Cambridge Food Special 11 – 15 May 2022

Cambridge Food Special 11 May 2022 is of amazing deals such as massive savings and hot deals this week! If you want to check out these special offers, you should take a look at this Cambridge Food Catalogue in detail! Enjoy shopping!

Cambridge Food Special 11 May 2022;

Warm up to massive savings of Cambridge Food this winter! Dozens of discounts and special offers can be browsable on this leaflet. Also, you will encounter Hot Deals for cold weather! This is one of the best places to reduce to cost of shopping this week. Especially, you should focus on their fresh products. There are many natural products and COMBOs here. One of the Combos includes Potatoes 10kg, Onions 3kg, and Butternut 3kg. You can buy all of them R120! Other one contains Carrots 1kg, Potato 1kg, Onion 1kg, and Whole Cabbage. They are only R55! You can check out all of them on the cover page.

Cambridge Food Specials This Week;

  • Rainbow Frozen Mixed Chicken Portions 4.2kg, R149.99
  • Golden Delight Rice 10kg, R99.99
  • Nyala Super Maize Meal 10kg, R79.99
  • Selati White Sugar 10kg, R154.99
  • Apples Pack 3kg each, R26.99
  • Golden Delicious Apple Econo pack 1.5kg each, R19.99
  • Red Apple pack 1kg each, R11.99
  • Family Meat Beef / Chicken Burger, 4 for R40
  • Wellington’s Tomato Sauce 700ml each, R22.99
  • Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g each, R8.99
  • Hazeldene Mixed Fruit Jam 900g, R24.99
  • Rajah Spice Curry Powder Assorted 100g each, R16.99
  • Top Class Soya Mince assorted 500g each, R19.99
  • Trinco Tagless Teabags Pouch 100s each, R19.99
  • Bokomo Corn Flakes 1 kg each, R44.99
  • Fresh Stewing Beef per kg, R86.99
  • Frozen Chicken Bones per kg, R29.99
  • Frozen Beef Kidneys per kg, R34.99
  • Cambridge Food Chicken Polony 2kg each, R54.99
  • Frozen Chicken Feet per kg, R33.99
  • Farm Foods Cake Wheat Flour 10kg, R104.99
  • Selati Brown Sugar 2kg, R29.99
  • Sup R Frozen Chicken Feet 2kg, R44.99
  • Orange Grove UHT Long Life Full Cream Milk 6 x 1l, R74.99
  • Hofina / Nu Dawn Large Eggs 30s each, R58.99
  • Rama 50% Fat Spread for Bread Brick 500g, R14.99
  • Parmalat Low Fat Smooth Yoghurt 6 x 100g, R15.99
  • Spar-Letta Soft Drink assorted 2l each, R15.99
  • Aquelle Flavoured Water Assorted 500ml, R25
  • Fusion Dairy Blend Concentrate 1l assorted, R18
  • Rhodes Juice assorted 1l each, R19.99
  • Bakers Red Label Tennis Biscuits assorted 200g each, R18.99
  • Heno Marie Biscuits 150g each, R6.99
  • Doritos Corn Chips 145g each, R16.99
  • Johnson’s Petroleum Jelly assorted 325ml each, R34.99
  • Status Roll-on Assorted 50ml each, R14.99
  • Sta-Soft Fabric Softener Doy Pack Assorted 500ml each, R11.99

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So here is the latest Cambridge Food Catalogue this week! When you check it out, you will encounter more offers so you should view all the pages. Also, you can take a look at the home page and see the latest catalogues in South Africa. If you only want to browse the specials of the most popular brands you like, find the brand you want from the category pages and view its latest offers and catalogues! Moreover, you can subscribe to them with your email and you can follow us on our social media accounts! It is so easy to save more with Especials!


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