Cambridge Food Special 22 – 28 June 2022

Save money with the best offers of Cambridge Food Special 22 June 2022 this week! Massive savings, COMBO package, and many basic foods are featured on this Cambridge Foods Catalogue. Let’s view these grocery products and buy the freshest at cheap prices this week!

Cambridge Food Special 22 June 2022;

Cambridge Food is just one of the best addresses for your basic food shopping. With this catalogue they offer this week, you can see the most basic food products with new low price tags. Here you can check out the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as COMBO packages. You can view many fruits special for the winter season in this catalogue. Especially orange can be a great choice for winter. We need Vitamin C to strengthen our immunity during the winter months. Oranges are also a storehouse of Vitamin C. You can strengthen your immunity by consuming these healthy and natural fruits!

Selati Brown Sugar 10 kg, Sasko Cake Wheat Flour 10 kg, Top White Super Maize Meal 10 kg, and Golden Penny Rice 10 kg. You can buy all of them at only R440! Warm up to their massive savings this summer! If you need these basic foods, you shouldn’t miss this COMBO package! View this Cambridge Food Catalogue for more details

Cambridge Food Specials This Week;

  • Farm Foods Cake Wheat Flour 10 kg, R114.99
  • Selati White Sugar 10 kg, R159.99
  • Golden Delight Rice 10 kg, R109.99
  • Oranges Carry Bag 3 kg + Royal Gala Apples 1.5 kg, R40
  • Pineapple each, R8.99
  • Apples Each 3 kg, R29.99
  • Hawker Pepper Pack each, R16.99
  • Oranges Bag each 5.5 kg, R29.99
  • Naarjles Bag each 1 kg, R12.99
  • Potatoes 10 kg, Onions 7 kg, Value Pack Carrots 5kg, R145


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