Cashbuild Catalogue 25 Oct – 21 Nov 2021

View the best quality building materials, tools, paint, hardware, and much more with fabulous deals on Cashbuild Catalogue 25 October 2021! Many reasonable prices on exclusive products of top brands are available on this catalogue! Let’s browse these specials and enjoy shopping! Here u go!

Cashbuild Catalogue 25 October 2021;

Paints, one of the protective and decorative building materials for indoor and outdoor spaces, are waiting for you at Cashbuild with their rich product range. Wall and ceiling paints are the most important paint materials used in living spaces. Ceiling paints for smooth and luminous ceilings are among the paint categories with their high coverage properties.

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Wall paints; These are paint types that are used on interior and exterior facades, their usage characteristics and contents are different from each other. Water-based paints are among the most preferred paint types with their water-soluble properties. It provides a pleasant appearance to your walls with matte and glossy surface alternatives.

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Removable paints, which have an important place among wall paints due to their highly erasable nature, are among paint types with a long service life. You can safely apply it in your living spaces with its healthy and odorless content.

Acrylic paints with odorless content attract attention with their wide color alternatives. While it creates a silky and smooth wall surface, it provides easy use with its stain-proof structure.

Cashbuild Catalogue This Week;

  • Champion Extra Thick PVA Winter’s Grey 5l, R117.95
  • Champion Extra Thick PVA White 5l, R99.95
  • Medal Walls & Ceilings Acrylic PVA Various Colours 5l, R194.95
  • Duram Wall & Ceiling PVA Various Colours 5l, R339.95
  • Delux Bergermaster Nukote PVA White 5l, R229.95
  • Duram Matt Acıylic PVA, R239.95
  • ABE Hydroproof Various Colours 5l, R197.95
  • Medal QD Industrial Enamel Powder Brown, R129.95

Silicone paints used for interior and exterior facades are paint materials that can breathe, are easy to clean, do not stain, do not contain chemicals harmful to human health. It has a structure resistant to factors such as humidity and temperature. Its special surface, which prevents cracking and blistering, provides a trouble-free use in living spaces.

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Paints that add beauty to your living spaces are special building materials that allow you to create a comfortable use with their different features. When choosing paint, it is necessary to choose paint that is suitable for the needs of use. You should be careful that the paints have a high coverage and do not contain chemicals that are harmful to health. Paint prices vary depending on the brand, type, color and size.

You can reach the paints of the leading paint brands of the sector, which have high quality and affordable prices, with a wide product range on the Cashbuild Catalogue.

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