Checkers Specials 11 May 2020

Save up to 30% on your groceries with awesome deals of Checkers Specials 11 May 2020! But first, you will need the Xtra Savings card to take advantage of these offers. It is so easy to sign up for this program. Moreover, it is FREE! Simply dial *134*885*Cardnumber# and follow the prompts. Also, you can scan QR code on the main page, and contact Checkers on Whatsapp to sign up!

There are many ways to reduce to cost of weekly shopping here! When you browse this Checkers Catalogue, you will come across savings up to 25% on all steakhouse classic cuts! You can cook delicious meat at the lowest prices! Also, there are many essentials such as detergents and toilet rolls. Let’s focus on these catalogues. There are 4 different specials from different regions. Let’s take a look at your region’s catalogue! We share some products from Checkers Specials 11 May 2020! Let’s check them all!

KwaZulu – Natal on page 9;

Eastern Cape on page 10;

Western Cape on page 11;

Great North;

Here is one of the best latest Checkers Catalogue. If you want to see more discounted products, offers and store specials, you should visit the main page. And you can subscribe to your favorite brands with your email easily. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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