Checkers Specials Personal Care Promotion 23 September 2019

Checkers is a great place to meet your personal care needs so we will look at Checkers Specials Personal Care Promotion 23 September 2019 full of great deals for the Western Cape region in this article! Each week they share a catalogue that is specific to the region. It is important that personal care products are of good quality because you deserve the best. They offer you the most useful and favorite products of world-famous brands with unique opportunities! If you want to take advantage of Checker’s attractive shopping opportunities, you should start browsing Checkers Specials!

Enjoy discovering different products every week! The easiest way to keep track of the opportunities they offer you is to follow Checkers Catalogue. You can do this most easily from this page. Regularly follow the latest specials and opportunities here. You can also find price comparisons and detailed product reviews here! If you’re ready, let’s start exploring the special offers of this catalog!

The main page of this catalogue contains sunscreens, sun lotions, shaving foam and razors. The most outstanding product on this page is Gilette Skinguard Sensitive Razor. If you have sensitive skin and need a new razor, you should get this product. Moreover, it is on sale! You can buy this at only R99 ea.

Big Value Savings;

Many products that you will save more in multiple purchases are waiting to be discovered in this section of Checkers Specials Personal Care Promotion. Soap, roll-on, renew, facial wipes, body wash, shower gel and many more are available on this specials.

400ml Renew Body Lotion Assorted & 400ml Renew Body Wash Assorted, R40.00
2 For 150g Dettol Bath Soap Assorted, R17.00

For more products, you shouldn’t forget to check other pages of this Checkers Catalog!


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