordable prices as soon as possible!

AVON September 2022 Brochure PDF;

Prepare your beauty routine for winter with the best AVON Specials! You can already start adapting your beauty shelf for winter. We have compiled the most natural products and rescue steps that will help you to protect your skin, hair and body against the cold with ethical, natural and clean products of Avon Catalogue September 2022! AVON hair serum renews the ends of the hair that are worn out and lifeless with the cold weather with argan oil. It moisturizes your skin and makes it shine with its special formula of jojoba oil.

AVON Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One of the most important measures you can take against cold weather is to saturate your skin with moisture. AVON Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which instantly responds to the moisture need of the skin, helps to preserve the elasticity of the skin, while protecting the skin texture thanks to its intense water retention feature. Winter means dry cold. It is to take your guard against dry cold, one of the biggest enemies of the skin. Keep AVON skin-soothing gel on your beauty shelf to protect your dry-prone skin from irritation. The product, which is ideal for a more balanced skin tone and a moist skin that shines with natural glow, is a candidate to be your favorite piece.

AVON Moisturizing Creams;

Remember that you need extra moisture more in the winter. While AVON moisturizing creams with a refreshing effect soothe your skin, they also give your skin the necessary moisture. You can protect your skin against internal and external factors with this functional product that gives shine to the skin with its anti-aging effective formula. If you are looking for emergency moisture support for your dry skin in cold weather, you can restore the moisture your skin needs with AVON moisture masks. One of the areas most affected by the drying air is our lips. Prefer Avon lip moisturizers to protect your lips, which dry and crack with cold winds. Formulated with a delicious vanilla flavor, this effective product is perfect for smooth and crack-free lips.

AVON Body Creams;

Avon body creams, which you can use for both your skin and your body, will instantly calm your irritated skin with dry weather and fight red appearances. You will be able to maintain the oil/water balance of your skin with this impressive formula that makes problematic areas problem-free. See the latest Avon Brochure to discover the most popular products! Although the sun hides behind gray clouds in winter, the sun's harmful UV rays are dying to come in contact with your skin! To protect your skin against the sun's rays that it will be exposed to in winter, add AVON skin-relieving and moisturizing Sunscreen to your shopping list.

Popular AVON Skincare Products;

  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Deep Clarifying Mask, R79
  • Avon Care Hydrating Face Cream with Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil, R49
  • Nutraeffects Soothe Micellar Water, R79
  • Avon Care Hydrating Face Cream with Vitamin E, R49
  • Anew Purifying Jelly Cleanser, R129
  • Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum Sachet, R10
  • Avon Anew Revitalising Copper Mask Peel-Off, R129
  • Anew Brightening Dual Eye System Sample, R10
  • Anew Solar Advance Invisible Protective Mist SPF 50, R239
  • AVON Anew Hydra Pro Vita-D Water Cream Sample Sachet, R10
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Liquid Extraction Strip, R84
  • Nutraeffects Dual Action Instant Eye Makeup Remover, R30
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Lip Elixir, R105
  • Anew Dual Elixir Serum & Oil Sachets, R10
  • Anew Renewal Power Serum Sachet, R10
  • AVON Anew Ultimate Night Restoring Cream Sachet, R10
  • Avon Care Age Restore Face Cream Sample Sachet, R10
  • Nutraeffects Radiance Tinted Moisturising Day Cream SPF 20, R119
  • Nutraeffects Matte Oil Control Day Cream SPF 20, R119
  • Anew Reversalist Trial Kit, R329