Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019

Great opportunity products for all regions are published on Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019! Don’t miss these offers if you only need those products that apply to selected products! The products in the catalog are very limited. Therefore, if you need these products, even if you do not have a lot of options, surely evaluate these prices! Pork Neck Roast, Pork Neck Steaks and some products are available on Food Lovers Specials National 14 October 2019. These prices are valid until 20 October 2019 so you shouldn’t miss these pretty good prices! Enjoy savings your money with Food Lovers Catalogue!

Pork Neck Roast or Pork Neck Steaks R69.99 per kg.
When you buy 2 of Paw Paws, Pineapples, Banana Thriftpacks, Strawberry Punnets, Blueberry Punnets or Watermelon Quarters, you will pay for only R25!

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Making;

To make a strawberry and banana smoothie, the strawberries are washed and cleaned.
Then, The cleaned strawberries are put into the blender.
Banana, milk, yogurt, and honey are added and passed through the blender.
The prepared strawberry and banana smoothie is put in the refrigerator for cooling.
Finally, after cooling, it is served.

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