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Dischem Specials is South Africa’s first choice in pharmacies since 1978, with their awesome prices and product selection. They offer a wide range in these categories and expert advice on every Dischem Specials. Health & Beauty, Personal Care Products, Household, Baby, Food, Electrical, Pharmacy, Toys, and many more can be browsable on their catalogues. Dischem is the first brand that introduced the concept of a discount pharmacy with product categories not previously offered in South African pharmacies. Therefore, you should always check Dischem Catalogue to get your essentials at lower prices. See DisChem Specials Hot Deals 14 May – 6 Jun 2021!

They regularly publish their catalogue and offer you the most up-to-date products with great opportunities. Here is always the first address to pharmacy shopping before you go shopping. Especially, Dischem supplements will draw your attention. If you’re into sports and need supplements, this is a great place for you. Proteins, Gainers, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, and many more are available on this part. You can find these products on Dischem Catalogue.

In addition, you will come across makeup products on Dis-chem Specials. Foundations, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, and many more are featured on their catalogue. Their selections are quite quality. They always offer you the best you deserve. You should try their product!

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DisChem Specials Big Healthy Save 15 January 2021

All the vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements needed by the human body await you on DisChem Specials Big Healthy Save 15 January 2021. Products that contribute to strengthening immunity are designed to help you feel more energetic. dischem specials big healthy save 15 january 2021

Multivitamins & Daily Supplements;

Minerals, vitamin pills, effervescent tablets and syrups that contribute to the functioning of the body help to meet the daily nutritional needs. You can easily reach vitamins and food supplements that cannot be taken in sufficient amounts from foods. Specially designed tablets containing a single vitamin provide the support you are looking for in regular use for body functioning. Vitamin B12 pill helps to compensate for B12 deficiency that causes problems such as forgetfulness. While vitamin C capsule products support the body's immunity, vitamin E capsules and tablets play an important role in protecting skin health. With its wide range of products, DisChem offers you the vitamins you want to support or lack. You can support your daily nutrition plan with vitamins, natural oils, minerals, herbal extracts and multivitamins and choose food supplements for yourself and your family. Fish oil and omega 3 capsules, on the other hand, help protect brain functions when used regularly. You can renew yourself at any time during the day by choosing pill, capsule, effervescent forms according to your habit. You can safely purchase any food supplement product such as fish oil, black seed and zinc capsules from DisChem.

DisChem Specials Big Healthy Save 15 January 2021;


Sports supplements are foods that are used as supplements in addition to regular training and a healthy nutrition program. Supplements produced specifically for athletes do not meet all the protein, mineral and vitamin needed by the athlete, but they accelerate the increase of lean muscle mass in regular use and have positive effects on the results obtained from training. DisChem Catalogue contains many useful supplements. Sports supplement prices vary by the brand and content. Choose the sports supplement that suits your needs. If you have a food allergy, consult your doctor when choosing a supplement. Remember that supplements are not meals, they are supportive. You can not only get results with supplements, follow a sports and quality nutrition program. Try to use it regularly to get results. Here are the latest DisChem Specials! For more products, deals, and catalogues, you should visit the home page. Also, you can find your favorite brands and subscribe to them with your email. And, follow us on our social media accounts!

DisChem Specials New Year Savings 28 December 2020

NEW YEAR'S SAVINGS have begun on DisChem Specials 28 December 2020! Happy and healthy new year! In this Dischem Catalogue, you will encounter RED HOT COSMETIC SALE! This means it is time to get new makeup products, personal care products, skincare, and many more! Hundreds of items are on sale with unbeatable deals! Prepare a shopping list and buy your essentials at low prices! dischem specials new year savings 28 december 2020

DisChem Skincare & Makeup;

Facial care is the type of care that everyone should do carefully, regardless of age or gender. Those who want to challenge the changes of the years, who want to look well-groomed and lively all the time, apply the first care, and face care. You can buy all kinds of facial care products you need from DisChem. Facial care is one of the points that most affect appearance. It would not be wrong to say that anyone who pays attention to facial care is always a few steps ahead in care. Make-up application, which is a must for women, causes quite different images even between facial skin and skin that has not been treated. Because the skin of the person who regularly performs facial care will always be lively and colorful, the makeup looks just as fresh and pleasant. In addition, since facial care prevents problems such as wrinkling and drying of the face, it reduces the signs of age as much as possible. Of course, it is important to use the right products regularly. When using facial care products, it is also important to apply which product and when. Applying the products such as cleansers, serums, and creams in the correct order according to your skin type is effective in getting efficiency.

DisChem Specials 28 December 2020;

Here are the latest DisChem Specials! If you want to explore more cosmetic products, you should browse this DisChem Catalogue in detail! Also, you can follow DisChem with your email and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Thus, you might be one of the firsts who view the latest specials in South Africa!

DisChem Specials Beautiful Savings 4 December 2020

Browse the DisChem Specials 4 December 2020! Celebrate DisChem Beautiful Savings! There are many special fragrances, makeup products, skincare, and many more on this DisChem Catalogue! By the way, you can see this catalog as a festive glamour guide. Especially, you should focus on their fragrances. They can be a good gift for loved ones! Let's explore this and get the best at low prices! dischem specials beautiful savings 4 december 2020

How to choose a perfume for a gift

You can be more courageous and surprised when purchasing the perfume for someone close to you. But if you want to gift perfume to someone with more formal relationships other than your relatives, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, we recommend choosing a slightly more modest fragrance. Light scents, fresh and cool scents are generally liked by everyone. Oriental, spicy, heavy smells may be riskier.

Which perfume does your loved one like?

This information will benefit you a lot. Knowing which perfume he uses and likes can give him a different perfume from the same fragrance family. Sometimes people are hesitant to buy a new perfume, but a brand new fragrance in the same style as their favorite fragrance can make them extremely happy. If you have the chance to be an agent like this, it means that your job will be easier in half tomorrow. Do some analysis of the general style of the recipient of the gift. If a person is very extroverted, playful, and cheerful, they may like to be noticed. When buying perfume for it, you can make bolder choices. On the other hand, if you're going to choose someone with a shy, quieter personality, you might want to consider a lighter scent that they can use all day long. Such people already use the same scent style at night, because they are usually the people who choose to be plainer and in the background.

Everyone loves fresh fragrances

If research is made to find out which perfumes are liked by everyone, fresh perfumes can have a large percentage of votes. Trust your instincts; To look for fresh cut grass, clean clothes, rain, or a fresh spring morning scent, try fresh scents. It is very important to remember that choosing a perfume for someone else is not about your personal preferences. Focus not on what you like, but on what kind of perfume he or she will like. The right perfume for you may not be for him/her. The biggest secrets of people who make others happy with their gifts are that they can put themselves in the place of the person who receives the gift. Be open-minded, remember that he/she is a different person, and smell him/her instead.

When choosing a gift perfume

  • As you do when choosing a perfume for yourself, go with an open nose as much as possible so that you can feel the perfumes' performance.
  • Do not experiment on your own skin, ask for test strips.
  • If you are gifting perfume to someone who loves very sweet, be sure to check out the sweet scents.
  • For daytime, look for more floral fragrances, for nights you can smell rich spicy scents added to floral scents.

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Here is the DisChem Specials 4 December 2020! If you want to discover more products, deals, and specials, you should check out other category pages. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email. Visit category pages, find your favorite stores, and subscribe to them! And, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Thus, you might be the first who checks the latest specials in South Africa!

DisChem Specials Black Friday 23 November 2020

Time to discover DisChem Specials Black Friday 23 November 2020! DisChem is one of the most anticipated brands to offer discounts on Black Friday. DisChem, one of the most popular brands in cosmetics shopping, definitely offers discounts every year. Deals will begin on Monday, November 23rd, and last until Sunday, November 29th. dischem specials black friday 23 november 2020 Up to 50% of make-up and face care brands; A discount of up to 40% will be applied on selected hair-care and shampoo products. The discount will be valid in stores and Dischem online. Discount rates vary from product to product at DisChem. There are also differences in discount rates between brands. The discount rate may vary even in different colors of products of the same brand. DisChem brings you very good discounts on products of world brands. It is a great advantage for the users to buy perfume and care creams and make-up materials that they always use on that day.  Cosmetics lovers can find a completely different fragrance or cream for themselves and enjoy purchasing it at the lowest prices.

DisChem Specials Black Friday 23 November 2020;

For more cosmetics, deals, and catalogs, visit the category page of Dischem. Also, you should check out the Black Friday page and discover unbeatable deals. And, you can subscribe to popular stores with your email and follow us on our social media accounts such as Facebook!

DisChem Specials Baby Savings 23 October 2020

Discover baby savings with DisChem Specials 23 October 2020! Babies need many different care products since they are born. Mothers and fathers who want to take care of their babies in the best way want to choose the best quality products. There are baby care kits prepared for different operations of many different brands on the market. You can choose the best baby care set for your baby's care by browsing through all the sets and their features with DisChem. dischem specials baby savings 23 october 2020 In order for your baby to grow much more comfortably, it needs to be taken care of regularly. An uncared baby is not happy. Therefore, special attention should be paid to baby care. A baby needs to be bathed regularly, his nails trimmed, and his delicate skin moisturized with the right baby oils after bathing. As long as this care is not taken into account, babies can easily get sick because they do not grow up in a clean environment. A newborn baby needs much more attention because their immune systems can be very weak. We can say that diapers are the easiest to use and the fastest consumed products among baby care products. However, despite this feature, choosing the right diaper for your baby is not so direct. When compared to the diapers used in old times, the most important feature of the new fashion diapers is that they can be used and disposed of. We know that those who use these diapers can easily say how useful disposable diapers are. The value of these diapers is better understood, especially when the clothes that were washed and used in ancient times are considered.

DisChem Specials 23 October 2020;

So here are the latest DisChem Specials! If you want to discover more cosmetics, you should browse all the pages. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email. And, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!