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Dischem Specials is South Africa’s first choice in pharmacies since 1978, with their awesome prices and product selection. They offer a wide range in these categories and expert advice on every Dischem Specials. Health & Beauty, Personal Care Products, Household, Baby, Food, Electrical, Pharmacy, Toys, and many more can be browsable on their catalogues. Dischem is the first brand that introduced the concept of a discount pharmacy with product categories not previously offered in South African pharmacies. Therefore, you should always check Dischem Catalogue to get your essentials at lower prices. See DisChem Specials Summer Savings 23 October 2020!

They regularly publish their catalogue and offer you the most up-to-date products with great opportunities. Here is always the first address to pharmacy shopping before you go shopping. Especially, Dischem supplements will draw your attention. If you’re into sports and need supplements, this is a great place for you. Proteins, Gainers, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, and many more are available on this part. You can find these products on Dischem Catalogue.

In addition, you will come across makeup products on Dis-chem Specials. Foundations, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, and many more are featured on their catalogue. Their selections are quite quality. They always offer you the best you deserve. You should try their product!

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DisChem Specials Unlock Great Savings 22 May 2020

Time to check out DisChem Specials Unlock Great Savings 22 May 2020! Pre-and post-training nutrition is as important as training to have a healthy and shaped body. With the amino acid support you get after training, you provide the supplement that muscles need to quickly renew themselves. Amino acids will also allow your muscles to gain volume. You can use protein mixes before and after training, or you can use it to meet the protein you need during the day. dischem specials unlock great savings 22 may 2020 It is very difficult for those who do intense sports to get the creatine they need naturally. Because approximately 4 kg of uncooked red meat should be consumed for 1 gram of creatine. Creatine stored in the body before training will provide you with the energy you need to work more intensively. All these supplement foods cause different effects on our bodies. Although their use is recommended to be beneficial, overdose can harm us. Therefore, we need to buy these products consciously. All of them are on sale in Dis-Chem! 20% OFF on sports supplements are available here!

Sports Supplements from DisChem Specials Unlock Great Savings;

DisChem Specials Essential 05 May 2020

Dozens of essentials are on sale with unbeatable deals on DisChem Specials Essential 05 May 2020! This catalog has a wide range of products, from cleaning products to personal care products that should be available in every home. Moreover, most of them are on discount now! Also, it is possible to reach skincare products on this DisChem Catalogue! dischem specials essential 05 may 2020 Different products are used in different areas for skincare. Cleansers consisting of gels and foams for your face, pore tightening tonics, and moisturizers that provide water retention should be applied as daily care. Masks that you will make once a week according to the needs of your skin are supportive treatments. The eye area and lips are more sensitive than other parts of your face. Therefore, separate care products are needed. With the product you will buy especially for your eyes, you can balance your other facial areas under your eyes and get a great view.

Some Useful Products from DisChem Specials Essential 05 May 2020;

Face Essentials;

Hair Essentials;

Deo Essentials;

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Dis-Chem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020

Time to check out Dischem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020! Women's care products; It has a wide range and a structure devoted to various options. Produced to meet the skin and body care needs of women; Many products with different functions are available in this catalog, from sanitary pads to supplements. dis chem specials lockdown essentials 23 april 2020 For the maintenance and cleaning of the genital area; The use of sanitary pads is very important. In pad selection; you need to be careful about features such as being strong against leaks, absorbing liquid quickly, not slipping, and being compatible with your movements. In your daily pad choices; You should take care to buy products that prevent moisture formation, trap unwanted odors, and completely cover your underwear. Outside the pads, in the care and cleaning of the genital area; various gels, wipes, and washing liquids are used. Since the skin of the genital area is sensitive; It will be beneficial to use quality and reliable products that prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

Products from Dischem Specials Lockdown Essentials 23 April 2020;

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DisChem Specials Baby Savings 20 March 2020

Time to browse DisChem Specials Baby Savings 20 March 2020! The structure of babies is very sensitive, delicate and unprotected. The immune system of a baby who has just opened his eyes to the world creates an environment open to microbes and diseases due to the fact that he has not yet fully developed. For this reason, you will need to protect your baby's health and create a hygienic living space for them. As a parent, you want the area where your baby is located and all the items it may be in contact with to be hygienic. dischem specials baby savings 20 march 2020 The only way you can protect your puppy from diseases will be to eliminate all the causes that may adversely affect his health. In order to achieve this, cleaning products should always be at hand as your biggest assistant.

Some Products We Choose From DisChem Specials Baby Savings 20 March 2020;

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DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 20 March 2020

The best advice, the widest range, and the lowest prices have been collected by DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 20 March 2020! Many useful and special products are available on this DisChem Catalogue! Also, you will see some information about how to get thicker hair! Excessively thick hair is every woman's will. After each shower, the make-up table is prevented and a variety of applications begins for plump hair. However, there is a small point that this fullness must be permanent. In fact, the biggest problem starts here. Even though fullness is provided at a satisfactory level for a short time, this causes temporary problems. dischem specials ultimate savings 20 march 2020

Hair Care From DisChem Specials Ultimate Savings 20 March 2020;

A common belief is that the hair will be made fuller after showering without drying. However, this is a completely wrong practice. Because the hair can look fuller and bulky since it is permanent, it will only be possible when it is done after the drying process. It is quite difficult to gain permanent fullness naturally. Some hair types have such a feature, but this is a fairly low rate. So we will ask for help from styling sprays for this process. After getting out of the shower, curl your hair at the ends and make moisture by wrapping it in a bun and wrapping it with a towel. After a while, start drying from the hair roots to the bottom of the hair with a high-temperature hairdryer. Because the hair dries from the bottom. Women want both long and well-groomed hair and full and voluminous hair. When this is the case, such efforts arise. Because all of these are very unlikely to exist in the same hair type. If you want to make your hair bulky, you should choose the shampoo you use from the volume shampoos available in the market. In this way, it will be easier for you to make your hair fuller.