Checkers Specials Back To Varsity Deals 20 January 2020

Many special products are waiting for you on Checkers Specials Back To Varsity Deals 20 January 2020. Today’s topic is about WD Elements 1TB. The disc comes with a small box, and the disc comes with a USB 3.0 Micro B cable (45cm). The 1TB capacity disc with a 2.5 Inch size 5400RPM rotation speed has a plastic case. The case of the disc consists of two parts. The main part is black and there are 4 silicone feet for the parts that contact the ground. The part with the technical information is located at the bottom.

On the other hand, lighter plastic is used in the same quality. The logo and serial name are on the upper surface, towards the upper left corner in white. On the upper side, there is a USB port and a small white LED light indicating the frequent status. The plastic quality is quite low. WD fled cheaply to provide an affordable price. It is similar in price and quality to the Seagate Expansion I have already reviewed. A price-oriented product.

The compact size WD Elements 1TB performance is pretty good for 2.5 Inch HDD. Its dimensions are similar to a 2.5-inch disc, making it easy to carry. But because I don’t like the material quality of the disc, I bought a case over the internet to carry it. You are small in size, carrying bags are big.

WD Elements 1TB portable disk’s performance values;

Average read / write speed 125Mb / s on ATTO Disk Benchmark
Reading 140MB / s, Writing 130MB / s in Crystal Disk Mark
The average reading of 191Mb / s in HDTune Pro
18.6GB 1080p MP4 video was copied to Harddisk in 2 minutes 38 seconds (Average speed 121MB / s).

Due to its small size and high performance, I would easily recommend WD Elements 1TB to those who want to buy affordable portable drives. But since I do not find the material quality very reliable, I recommend you to take a carrying bag with you.

Some Products From Checkers Specials Back To Varsity Deals 20 January 2020;


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