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Dischem Specials is South Africa’s first choice in pharmacies since 1978, with their awesome prices and product selection. They offer a wide range in these categories and expert advice on every Dischem Specials. Health & Beauty, Personal Care Products, Household, Baby, Food, Electrical, Pharmacy, Toys, and many more can be browsable on their catalogues. Dischem is the first brand that introduced the concept of a discount pharmacy with product categories not previously offered in South African pharmacies. Therefore, you should always check Dischem Catalogue to get your essentials at lower prices. See DisChem Specials 19 May – 19 June 2022!

They regularly publish their catalogue and offer you the most up-to-date products with great opportunities. Here is always the first address to pharmacy shopping before you go shopping. Especially, Dischem supplements will draw your attention. If you’re into sports and need supplements, this is a great place for you. Proteins, Gainers, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, and many more are available on this part. You can find these products on Dischem Catalogue.

In addition, you will come across makeup products on Dis-chem Specials. Foundations, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, and many more are featured on their catalogue. Their selections are quite quality. They always offer you the best you deserve. You should try their product!

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DisChem Specials 15 – 25 April 2022

Makeup, skincare, personal care, hair care, and many cosmetics are available on DisChem Specials 15 April 2022! When you browse this Dis-Chem Catalogue, you will encounter many exclusive brands' products here. So you should take a look at all the pages and enjoy shopping! dischem specials 15 25 april 2022

DisChem Specials 15 April 2022

Also, we shared products required for body makeup with DisChem Specials! Body make-up is the savior of special occasions and invitations. Body make-up, which uses make-up materials such as body paint, body glitter and body foundation, helps you look more beautiful and well-groomed. When body make-up is done with evening dresses, it can make the body look slimmer, fit, proportional and bright. So how is body makeup done? We tell you with which products you can do body make-up. Check out the rest of the article to learn about make-up materials suitable for body make-up!

What is body makeup and how is it done?

Body make-up is a make-up model that is generally preferred with evening dresses or clothes with decollete. Thanks to body make-up, the chest, neck and shoulder areas can look more proportional and attractive. With body contour make-up, you can make your breasts look fuller and straighter! Body make-up is also applied to the legs, arms and back. With body make-up, you can make every part of your outfit look more fit and perfect. You can hide the flaws in your legs and use make-up materials such as foundation and illuminator to make your knees look smoother. If you are looking for them, you should take a look at the latest Dis-Chem Catalogue! Here u go! The issue you need to pay attention to when doing body make-up is the permanence of make-up materials. Make-up materials suitable for the body should be waterproof and durable. Make-up materials that get on clothes and have poor permanence can let you down.

Body Foundation

Body foundation is a product that hides the imperfections of the body and provides color equality. It is usually thin and easy to apply. Those who use leg foundation say that their legs look smoother. Leg foundation can hide blemishes, scars and cracks on the legs. Leg foundations are usually in spray form. Moreover, leg foundation is very easy to use. Shake the spray and spray your legs from afar. Wait 5 minutes for the foundation to set. At the end of the time you are ready to put on your outfit! One of the most common questions we receive is: is face foundation applied to the body? Face foundation is used to hide facial blemishes and balance color equality. The structure of the face foundation is not suitable for the body. Face foundation can be applied to the neck area, but we do not recommend applying it to the legs and arms. Since face foundations are sold in smaller packages, it will not be enough to apply to the whole body.

Body Sim

One of the make-up materials used in body make-up is body sim. Body sims usually come in spray bottles. Body glitters have an oily form, spread easily. And they make the whole body look brighter. Body sim users generally prefer it for areas that attract attention such as shoulders, knees and chest area. When buying a body sim, you should pay attention to the small parts of the sim. Large glittery sprays can create a false appearance on the body. Tiny glitters, on the other hand, leave a more attractive result by creating a glitter look on the body. You should apply the body glitter after you put on your outfit. Body spray or body polishes are mostly preferred in summer. These products, which are used for body make-up and contouring, instantly brighten the body and hide imperfections. Illusions are formed on the bodies that appear radiant and skin defects are hidden, the sunken legs on the legs do not look as prominent as before. You can make your legs and arms look smoother with a body gloss that matches your skin color. When buying body gloss, you should choose sprays that do not leave marks, are durable, and do not contaminate clothing. You should definitely add body polishes that moisturize the skin and make it look brighter to your list.

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DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 28 Mar – 18 April 2022

DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 2022 is where you will find a wide range of discounted products this month! Pharmacy, health, toiletries, cosmetics, and many good Easter specials can be browsable on this DisChem Catalogue. So you should browse all the pages to get the best! dischem specials ultimate savings 28 mar 18 april 2022

DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 2022

Also, we shared 15 items you must have in your makeup bag from DisChem Catalogue. Your makeup bag is very important for a flawless look! Thanks to the ingredients in your makeup bag, you can make your skin look smoother and hide skin imperfections. That's why we recommend that you reconsider the materials in your makeup bag. Now we share with you the make-up materials that we recommend our friends to buy. You can find every product you need for perfect make-up in this article. After completing your make-up bag, you will notice how much your look has changed and you will look glamorous.

Makeup Base

You can find everything you expect from a make-up base and more in Maybelline Fit Me Primer. Beyond creating a perfect base for make-up, we recommend applying this product. It cares and moisturizes the skin, to your skin before every make-up. You will achieve perfect make-up looks thanks to Maybelline make-up base, which evens out the skin tone and increases the permanence of the make-up.


We cannot praise enough Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, which is one of the iconic foundations. We love this foundation, which makes the skin look more matte and hides skin imperfections. This foundation, which should be in every make-up bag, provides velvety softness to the skin, does not fill the lines and does not shine. Especially those with oily and combination skin like us will enjoy the matte look with Maybelline Fit Me foundation.


We recommend that there is a concealer in every makeup bag. One of the most popular concealers, Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer should be with you at all times as it adapts to every make-up! This concealer creates a refreshed skin appearance. It doesn't clog your pores and helps you look fresher all day long. Using Maybelline concealer, you can hide dark circles under the eyes, cover imperfections and contour. You will look fresh thanks to its natural and slightly moist finish.

Eyebrow mascara

If you like the look of full eyebrows, you should definitely have Essence Make me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in your makeup bag. Transparent eyebrow stabilizing mascara easily shapes the eyebrows and helps them stay stable all day long. If messy and low eyebrows make you look more tired than they are, you should meet eyebrow stabilizers as soon as possible.


You should use powder to fix make-up or to get a flawless skin look alone. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Powder provides a more natural finish to the skin with its silky matte texture. This powder, which provides a naturally shiny appearance, prevents shine on the skin and gives matteness all day long. Those with excessive shine and oiliness in the T-zone can look smoother by using powder. You can apply powder foundation directly to your skin or on make-up to increase the effect of foundation.

Eye Shadow

If you were to throw one eyeshadow in your make-up bag, which feature would you prioritize? Of course it's permanent! Extending the life of eye make-up thanks to its 24-hour permanence, Maybelline New York Color Tattoo is one of the best cream eyeshadows in our opinion! Thanks to its cream-gel structure, you can easily apply the eyeshadow on the eyelid and spread it with your finger. Maybelline single eyeshadow, which consists of metallic and matte finish eyeshadow colors, will suit every eye make-up very well.


We can't imagine a makeup bag without eyeliner! Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Eyeliner 800 Knockout Black will allow you to get perfect eyeliner looks thanks to its thin tip. Water-resistant eyeliner creates a black and shiny finish. Thanks to its thin flexible tip, even those who do not know how to apply eyeliner can easily make different eyeliner models. You should add Maybelline eyeliner to your makeup bag to quickly draw eyeliner outside and make your eye makeup more assertive.

Eye Pencil

Whether it's natural make-up or night make-up, in our opinion, eyeliner should be used in every make-up! With eyeliner, you can highlight the bottom of the eyelashes, draw eyeliner or make up with a smoky eye. L'Oreal Paris Infaillible Automatic Gel Eye Pencil provides a lasting effect all day long with its water and sweat resistant structure. Loreal eyeliner, which can last up to 36 hours, is suitable for dramatic eye makeup with its intensely saturated colors. After applying the eyeliner, you can add a slightly messy touch to your eye makeup by using the tiny sponge on the back of the pencil.


Who can say no to huge voluminous lashes? Maybelline Curl Bounce Mascara has taken its place among our favorite mascaras with its permanent structure for up to 24 hours. And its non-clumping formula! Suitable for sensitive eyes, this mascara curls your eyelashes one by one without the need for an eyelash curler and makes them look more voluminous. If you want to experience a new mascara with its special brush, you should add Maybelline mascara to your makeup bag. So browse the latest Dis-Chem Specials and get the best!


When we think of Bronzer, the first thing that comes to our mind is the iconic Maybelline City Bronzer. We do not leave Maybeline bronzer with us to both contour and show the face more bronze. You can use bronzer not only in summer but also in winter to resize your face and to satisfy your longing for bronze skin. We recommend carrying bronzer in your makeup bag for 12 months of the year.


If you want to see a silky blush on your face, you should add Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush to your makeup bag. We can't recommend a better blush with its vibrant colors and soft texture! Offering a fresh and natural look on the face, Clinique blush provides long-term comfort. Choose the one that suits you from the ultra bright, matte and shimmery blush colors of Clinique blushes and start looking lively right away!


We cannot imagine completing a makeup bag without an illuminator. You should use illuminator in every make-up for a bright, healthy and fresh look. You should apply your illuminator under the eyebrows, on the tip of the nose and on the areas you want to emphasize, such as cheekbones. If you don't know where to apply your illuminator, you can start using illuminator by applying it to high areas where the sun is reflected on your face. Essence Glow Glow Go Instant Highlighter will shine brightly on your skin with its metallic glossy effect.

Lip Pencil

Using a lip liner helps to show your lips more prominent, shaped and fuller. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is the crown jewel of our makeup bag with its soft versions! Velvet lip pencils, which are permanent all day long, can be used alone as they are resistant to flow and smearing. With the lip liner, which has a creamy formula, first create the lip frame and then color your lips.


If you are wondering which lipstick is the most popular in our makeup bag, let us explain: We love Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink lipstick colors! Lasting up to 16 hours, super matte gel lipsticks do not leave a feeling of dryness and make your lips look glamorous with their intense colors. You can use matte lipsticks that are resistant to eating and drinking with day, night or evening make-up models. Especially 65 Seductress nude color is one of the most beautiful nude matte lipsticks that suits every lip!

Makeup Setting Spray

Make-up fixer is one of the must-haves that you need to use for permanence all day long in the last step of make-up. Our recommendation for fixing spray that you can add to your makeup bag is Maybelline Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray. This fixing spray, which gives an instant fullness effect with the electrolytes in its formula, makes the skin look more lively and fresh, prevents oiliness and increases the permanence of the make-up. So here is DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 2022! If you want to check out more products, deals, and specials, visit the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

DisChem Specials Baby Savings 28 Mar – 18 April 2022

DisChem Specials 28 March 2022 promises unbeatable savings on baby essentials and toys! Hundreds of products, unbeatable savings, and reasonable prices are available on this Dis-Chem Catalogue. When you check it out, you will encounter the best brands' products. Let's view them! dischem specials baby savings 28 mar 18 april 2022

DisChem Specials 28 March 2022;

Protecting and caring for babies' sensitive skin is one of the most important steps for parents. Your savior when it comes to baby care is the DisChem Store. It offers a safe and healthy use with its formulas prepared as sensitively as their skin. It brings you a wide range of products with shampoo, oil, lotion, cologne, wet wipes and other options. This range, where you can find all the care products your baby needs, draws attention with its high quality and originality. Formulas that do not contain any harmful chemicals; It does not cause irritation, redness and similar negative consequences. Baby care products enriched with natural olive oil help your baby relax and sleep peacefully. These products draw attention with their paraben, dye, alcohol and gluten-free. The varieties specially prepared for newborns are used with peace of mind. Shampoo, which stands out among baby care products, doubles the pleasure of bathing. This product is appreciated with its pleasant smell that makes babies love bathing. Also, it draws attention with its formula that does not burn eyes. Lotions are indispensable for daily care with their excellent moisturizing properties. Cotton wet wipes, on the other hand, gently clean the vulnerable skin of babies with their newborn type. Thanks to its perfect formula, it can be used easily for hands, face and other body parts. The type of toothpaste, suitable for children aged 2-6, ranks first among baby care product recommendations.

DisChem Specials This Week;

  • Squash Pouches 110ml, 6 for R45
  • Joie Litetrax 4 Travel System, R6999
  • Pampers Premium Care Nappies Value Pack, 2 for R390
  • Nappies Value Pack, R199.95
  • Huggies Gold Nappies Jumbo Pack, 2 for R389
  • Johnson's Baby Wipes Value Pack, R119.95
  • Johnson's Bedtime Powder, R44.95
  • Portia Gift Pack, R199.95
  • Bennets Baby Bum Creme, R99.95
  • Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, R182.95
  • Epi-Max Baby & Junior Cream Banded Pack, R84.95
  • Panoda Paidatric Syrup, R34.95
  • Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo or Baby Daily Lotion, R89.95
  • BioNike Baby Bath Cream 500ml, R134.95
  • BabyDove Shampoo, R36.95
  • Baby Protection Cream or Nourishing Milk, R49.95
  • Soothing Baby Body Lotion, R109.95
  • Natural Olive Baby Shampoo & Wash, R169.95
  • Johnson's Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo, R72.95
  • Baby Wipes Value Pack, R99.95
  • Johnson's Baby Wipes Value Pack, R119.95
  • Pampers Premium Care Value Pack, 2 for R390
  • Pampers Active Baby Pants Jumbo Pack, 2 for R390
  • Fresh Wipes Value Size, R109.95
  • Disposable Baby Nappy Bags 150 bags, R34.95
  • Pigeon 100% Pure Water Baby Wipes Value Pack, R79.95
  • Mellor & Russell Quack Baby Diaper Rash Cream, R59.95
  • Sudocream Skin and Baby Care Cream, R114.95
  • Epi Max Baby & Junior Lotion 450ml, R59.95
  • Baby Cereal Mix with Water, R27.95
  • Cerelac Baby Cereal Stage 1-3, R64.95

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DisChem Specials Beauty Fair 17 Feb – 13 Mar 2022

DisChem Specials 17 February 2022 is a good beauty guide to get maximum results with amazing deals and exclusive products! Hundreds of discounted products, Superb savings, and much more can be browsable on this DisChem Catalogue! Let's check all the pages to save more! dischem specials beauty fair 17 feb 13 mar 2022

DisChem Specials 17 February 2022;

This DisChem Catalogue promises amazing offers this month! Many beauty products, personal care, and much more are waiting for you! Especially, you should focus on part of fragrances! It is possible to reach savings up to 25% on a wide range of fragrances! Let's view them! By the way, we shared some tips about personal care. Let's view these information to get healthy body!

Personal Care with Dis-Chem Products!

We can describe personal care as a phenomenon that significantly affects our place in society, our relationships with our social environment, and our health. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we could not spare time for ourselves. However, personal care should not be interrupted for a long time with some excuses. So if self-care is so critical, how can we be sure we're doing it right? Here are the answers to the questions of what is personal care and how it is done for everyone with special products from DisChem Monthly Catalogue.

What is Personal Care?

Personal care is a concept that expresses what a person should do to be well-groomed. This concept can include body, mouth and teeth, hands and feet and hair care at a basic level. In other words, it is possible to explain the steps you need to take in order to maintain your life in a clean and well-groomed way with the concept of personal care. On the other hand, the scope of personal care can be expanded with different care techniques and products. Exfoliation of the body can be diversified with skin rejuvenation, manicure, pedicure, dry brushing, spa massages and many more examples. For this reason, although the basic level of personal care processes are the same for everyone, personal care processes may differ according to needs and include much more applications. Similarly, the peeling application of men who want their beards to be healthy and lush is one of the personal care methods.

Why Give Importance to Personal Care?

Everything that can be done to make the person feel better is within the scope of personal care. Because people who pay attention to their personal care seem much nicer to the people around them and have a respectable place in the society. As a result, they feel good and are happy. The physical health of people who do not know the answer to the question of what is personal care or do not care enough cannot be at the ideal level. This naturally invites various diseases. Being clean and well-groomed will increase your self-confidence. And make you happier. And will contribute to reflecting your energy to other people. Therefore, it would not be wrong to argue that personal care is a concept that concerns almost every aspect of life. Personal care processes, which all people should pay attention to, are unfortunately perceived as a special issue for women in society. However, everyone should not neglect their personal care to lead a healthy life, look good to other people and feel happy.

Personal Care Products in DisChem Store

After finding the answer to the question of what is personal care, now it's time for how to do personal care. As we mentioned before, personal care processes can be customized to your needs, include more steps and can be diversified. However, first of all, it is necessary to make sure that the basic personal care that everyone should take care of is done correctly. Otherwise, you may harm your body or lack personal care. So, let's take a look at basic personal care practices together.

Dis-Chem Body Care

Cleaning all parts of the body is an indispensable part of personal care. For this reason, we recommend that you take a shower at least three times a week for your body care. During the shower, you should make sure that your body is thoroughly clear. After getting out of the shower, it is important to moisturize your entire body with a moisturizing lotion in order to provide your body with the necessary moisture. In addition, it will be beneficial for you to give your body a pleasant smell by using a body spray. You should take a look at DisChem Specials 17 February 2022 to get the best at low prices! Regular removal of unwanted hair is also included in the field of personal care. With the epilation options you prefer, you will get rid of unwanted hair on your body, and you will both ensure hygiene and prevent hair from appearing on your clothes.

Dis-Chem Hair Care

The care of your hair, which is exposed to germs, dust and smoke in the air throughout the day, is important for both your hygiene and your appearance. As the first step of hair care, you need to wash your hair regularly. However, contrary to popular belief, washing your hair every day leads to drying of the scalp and destroying the natural structure of your hair. For this reason, it is beneficial to wash your hair with a shampoo every two or three days. On the other hand, you can make your hair look healthier by applying care products from time to time according to the needs of your hair. In addition, it is possible to have full, soft and shiny hair with natural hair care masks specific to your hair type. A wide range of hair care can be found on DisChem Leaflet! Let's see them!

Dis-Chem Hand and Foot Care

It is extremely important to take care of your hands and feet, as they are the parts of your body that you use the most. In this sense, when you return to your home from outside, you should first wash your hands and clean between your nails. You should also make sure to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water before and after meals. We recommend that you cut your nails in an oval shape and then file them so that the edges are not too straight when cutting your nails. Then you can complete your personal care by applying a moisturizing cream. In addition, you should get a manicure every fortnight and a pedicure once a month. You should focus on Dis-Chem Catalogue and buy the best at the lowest prices!

Dis-Chem Facial Care

Facials start the first time you wake up in the morning. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, you should wash your face with a soap suitable for your skin type. In addition, you should wash your face by massaging your face with a facial cleansing gel every day or every two days. It is also important to nourish your face with a moisturizing cream after every wash. So here is the DisChem Specials 17 February 2022! If you want to check out more products, deals, and catalogues, you can check out the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!