Food Lovers Specials National Catalogue 22 June 2020

50 BUCK DEALS are waiting for you on Food Lovers Specials 22 June 2020! Meat is one of the most important foods that should include during weekly food consumption. This food, which meets the needs of the body with the amount of protein and fat it has, should be used especially for children and adults by consuming it in different dishes or only in the form of red meat.

You can prepare meals by using meat according to the season you are in, consumption with fresh vegetables or legumes, or by combining it with dry vegetables or ingredients stored in the freezer. You can also prepare dishes for both kids and adults, along with many different methods such as barbecue, grill, kebab or steamed.

Braai Meat

Marinas constitute an important structure for the meat you choose, especially when you want to grill or Braai. While meat, like special food, is a healthy and special option thanks to red meat protein, marinated helps make this structure more prominent. For example, when a selected veal or lamb chop product is marinated and cooked on the grill, it will provide a pleasant consumption opportunity for both children and adults.

Food Lovers Specials 22 June 2020;

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