Game Specials Toys And Treats 22 July 2020

Game Specials Toys And Treats 22 July 2020 celebrate 50 years of unbeatable deals on TOYS and Treats! Hundreds of popular snacks such as chocolate bars, chips, cookies, candies, and many more are on sale at the cheapest prices! Moreover, some products save a lot in the form of packages. For example; chips and soft drinks are great pairs. You can get Fanta Orange 1.5l and Crinkle Cut at only R25!

Toy figures undertake an extremely important function by contributing to the mental and physical development of your children through play. Toy options that are designed for children of all ages and can be used by adults as a hobby tool are on sale with affordable price options!

The toy category includes a variety of toy models that make a positive contribution to the intelligence of the child of all ages. Puzzle types that help your children to develop their comprehension and shape skills; It protects children’s health with its different varieties made of wood, plastic, or cardboard. Lego toys, on the other hand, allow your children to have an unlimited imagination. Thanks to the legos, your children can make different types of toys, such as toy robots and model models, with their own hands, which makes it possible for their mental activities to speed up.

Superhero Figure and Mask your favorite superheroes are always with you now. Easily move your superhero figure thanks to the movable joints. Put on the superhero mask and you turn into a superhero. Many Batman products are on sale! Also, Stand a chance to win a hamper worth R1500! Buy any Batman toy, Sms your name till slip number, and Batman to 40105!

Game Specials Toys And Treats 22 July 2020

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