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Dischem Specials is South Africa’s first choice in pharmacies since 1978, with their awesome prices and product selection. They offer a wide range in these categories and expert advice on every Dischem Specials. Health & Beauty, Personal Care Products, Household, Baby, Food, Electrical, Pharmacy, Toys, and many more can be browsable on their catalogues. Dischem is the first brand that introduced the concept of a discount pharmacy with product categories not previously offered in South African pharmacies. Therefore, you should always check Dischem Catalogue to get your essentials at lower prices. See DisChem Specials Healthy Living 20 Sep – 17 Oct 2021!

They regularly publish their catalogue and offer you the most up-to-date products with great opportunities. Here is always the first address to pharmacy shopping before you go shopping. Especially, Dischem supplements will draw your attention. If you’re into sports and need supplements, this is a great place for you. Proteins, Gainers, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, and many more are available on this part. You can find these products on Dischem Catalogue.

In addition, you will come across makeup products on Dis-chem Specials. Foundations, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, and many more are featured on their catalogue. Their selections are quite quality. They always offer you the best you deserve. You should try their product!

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DisChem Specials Healthy Living 20 Sep – 17 Oct 2021

DisChem Specials Healthy Living 2021 promises a wide range of products with awesome deals this month! Up to 50% Off offers, 2 + 1 Free Offers, Super Savings are waiting for you on this DisChem Catalogue! So, you will see many healthy selections on this leaflet! dischem specials healthy living 20 sep 17 oct 2021

DisChem Specials Healthy Living 2021

This catalogue includes many good tips for healthy living! When you check it out, you will encounter essentials for work-out, natural selections for your family, and much more! Especially, you should focus on their unbeatable deals! 2+1 Cheapest FREE on sport supplements! You can benefit from these prices between Friday, 24 to Sunday 26 September 2021! You shouldn't miss these amazing prices! It includes multivitamins & daily supplements, immune supports, minerals, energy boosters, omegas, children's health, eye care, healthy snacks. In addition, you will find bone & joint health, healthy drinks, gluten free selections, sports supplements, weight management, sun care, dental care, self-medication, smoothie ingredients, and much more. Also, look out for participating offers from these brands to qualify for extra stickers! Extra stickers redeemable after reaching qualifying spend of R125. These prices are valid from 16 September 2021 until 17 October 2021. So, you should hurry up and get your needs at low prices!

DisChem Specials This Week

  • Biogen Multivitamin Plus Banded Pack, R169.95
  • DS-24 Daily Supplement Multivitamin & Mineral, R109.95
  • ActivoVite Complete Multivitamin & Mineral, R99.95
  • StaminoGro Valuepack, R399.95
  • Native Multivit Complex for men or women, R119.96
  • Pharmaton ProActive, R219.96
  • Bio-Strath Tablets, R183.96
  • Himalaya Mentat Syrup, R149.95
  • InsuMax-Q Triple Pack, R369.95
  • Metsyn X Health Supplement, R329.95
  • Relaef Alkaline Tablets Value Pack, R204.95
  • A.Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder, R179.95
  • PediaSure 3+ Nutritional Supplement, R199.95
  • Extract Premium CBD Oil 500mg, 2 for R599.95
  • Tibb Blackseed Immune Booster & Anti-Oxidant, R119.95
  • Silverlab Lonic+ Collaidai Silver Liquid, R47.96
  • Rage Ultra Mass, R449.95
  • CLA Banded Pack, R299.95
  • Advanced 100% Whey Protein, R549.95
  • Insane Whey Protein, R259.95
  • Gold Standard Pre-Workout, R549.95
  • Cytogen Race Mix, R259.95
  • Diet Protein Shake, R489.95
  • Crunch Protein Bar, 2 for R59.95
So here is the latest DisChem Catalogue this week! You can check out the home page and discover more specials in South Africa. Also, you can subscribe to your favorite stores with your email from their category pages and follow us on our social media accounts! The latest specials are regularly published by us regularly for you!

DisChem Specials Beauty Fair 19 Aug – 12 Sep 2021

Browse DisChem Specials 19 August 2021 to check a wide range of cosmetics and amazing deals this month! Make-up, skin care, personal care, hair care, and many selections are available on this Dis-Chem Catalogue. So you should check out all the pages! dischem specials beauty fair 19 aug 12 sep 2021 Also, we share essential products for the best makeup! You will find whatever you need from this article on this DisChem Catalogue. Follow these steps and find your essentials at low prices in Dis-Chem Store!

DisChem Specials 19 Aug - 12 Sep 2021;

All women love to put on makeup. It is possible to achieve the perfect look by equalizing the skin tone, warming and coloring the face. If you are new to make-up and do not know which basic make-up materials you should use, you can read this article and see these DisChem Specials! There are many different methods of makeup. First of all, you need to know the basic materials that should be used to make the right application. Here are essential products to use for the best makeup!

Shop the Best of Beauty ONLINE

Concealer is an effective make-up material that is used especially for under-eyes and erases the tired look. At the same time, when applied under the cheekbones and distributed with a make-up sponge, it makes your facial features stand out. The most important thing to consider when choosing a concealer is to choose 1 or 2 shades lighter than the foundation color. You can find your favorite and buy them online on Dis-Chem!

Dis-Chem Make-Up

Blush is a cosmetic product that colors the cheek area and adds vitality to the face. Generally, light colors such as pink and peach are used in summer. When purchasing blush, it is necessary to choose products with high pigment. Otherwise, the application may lose its dominance in a short time. Visit DisChem Store to find the best selections! The eyeshadow palette is a great product that allows you to highlight the eyes and make smoky eye makeup. When choosing a headlight palette, it will be the right way to turn to products that you can use both daily and on special occasions. So you can create many different looks with a single palette. Lipstick is a material used to highlight the lips and make them appear more lively. You can combine your lipstick with your blush color and achieve color integrity. At the same time, using quality products that do not smudge prevents you from constantly needing to refresh. A wide range of lipsticks can be browsable on DisChem Store Catalogue! See their products and get the most popular ones at low prices! Here are the latest Dis-Chem Specials this month! For more cosmetics, deals, and catalogues ,visit the home page. Also, if you want to check out latest specials of South Africa regularly, you can subscribe to us with your email. In addition, you can follow us on our social media accounts!  

DisChem Specials July Baby and Tots 16 Jul – 15 Aug 2021

DisChem Specials 16 July 2021 is where you will find everything your baby need at low prices! You should browse all the pages and discover the best and quality selections. Their prices are pretty good and selection are quite special! dischem specials july baby and tots 16 jul 15 aug 2021

DisChem July Baby and Tots

From the day you learn that you are a mother-to-be, you can visit DisChem to meet all your needs. They offer you your pregnancy and maternity needs at the most affordable prices. You can instantly access hundreds of domestic and foreign mother-baby brands and tens of thousands of mother-baby products. Great offers are waiting for you in hundreds of brands that parents prefer the most. The most preferred mother, baby and child products such as baby diapers, baby bath toilet products, baby nutrition products, baby care and health products are on sale with great deals. Do not miss the special prices on baby products, seasonal and daily mother-baby campaigns of DisChem Catalogue. The majority of this catalog includes baby products that will facilitate the care of the baby for the parents. Feeding bottle, pacifier, apron, water flask; You can find many products such as strollers, strollers for travel here. Since the prices of baby products differ for every need, it adapts to every budget.

DisChem Specials 16 July 2021;

  • Squish 100% Fruit Puree Pouches, 6 for R45
  • PediaSure 3 Nutrional Supplement, R349
  • Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal Stages 1-3, R59
  • Johnson’s Baby Wipes Value Pack, R99.95
  • Panado Paediatric Syrup, R43.95
  • Bepanten Nappy Care Ointment, 2 for R350
  • Baby Things Nappies Value Pack, R189.95
  • Huggies Gold Nappies Jumbo Pack, 2 for R400
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies Jumbo Pack, 2 for R390
  • Johnson’s Gentle Protect Kids Soap, R14.95
  • BioNike Triderm Baby Protective Cream 20% Zinc Oxide, R74.95
  • Purity Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Oil, R44.95
  • Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath, R38.95
  • Ah-lief Natural Aqueous Cream, R124.95
  • Natural Olive Shampoo & Baby Wash, R169.95
  • Epi-Max Baby & Junior Cream 400g, R84.95
  • Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Wash & Shampoo, R99.95
  • Bennetts Baby Moisturising Cream 500ml, R39.95
  • Active Baby Pants Jumbo Pack, 2 for R390
Here are the latest DisChem Specials. If you want to see more discounts, products, and catalogues, you can view the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and see the latest specials in South Africa!

DisChem Specials Value for Women 11 Jun – 11 Jul 2021

View the DisChem Specials Value for Women 11 June 2021 and see the best offers like Red Hot Passion Cosmetic Sale! You will encounter many good cosmetic such as make-up, skincare, personal care and many more here! dischem specials value for women 11 jun 11 jul 2021 Also, we share some tips to applying illuminator for a light glow! You should follow these steps and use good products from this DisChem Catalogue! There are many good deals and cosmetic products here!

Applying Illuminator for a Light Glow

We all aim for flawless skin, but sometimes we want more than just a fresh look. If you prefer strobing or contouring, the goal of both is the same - to have the perfect glow to show off your gorgeous feature. We have some tips for you with DisChem Specials this week. First of all, if you want the gorgeous shine to appear lightly and avoid the unnatural look, you should make sure that the illuminator you use complements your skin tone. You need to use the illuminator in the areas that catch the light, namely on your cheekbones, towards your temples, on the nasal bone, under your eyebrow bones, in the corners of your eyes. These are the points that help highlight your natural features.

DisChem Specials Value for Women;

If you have oily skin, you can skip areas such as the forehead or chin as too much shine will worsen the oily condition. Do not spread all of the illuminator product on your face as this will result in an oily mess on your face. Another tip for those with oily skin is to try using a matte bronzer, blush, or other facial products. If you have pimples on your face, do not apply to these areas as you do not want to lighten the blemishes. If you need illuminator, you should visit DisChem Store! There are many good products here! After applying the illuminator, you can mix it with your finger, a fan brush or a damp make-up sponge. Make sure to blend the highlighter's sharp edges well so that they fade naturally and don't leave any pronounced makeup lines. Here are the latest DisChem Specials this month! If you want to see more discounts and products, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to us with your email!

DisChem Specials Value You Can Trust 11 Jun – 11 Jul 2021

If you want to prepare a wonderful Father's Day gift to make your father feel how valuable he is, you can check the DisChem Specials 11 June 2021 and reach many special products with advantageous price options. dischem specials value you can trust 11 jun 11 jul 2021 There are many gift options you can buy for this special day. Offering dozens of different gift alternatives, DisChem is with you on Father's Day with its wide range of products ranging from shavers to facial care products, from men's perfume options to electronic items!

DisChem Specials 11 Jun - 11 Jul 2021

DisChem Catalogue is full of privileges. It includes a wide variety of options in the Father's Day gifts list. First of all, you can choose the gifts that will make your father most happy. And add the product you want to the basket, taking into account his tastes, needs and lifestyle. You can buy dozens of different products with advantageous price options. In this DisChem Catalogue, you can find the opportunity to purchase products in personal care, hair care, body care, skin care, men's care, healthy life products, electronic products and more at attractive prices. For the best Father's Day gift, you can browse the DisChem Father's Day Sale products and make your father happy on this very special day. If you wish, you can choose electronic products with high performance, and consider many different technological products as gift options, from phone accessories to computer accessories, from electrical personal care products to sound systems. You can try the headset models among the sound systems. And you can choose the Bluetooth headset options as a great Father's Day gift.

DisChem Father’s Day 2021;

DisChem offers great gift alternatives for Father's Day, lists very special price options. You can also show the value you give to your father by taking advantage of the opportunities. And you can express your respect and gratitude to him with a small gift. Again, you can evaluate the independent bluetooth speaker models. They are among the electronic products. And buy gifts for your father that will make his work or home life easier. You can gift a multifunctional coffee machine that he can use in the office or at home. Also, you can make him take little breaks during the day and be happy. So here is DisChem Specials 11 June 2021! If you want to see more discounts, products, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, you should check out category pages and find your favorite stores. Moreover, you can subscribe to them with your email easily! Let's follow us on and be the one of the first who views the latest specials in South Africa with us!