Checkers Specials Simple Truth Promotion 23 September 2019

Checkers Specials Simple Truth Promotion 23 September 2019 is full of the most natural and delicious flavors! Enjoy looking at an easy and healthy these delicious options with Checkers! Exclusive and the freshest products are selected from you! Moreover, these flavors approved by 200 consumers for great taste! Also, these selections have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. You can buy these products with peace of mind. If you are ready, let’s begin browsing this Checkers Catalogue!

On page 2 are consists of 5 main parts such as Breakfast Solutions, Pantry Essentials, Meal Solutions and Snacks on the Go. If you are looking for healthy meals, you are correct address now! There are delicious and healthy products that do not contain artificial. Part of Breakfast Solutions includes toasted berry muesli, rusk assorted and crushed wholewheat flakes. If you are in search for Gluten Free product, you can prefer Toasted Berry Muesli.

In addition, you can find vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks on page 2 of Checkers Specials Simple Truth Promotion. For example; you can check the Chickpea & Quinoa Bowl. If you don’t try it, you should! Moreover, you can get this at only R34.99! Berry Fruit, Dipped Roasted Almonds, Butternut Roll and many more are also available on this page.

If you want to see more products on Checkers Specials Simple Truth Promotion 23 September 2019, you should check out all pages of this catalogue!


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