Food Lovers Specials National 28 October 2019

On Food Lovers Specials National 28 October 2019, there are great country-wide opportunities for major products! Although it has a limited product range, it will impress you with its products and prices! Everything on this Food Lovers Catalog is only R50! The products in it are often the ones that make more profit in multiple purchases. If you want to maximize savings in your weekly shopping, this is the address for you! However, you should hurry up! Products are limited in stock! These reasonable prices are valid until 03 November 2019. Let’s check it out and get your needs at the lowest prices! Here you go!

Combo package, soft drinks, frozen foods, and chicken are available on Food Lovers Specials National 28 October 2019.

Cover page of Food Lovers Catalogue National 28 October 2019 contains VEG COMBO which includes potato pocket (7kg) and Carrot Bag (3kg). You can get this awesome package at only R50! This price is valid between 28 October – 3 November 2019 and South Africa ONLY! They reserve the right to limit quantities. You should hurry up if you need it.

Food Lover’s Carbonated Soft Drinks Assorted 2l, 5 for R50!
Their Chutney, Cheese or BBQ Puffs 100g, 7 for R50!
Spatchcock Chicken 1.1 kg, R50!

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