Builders Warehouse Specials 3 Sep – 4 Oct 2021

Let’s rebuild with the best items from Builders Warehouse Specials 3 September 2021! Tools, machinery, garden, and many more are waiting for you! When you browse this Builders Warehouse Catalogue, you will encounter the best products of top brands with amazing deals!

Builders Warehouse Specials 3 Sep – 4 Oct 2021

Both at home and at work, there is a need for auxiliary apparatus with many needed features that are required in most fields. Hand tools are needed to repair something that is broken. Hand tools with different models, types and features are among the products we always need in our daily life. These hand tools are frequently used especially in the repair and maintenance of electronic devices. They can address every need with their rich variety of features.

It is possible to find everything you are looking for in Builders Warehouse so that you can reach hand tools with a wide range of products suitable for every request and every need, in the most appropriate and shortest time possible.

You may have to deal with many of the problems frequently encountered in daily life by yourself. Sometimes you can repair your broken items without the need for a service or repairman. For example, tightening the loosened screw of the dripping faucet, drilling a hole for your wall hanging table, pruning your lawn to be cut or mowed in your garden with grass shears. In fact, it will be much easier to deal with tasks that seem simple but are difficult in a way.

RYOBI Power Tools

One of the important things that should be in every home or car is a tool bag. You can keep any material you want or need in the tool bags. Thus, if you are stuck on the road with your vehicle at an unexpected time and maybe it is a minor problem, you can easily solve the problem yourself. You can do your work such as dismantling, driving and screwing in your home or garden with practical hand tools.

Builders Warehouse Specials This Week;

  • HG-2000 2000w Heat Gun + 130w Mouse Sander, R448
  • S-180 180w Sander Orbital, R498
  • G-850 850w Angle Grinder, R498
  • 600w Mini Blower Electric, R498
  • 2100w Angle Grinder, R1.598
  • 2000w Mitre Saw Compound with Laser Light, R3999
  • 1600w Lawnmower 310w Line Trimmer, R1498
  • 500w Handyline Impact Drill, R348
  • 1200w Demolition Hammer, R3998
  • 800w Impact Drill, R2498
  • 800w Jigsaw Variable Speed, R998
  • 1200w Mitre Saw Compound with Laser, R1998
  • 650w Angle Grinder, R348
  • 1350w Wall Chaser, R1998
  • 500w Die Grinder, R1598
  • 1200w High Pressure Washer, R998
  • Direct Drive Compressor, R1498

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