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Here is the best address for Avon Brochure in South Africa! Founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell, Avon is one of the world’s most famous cosmetics brands.

Current; AVON Brochure April 2024

The brand, which has millions of members with the direct sales method, sells through the Avon Catalogue, both through independent product representatives and the online sales system. The company aims to meet all your needs about women’s beauty for 130 years. It is called a company where women work for women in the sector.

Avon touched thousands of lives with the slogan of “The Beauty of our values”. It has been among the brands that women in our country know and trust since 1995. Avon has gained the trust of South African women thanks to its wide range of products offered within the scope of Africa, attractive new products. And reliable ingredients produced with the latest technology. If you are one of those who cannot give up Avon quality, here you can find them online catalogue. And you can see the most detailed information about all products.


Emotional, positive, independent, attractive, know no boundaries… Isn’t every person’s character a bit like we counted? Just like perfumes. What do you say to choose the most suitable perfume for your own character in Avon? It is now at your fingertips to receive information about attractive and different fragrances of men and women. The most special and provocative scents such as Avon Celebrate, Perceive, Far Away, Pur Blanca, Soft Musk, Cherish, Rare are located in Avon.

While you have a fast and busy business life, if your energetic structure never disappears, while choosing Full Aromatic fragrance; If you display cheerful attitudes with natural and simple life, Celebre, which is dominated by fruity scents, is perfect for you! If you still cannot choose a perfume that suits you, you can browse the perfume category of Avon.


It is a known fact that women do not wander without makeup to add a distinctive flair to their charm. In fact, it is not that difficult to emphasize beauty with the right makeup. For this reason, the products used must be durable, quality, and eye-catching. You will be amazed by Avon’s special products, which are highly specialized in makeup. It is in your hands to add a brand new air to your cosmetic bags with Color Trend, Anew Makeup, Mark and Avon True Color brands, and even the majority of which are Avon’s own brands.

Everything You Need is Here

If the subject is beauty, there is everything in Avon Specials. Care products for the mirror of beauty, hair creams, shampoos, and dyes for healthy hair; Within the scope of personal care, many products such as shower gel, bath and spa products, deodorants, foot care products are waiting for you.

Of course, it is very easy to look completely in style at Avon, which has fashion-oriented designs in addition to cosmetics, underwear, outerwear products, bags, wallets, sunglasses, accessories, and watches.

If you want to see the current Avon Catalogue, you should visit this page regularly! Here you go!

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Avon Brochure April 2024

Time to discover new month’ specials and competitive offers with Avon Brochure April 2024! New fragrances, effective skincare, and much more cosmetics are featured on this Avon Catalogue in South Africa!

avon brochure april 2024

Avon Brochure March 2024

Avon Brochure March 2024 is where you can discover the best cosmetics of the season this month! You should view all the pages to get the best at reasonable prices!

avon brochure march 2024

Avon Christmas Brochure 15 – 31 December 2023

Avon Christmas Brochure December 2023 is a good place where you can find awesome gifts for loved ones! Competitive prices on the most popular Avon products are waiting for you! Let’s view it to find the best!

Avon christmas brochure 15 31 December 2023

Avon Brochure January 2024

Avon Brochure January 2024 is where you can discover amazing offers of the new year! Skincare, fragrances, make-up and much more products can be browsable on this Avon Catalogue!

avon brochure january 2024

Avon Christmas Brochure 9 – 12 December 2023

Savings up to 50% on many special Avon products for Christmas are featured on Avon Christmas Brochure December 2023 ! You should check it out these limited products and buy your favorites at reasonable prices!

Avon Christmas brochure 9 12 december 2023

Christmas Excitement with AVON Brochure

It’s the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping with AVON Brochures. With this special promotion, valid for 4 days only, you can take a look at AVON’s amazing Christmas products at attractive prices. Whether you want to buy a memorable gift for a loved one or refresh your own beauty routine, AVON Brochure offers the best products at affordable prices.

The Magic of Christmas with AVON

AVON’s brochure features the season’s most stylish and practical products. We have a wide range of items, from makeup items to perfumes, skin care to body care, waiting for you. Finding that special gift for your loved one has never been easier. AVON helps you give an unforgettable Christmas gift with our high-quality products.

Competitive Prices and Discount Opportunities

AVON’s brochures not only showcase high-quality products, but also attract attention with competitive prices and discounts of up to 50%. Thanks to this special Christmas promotion, you can pamper your loved ones and yourself without straining your budget. Don’t miss the opportunity to shop AVON at affordable prices without compromising quality.

AVON Specials This Week

  • Imari Queen Eau de Toilette 50ml and Imari Corset Eau de Toilette, R230
  • Exxtravert Extreme Volume Mascara, R109
  • Flawless Match Natural Finish Foundation 30ml, 2 for R189
  • Eyeshadow duo Brush + All-Over Face Brush + Flat Foundation Brush, R159
  • Derma Renewing Tissue Oil 150ml, R109
  • Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum and Antiperspirant Deodorant, R119
  • Attraction Awaken for Him and Her Eau de Parfum, R289 each
  • Aspire for Her Gift Set, R179
  • Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream 15ml, R139
  • Anew Renewal Power Serum 30ml, R279
  • Get the Glam Gift Set, R209
  • Anew Hydrate & Plump Concentrate, R269
  • Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Serum, R269
  • Lash Genius Gift Set, R139
  • Ultra Matte Lipstick, R159
  • All Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, R169
  • Sand Storm Eyeshadow Palette, R169
  • Avon Power Stay 8-Days Gel Nail Enamel, 2 for R99
  • Spider-Man Gift Set, R119
  • Senses Creamy Fantasy Body Mist + Bubble Bath + Shower Gel, R129
  • Avon Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara, R89
  • Dream to Shine Eyeshadow Palette, R189
  • 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 700ml, 2 for R135
  • On Duty Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 50ml, 3 for R72
  • Deodorant Body Sprays for Him & Her, 2 for R99
  • Alexa Handbag, R259
  • Jeanine Duffel Bag, R429
  • Jenna Sling, R169
  • Teen’s Backpacks, R179
  • Yvonne Weekender, R449

Enjoyable Shopping Experience with AVON Brochure

AVON brochures not only introduce the products but also ensure an enjoyable shopping experience. Easily browse the products in our brochure, explore different categories, conveniently shop online and add your favorite items from AVON’s special Christmas collection to your shopping cart and have them delivered to your door.

Christmas shopping with AVON brochures is the best way to learn about great products and buy at great prices. Make your loved one happy and pamper yourself with AVON’s extensive lineup during this 4-day special offer for him. Don’t miss the AVON brochure for an unforgettable Christmas experience!