Builders Warehouse Home Decor 03 September 2019

Builders Warehouse Home Decor 03 September 2019 is full of special selections with quite reasonable prices for you! It is time to discover various stylish and good looking products. You can find a lot of quality products for your home on Builders Warehouse September Specials with great shopping options. Innovative designs and quality products of Builders will add a wonderful atmosphere to your home! You should check Builders Specials before shopping for your home. Be sure, you will always reasonable prices for the best. Let’s check all pages Builders Catalogue Home Decor 03 September 2019!

When you check this catalogue, you will come across limited products from many categories. Media units, cornet unit, coffee table, bookcase, desk, shelf, box, pedestal, drawer, tables, cupboards, wardrobes, and much internal storage can be browsable on this catalog. Especially, you should focus on new products. For example; if you are looking for a bed drawer, Builders offer you an under-bed drawer at R700. You can get this from only online.

They also have delivery services. When you buy any paint or accessories on their website, they will deliver your product to you.

Some products have been listed for you;

  • Standard Wardrobe, R1550
  • Standard Built-in Cupboard, R24000
  • Ibıza Coffee Table, R1400
  • 2-piece Edison Corner Unit, R149.90

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